• A Lesson from Bokeh the Bichpoo

Our dog probably doesn’t know where “home” is anymore. I joke about that a lot because we’re always on the road and it seems like he’s ALWAYS heading to grandma’s but it’s actually really true…..I don’t know if he knows where he OFFICIALLY lives. The amazing thing is that with Bokeh Boy, it doesn’t matter. He is the most adaptable dog. He went with us to the farm on Tuesday and had the time of his life running around chasing his ball… not a care in the world. That night, he went upstairs and slept with Buddy and Jill instead of with us because he can make anywhere feel like his home.

As cheesy as it sounds… there is a lot to be learned from this smart little pup.  We love his company and his companionship and whether we’re on the road, at grandma’s or at the farm…. he’s happy.  It’s almost like he lives by the words “Home is wherever I’m with you!”.  As long as he’s close to us, he doesn’t care where he is. :)

The last few weeks I have struggled with that thought. It’s a weird feeling to come home to a house that you wish you weren’t in anymore because it’s been on the market  for over a month with little activity. The weird thing is that it’s just a war with my mind because I LOVE our house…but I wish it was under contract. I wish there wasn’t still a “for sale” sign in the yard…. but you know what? God’s timing is not my own… His plans are not my plans (even though I would REALLY like for them to be right about now!!) and so we’re learning a lot about patience and we’re learning to TRUST at a whole new level. It’s amazing how much you can grow from not having things go your way. :) It’s actually really good for us!

So as we move forward with the house sale, I continue to remind myself that my HOME isn’t defined simply by the walls of our house, home is wherever I’m with my family. If a 3 year old Bichp0o can figure this out…. so can we! :) Happy Thursday everyone… no matter where you call home, enjoy it today!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Nicole Salter reply

    Hehe Max is always asking me if you’ve sold yet. We’re all thinking of you. Praying for you as you continue endeavours with your house. Puppies are always right though, that’s something to be said.

  2. Samantha reply

    OMG your little doggy is adorbs!!!!! I’ve been wanting a dog just like that for so long. <33333

  3. Caroline Logan reply

    Praying for you guys in this season! I am confident God will bring the perfect buyer into your path who will love your home just as much as you guys have. :) Love you!!

  4. Katie reply

    Love you guys! Constantly praying for you.. all of our friends out here WISH they could buy your house! Spaces like yours don’t exist under $1 million!

  5. Cinnamon reply

    The last time we moved, we stayed in 11 different places before we actually got a house. We used to joke that our pups would walk in and say, “Is this where we live now?” And you are right, they didn’t care. They were happy as long as they were cuddled up to us on the couch or on the bed. Not a care in the world. I know this time is tough, but you are so right, leaning on God is always better than getting exactly what we want. It gives us opportunity to really see who he is and how he works even though the every day might feel a little scratchy. I’m not “in it” so it easy for me to say, hang in there, He’s got such a perfect plan for you!! I can’t wait to see it too!! =) Hugs!

  6. Brenda James reply

    Awwww! Bokeh Boy! He’s such a cutie and this Grandma misses him! It’s wonderful that he is so flexible, and I think he’s a pretty lucky pup that he gets loved on by so many people. :)

  7. Brenda James reply

    I also think he’s pretty smart . . . being content as long as he’s with his “humans”. And learning from his contentment is pretty insightful on your part. Love you both!

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