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and I were “house shopping”…. I selfishly had one big requirement. I wanted an office that looked like a little cottage. When we found this little cape cod, tucked away in the west end of Richmond, we fell in love with it because 1. It had a cottage-like upstairs and 2. It had a room for Michael as well! When you walk upstairs in our home, you turn left and you’re in my Office (that I LOVE!) and then you turn right and you enter what we like to call the “Youth Room”! A better name for it would be the “Game Room”… or the “Xbox Kinect Room”…. or the “Man cave”.


I don’t care what it’s called. I am just THRILLED that the xbox is upstairs and all of those cords are not hanging all over the living room! THANK THE LORD!!! I can’t stand cords everywhere!! This room was decorated and designed with wear and tear in mind. We realized that any room that had a ton of teenagers in it all the time had a high probability of getting destroyed. Luckily, we have only had a few knicks in the paint, but nothing has been broken….. I don’t think. There was a guys all-nighter here the other weekend when I was gone so who knows what happened!


The youth room looks like an IKEA catalog… but because it’s cute (well I think it’s cute)… but because literally EVERYTHING in the room is from IKEA.  If you want this look…. go to IKEA! It’s cheap and modern and awesome and we love that store. Really, Michael and I have gone on numerous early morning dates to the IKEA store. We get breakfast for 99 cents and then shop until 12! (Yes, 99 cents… and it’s not THAT bad!).  I think our mindset is “Oh, breakfast was only 99 cents, now we can spend $50 in frames!” …. or at least that’s how my mind works!:) So this room is ALMOST done. There are still empty frames and a really old, gross FAN! We’ll get a cool chrome one one day. Ha! One time, we had some kids from church over to the house and one girl said “umm… is that fan supposed to be “vintage”?!?!”.  Basically, she was asking…. “That’s SO ugly, why is it still in here?!”.  Like I said, it’s still a work in progress! However, it’s so close to being done that I figured I would go ahead and blog it! Enjoy!


Talk about some NASTY lighting. Whew. That looks awful. Thank goodness we made some changes! I would NEVER hangout in that room if it still looked like that! Here’s BEFORE:


One thing I do not like about this room…. those CORDS!!! ew. I just have to get over that.

Empty frames…. woops. Couldn’t get everything done!

Thank you Ikea for making cool things that are CHEAP!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Anita Bailey reply

    Katelyn, you are such an amazing decorator!! I love getting ideas from your posts! :)

  2. Ciiku reply

    This is so inspiring Katelyn!

  3. Brittany Schlamp reply

    Girl…. I can’t stand cords either…. So, check out the cord cover boxes you can find in electronics at Target. And I think they’re even spray paintable if you need to change the color to blend it! Even then, that room is GORGE!

  4. Amy reply

    You have such great taste! Love the color palette you selected for this room.

  5. Maria reply

    Man caves are the best
    Gets all that stuff out of the living room. The room looks great. I also think it great to a special place for them. Love the photos looks like soccer or football. We have deer mounts two tvs and lots of fishing gear. It’s his happy place.

  6. Kristina N. reply

    I was looking forward to this post so much and I wasn’t disappointed! You are such a good interior designer!

  7. katy reply

    i LOVE it! i love that you can see you taking the pics in the mirror :) you’re so awesome k!

  8. Abby Grace reply

    I am so envious of you! Literally last night, I was saying to my husband (who is also a youth pastor) that my dream is to one day have a house that has room for an office for me, and that serves as a place fro us to house rowdy youth. So happy for you that you all have a house that encompasses both of your loves. I’ll get there one day!

  9. Heather Corporan reply

    orgeous room Katelyn! I love grey : ) Just painted our living that color! They have cord covers that are pretty inexpensive, but since you’re crafty, why not find a piece of fabric, that will accent the room, add some velcro, and wrap those bad boys up in it?? Just an idea. I love being crafty ; ) You have the luckiest group of youth! Wish you uys were my youth pastors when I was a teen : D

  10. Lupe Ruiz reply

    OMG…I just love these little sneak peeks into your beautiful home. I love what you’ve done!! Yay for Ikea!!!

  11. Emily reply

    I love the look of this room! Cute and comfy…doesn’t get much better than that. Is the “ok” from ikea, too? I may have to make another trip to ikea, soon!

  12. Lydia reply

    Wow, what an amazing transformation! You have skillz, girl!

  13. Leslie Kerrigan reply

    Hey Katelyn! Love what you did with this room! I have the exact same sofa in my bonus room!! Do you want to come decorate my room for me? :) I got the sofa then haven’t done anything else!!

  14. caroline reply

    how is it possible that you made the room look and feel bigger??? amazing.

  15. Tammy reply

    (Love your blog. I follow it all the time.) You can hide those cords with a “cord hider thingy”. I don’t know the real name of it. We got ours from Walmart in the tv accessories department. It screws to the wall, you put the cords in it, then snap the cover on. You will love it.

  16. Alex reply

    love the time out/ reading chair! the transformation is amazing. Michael is so blessed.

  17. liam smith reply

    awesome styling, love your corner sofa!

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