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how I hadn’t realized this!! The Knot had contacted me about featuring our honeymoon and I filled out all the paperwork, but when the VA, MD, DC issue came out and the honeymoon feature was no where to be found, I thought “Well, that’s ok, features get dropped all the time”.  I forgot about it… TOTALLY. Well, I forgot about it until yesterday when my friend Amanda wrote on my FB wall and said “Oh hey, did you know your honeymoon is in The Knot?”.  WHAT?!! I was both confused and so excited at the same time!!

I dropped everything I was doing and I ran to Barnes and Noble (and when I say that I ran, I mean I drove there… I wasn’t THAT excited!) I was on the phone with my mom and I tried to hold back my squeals when I saw that it was featured in the BIG Knot. You know, the HUGE issue that is almost 600pages thick!!! Gah!! We are so thrilled and I walked out of Barnes and Noble with a bag full of the same exact magazine. The man at the cashier thought I was crazy!! These issues are on the stands until October so if you’re ever at Barnes and Noble and get a little bored, grab a copy and flip to page 461!!!




A huge thanks to Elizabeth Anne Designs for featuring Nate and Catherine’s rustic vineyard wedding!! And of course I have to thank sweet Janie for showing off Clare and Matt’s NYC engagement session!! Love these two blogs!

And if you haven’t seen Holly Chapple’s adorable new blog, you need to check it out! Talk about floral inspiration!! This girl is a genius!! And Rhi over at Hey Gorg blog is my new best friend. What a sweetheart!! She shared Rachel and Caleb’s DIY wedding a few weeks ago!! Check out her teacup candle DIY post!! SO FUN!!





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  1. Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} reply

    Why haven’t we met yet in real life? :) Wheee! Thanks love bug xoxoxo

  2. Abby Grace reply

    Aww! I didn’t even know they do features on honeymoons- that’s awesome. I love how often I’m seeing your work pop up in places other than your bloh- it’s like an unexpected breath of fresh air to visit Elizabeth Ann and see your images!

  3. Erin Schrad reply

    That’s awesome! Your honeymoon is my dream trip! Sigh… One day!

  4. sherri lynn reply

    So exciting your honeymoon was featured in the Big Knot!!! I will definitely check it out next time I’m at B&N. I loved all of your honeymoon pictures, I kind of want to hang them in my house haha

  5. Kristina W. reply

    That is so exciting that your honeymoon was featured!! And I’m super excited that Rachel’s wedding was featured too! Yay Rachel! :)

  6. Brooke Summer Photography reply

    I feel like when I do things and come up with ideas they become popular! It’s flattering and maddening all at the same time, I want to be different. :) We are going on a European cruise in September for our honeymoon, and I am SO excited!

  7. Emy reply

    YAYAAY!!!! I couldn’t sleep last night because of my excitement! I’m on my way down… have the magazine ready for me as soon as i walk through the door. Be there soon! Love you! And im so happy for you and Michael!

  8. Lydia reply

    Congratulations on your features! I’ll definitely be checking you out in The Know!

  9. stephanie reply

    ahhhh so exciting!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jennifer Krieg reply

    That is so exciting!!!! Congrats Katelyn!!! ~your Va Beach Fan, Jennifer ;)

  11. Laura Morris reply

    So excited for you, Katelyn! When I read the magazine, I called James and said, “James! Katelyn’s honeymoon was featured in The Knot!” Congrats again! :)
    PS-We have our engagement shoot with Korie next Thursday… EK! Can’t wait!

  12. Rebecca Crumley reply

    Thanks for letting us feature your honeymoon!

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