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talked about this before on the blog… but you know, I’ve been blogging for so long now that I feel like I can mention things again and no one would really notice! haha I’ve mentioned before that I find it REALLY hard to get personal projects done when you are running a small business. Because the reality of a small business is that it’s your PERMANENT, lifelong personal project! It literately never ends. the job is never done. SO, what I have found is that if you want to have a LIFE and you want to get LIFE projects done, you have to make a realistic daily list for the business and then make a conscious

effort to walk away from the office to get your personal goals done.  Do any of you have those projects in your life that are looming over you? And you used to think to yourself “I’ll never be that personal that doesn’t do anything with their pictures!”.  Well that’s how I have felt about my HONEYMOON pictures! We went on a trip of a LIFETIME and I still hadn’t ordered my album! The sad part is that I have had the album designed for TWO YEARS and just never ordered it! So last week I sat down and made a commitment to myself that I was going to order this thing and I did! It came in the mail this week and it’s GORGEOUS! I order little personal albums through Blurb Book and I love them!! So even though I have some business items that aren’t done, I feel so accomplished that our honeymoon is now published and sitting on our coffee table!! Enjoy a few of my favorite spreads!!! It was so much fun designing for ME! :) 

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  1. lily reply

    Hi Katelyn
    my first comment since following you for a year when i got my first dlsr.

    so just wanted ot say love all your pics, love how open and sharing and joyful you are (well thats what i feel when i read your posts :))
    and love the cute pics of both of you where your holding camera :) have a great week!

  2. Robyn reply

    Well done! We do indeed need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others…. LOVE the pics of the doors!

  3. Gabrielle Corbin reply

    Beautiful! This makes me want to take a Mediterranean cruise! And thanks for the reminder to check out Blurb. :)

  4. Evian reply

    Now THAT is an awesome honeymoon album. Love it!

  5. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Gorgeous!! This is such a great idea!!

  6. Christy Tyler reply

    You’re talking to the queen of personal project procrastination a here!! 4.5 years later and we still don’t have a wedding album! The book is gorgeous!

  7. Amanda Hedgepeth reply

    get outta town!! WAY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. molly stillman reply

    LOVE IT!!! the album looks so good!!

  9. Tiffany Heidenthal reply

    Doors! :)

  10. Paulina reply

    love it!!!

  11. cate waters reply

    I loved venice when we went in february and i love recognizing the corners/signs/doorways that you photographed and being able to say… wow i loved that too! congrats and enjoy this book; love!

  12. Kathryn Grace reply

    Ahhhhhh. I want to go to Venice. Now. :-)

  13. jamie reply

    aww, katelyn. how pretty. i love checking in on your blog.

  14. Valerie Duvick reply

    Katelyn, this is so great! Good for you! I still need to make our wedding album, you’ve inspired me to get on it! It’s so hard to complete personal projects when my clients are so excited to see theirs! Thanks as always for your joyful transparency! :)

  15. Katie reply

    Love it!!!! Blurb books are so much fun! Just in time to start thinking about another Norwegian cruise with some of your favorite 2013 brides? Haha ;)

  16. Nicole reply


    I was just wondering how you got these awesome templates for blurb? Im not a fan of what they have to offer so just wondering how you made them awesome :)

  17. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Love it!

  18. Kristen reply

    Ohhhh it looks amazing! I started to use blurb to create a book but never finished. It must’ve been fun to relive your honeymoon all over again!?!?! ;)

  19. Cassidy Smith reply

    Thanks for sharing, Katelyn! I actually first came across your work by looking up Italy honeymoon photos…I was torn about bringing my “real” camera on my own honeymoon last September and having seen your photos and how fun/easy you made it look traveling with yours made me confident. I now look back on my honeymoon photos and am so happy I did!

  20. Angela Snyder reply

    Getting personal projects done is so hard, but it’s never too late to do them! These are awesome spreads. Made me want pistachio gelato in italy…..drool

  21. Mallory reply

    This is beautiful!!!

  22. Julie reply

    Brings back memories! My son and I went to Europe a couple of times as he was growing up and he ALWAYS had to have gelato for dessert after every meal, pretty much! Isn’t it amazing how there is no standard door size?

  23. Kristina W. reply

    It’s gorgeous, katelyn! It’s a really beautiful spread!

  24. Shannon reply

    I love the book! adorable. I really love Blurb too. I’ve always used them for my personal albums.
    did you design the templates or did you get them from someone else?

    I’d love to add these layouts to my albums!

  25. lindy reply

    love love love.

  26. Meredith Sledge reply

    Love this!!! So pretty and well done!

  27. rima reply

    I just love your album…you did an amazing job!!

  28. Rici reply

    oh this is sooo lovely! Loved to see some Italia love there! ~ Salutiiiii!

  29. Jen reply

    What are the names of the two fonts you used in your photo book?? I love them!! Did you use the blurb design feature or upload from an adobe format?

  30. Evian reply

    Hi Katelyn, my husband and I are thinking about doing a cruise through this same company. I think the same cruise you may have done from Italy to greece, croatia, slovenia and ends in Italy. Do you have any recommendations? Did you enjoy the cruise?

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