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After college, Michael moved to a little town called Boiling Springs, North Carolina for a year. He did an internship with a ministry and I was always amazed at how close he became to the community down there so quickly. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of several weddings for some of these friends and it’s SUCH an honor! Hayden was quite a bit younger than Michael’s group of friends during that season of life but we made a connection long ago and now we get to be a part of her wedding!!

These two are amazing! They just recently got engaged and they are planning like CRAZY before Micah has to leave for basic training. I’ve loved getting to know them and their story over the last few weeks. You won’t believe where their story began…. INDIA! Mission trips have a way of connecting people and I bet if you ask either of them if they are glad that they went on that trip, they would answer with a resounding YES! They found each other and the rest was history. Now they’re planning their wedding for 2016 and getting excited about their new life together!!

Michael and I cannot WAIT to capture their beautiful wedding day and if it’s anything like their amazing country engagement session, they are going to have portraits for days! Loved this shoot! Enjoy!

This gorgeous house! So thankful that Robbie and his family let us shoot here!

Seriously…. such naturals!!!

This road was such a perfect composition creator!

So perfect you guys!


I love this… I also LOVE Hayden’s name… and her HAIR! Gorgeous!

That GLOW!

Even MORE glow!

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Cannot WAIT for the wedding!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sarah reply

    KJ does it again! One of my all-time favorite shoots!

  2. Jill reply

    Oh my goodness this is beautiful–but especially those super glowy ones!!! Love it all! And yes- she has fabulous hair!!

  3. Kathryn reply


  4. Colleen Smith reply

    ohhhh I know that farm well…LOOOVE IT!! :) and GAHHHHHHHHHHHH that LIGHT!!!!

  5. Ashley reply

    Such a pretty session!!! And that light is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    New favorite engagement shoot from you! What a lovely couple! I’m so excited for their wedding!!

  7. Victoria Wilson reply

    AH! I saw the cover photo and was like, “I KNOW THEM!!” Boiling Springs is my hometown, and my family knows Hayden + her family. Such a gorg session!

  8. Lynn Szakolczay reply

    Hi Katelyn,
    your photography is just breathtaking! I wish I could get my photos to look like yours. Mine seem to be flat lacking the WOW that your photos have.
    Would you be able to tell me what lenses you use when photographing a couple?

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