Austen + Brittnie | Engaged

A High School Sweetheart Engagement

She contacted

me and said she wanted a magical wedding! She wanted it to be magical and whimsical! Brittnie and her mom met with me months ago and as soon as I sat down with them, I could totally see why Brittnie wanted a “Magical” wedding! SHE was magical! She seriously reminds me of a disney princess! The way she talks, how beautiful she is, her positive attitude… she’s just wonderful! How do I get to work with such fabulous brides? I have no idea! I’m just so thankful that I get to be a part of their big day in August. When I first met Brittnie, I asked about Austen and how they met. She smiled and said “Oh he’s my high school sweetheart”.  And because I married my

high school sweetheart, I understood what all the smiling was about. It’s just so much fun to share with people that you have been in love with your  husband since you were a TEENAGER in HIGH SCHOOL!  Austen and Brit met at Spotsy High School and so they wanted to take their engagement pictures there. Now this was an interesting location for me to shoot but it was actually REALLY fun trying to find little nooks and crannies of great light and awesome backdrops! Who knew loading decks and dumpster areas were so photogenic! They reminisced about high school and Austen’s baseball days and we made our way around the campus. I’m glad they were able to have their portraits done in a space that reminded  them so much of “them”.  It was a scorching 98 degrees on Monday and so I’m SO impressed at what we accomplished! Enjoy my favorites and Austen and Brittnie, I cannot WAIT for your big day… I just know it will be nothing short of magical!!!

Really, this is a loading dock for the trucks to bring in school lunches! Who knew it could make such pretty portraits! Those paint splatters make it look “magical”! :)
GIRL! You’re beyond beautiful!!!!!
Brittnie has the best jaw line… ever! I’m so jealous! 
And this was taken on a hose… haha whatever works! (and is teal!)
And just FYI…. 5 is their lucky number:) So I threw this one in here… ya know, for good luck:)

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  1. Meredith Sledge: ( )

    These. Are. Gorgeous.

  2. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    I never cease to be amazed at how you can make a place I’d shrink to shoot at (a school) look so beautiful!!! And what a gorgeous couple, too!! Can’t wait for their wedding!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. katie yuen: ( )

    the paint splatters look just like fairy dust! high school sweetheart love is the most amazing kind in the world ;) it makes for gorgeous pictures too!

  4. Kristina W.: ( )

    GAH! Gorgeousness!

  5. Rici: ( )

    Beautiful and with warmth filled pictures!!! I really liked the ones in the field!! So nice!

  6. Regan: ( )

    So so so beautiful!! That one toward the end in the field with the light coming in is seriously amazing!! So gorgeous all around!! Loved these! :)

  7. ali W: ( )

    YES! Katie Yuen is right. I thought the splatters were glitter. So wonderful. And the light is magical… fo real.

  8. molly: ( )

    yeah, these are unbelievably gorgeous! you do AMAZING things with that camera of yours!

  9. Kara Buccat: ( )

    Dreamy and magical for sure! Awesome job as always. Super adorable couple.

  10. Girish: ( )

    Lovely. Great images, love the ones in field, beautiful golden light.

    I have a small request, can you put up a post of family & friends portraits that you take in a wedding. Thanks in advance.

  11. Jenny D.: ( )

    As usual, they are ALL gorgeous! You can even make a simple hose look beautiful… Amazing!!!

  12. Ashley Link: ( )

    the black and white images are gorgeous! and the ones with brittnie in the white dress are so dreamy. her wedding will be magical for sure and i know you’ll do a great job! these shots were so fun to look at! great job! :)

  13. Abby Grace: ( )

    These are so sweet! I just love the second half of the session- that white dress + the pretty golden light = beautiful!

  14. Taryn Meinholz: ( )

    Katelyn!! You are wonderful. Have you ever done a post on “posing”? If so, could you send me a link!!! There is so much movement in your photos, which I think really sets them apart….how do you do it!?

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