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new house has brought out the perfectionist side of me. People have asked “Are you going to show more pics?!” And my thought is, “Yes of course! …When it’s perfectly decorated!” … Well reality is setting in. Our last home was just under 1300 square feet. I decorated the whole place in one weekend while Michael was on a retreat!! It was so easy because I had tons of frames from college and it didn’t take much to fill up our little house. We like to use the term “cozy” when we refer to our first house! It’s not that our new house isn’t cozy…. it’s just double the size and so what I used to be able to do in a weekend is going to take MONTHS to accomplish!

Someone told me it takes 10 years to decorate a new house that is a decent size and I thought to myself, “Have you been to IKEA?”.  haha We love that place! We have made some hefty furniture purchases for the pieces that need to last forever but for the accent pieces, IKEA is the way to go!!! Michael is making his second trip in two weeks to IKEA tomorrow to pick up a few things! We need a loyalty card there… seriously, we’d at least get a free LACK table or something! Anyway, I’m realizing that the decorating process in this new house will be an on going project and I’m going to have to be patient. I have also realized that if I don’t share pictures until the house feels DONE, it’s going to be 5 years old before anyone sees it! So I’m adopting the Young House Love approach of showing rooms as a “Work in progress”.  So while this isn’t a huge peak into the new house, it’s a start! We just got our living room furniture in from Bassett and we LOVED working with them!! Enjoy a little snippet of the living room area!!

Soooo… these are my CRAZY chairs! The walls of the living room are two stories tall and so I knew that I couldn’t do a pop of color by using paint so I ordered these chairs! BAM! They look crazy but I LOVE them and Michael is a fan too! And they’re my favorite colors!!! Can wait to add curtains and wall accents to finish this room!! 

Our living room is two stories and opens up to a loft area! The arch and the columns were a standard part of the floor plan and it’s one of the main reasons we fell in love with this house! We also love that random walls are curved. It would have been cheaper to make those foyer walls meet at a square point but I love that they made it look more custom with that little corner nook! We have a similar nook in our bedroom! (Another reason we love Eagle!)

The foyer leads into the living room and the kitchen and morning room are on the left! More of those later! It’s not close to being done but it’s definitely getting there!! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Simone Fox reply

    OMG! I LOOOOOOVE the peacock chairs and pillows!!

  2. Kathryn Andrews reply

    Love this house Katelyn, the space is just amazing – I’m a sucker for large entrance halls and living rooms! Gorgeous colours too! :)

  3. Abby Grace reply

    Watching your home building process is making me SO excited for the day we’re finally able to build one. Although, with housing prices in northern Virginia, we may find ourselves moving down to Richmond :)

  4. Cassidy Uptergrove reply

    Oh how I love your color choices!! It’s beautiful & so fun!! Great job!! Home interior design has always been an interest of mine & so I am drawn to seeing the inside of others homes… A little creepy to some lol

  5. Jody gray reply

    You are so good at decorating!! Love what you have done so far!! Love the accent colors and the couch color too – what color is that? Love how instead of painting an accent wall you got those funky chairs. Great idea. Will you come and do our place? :)

    Good call on posting pics as you get things slowly done in the home. Zach wanted to get our new (now 3 yrs old) home decorated in 3 days…. It took over a year, I think, and one of the bedrooms still isn’t fully done and we never ended up doing a blog. Ha ha.

    Love love love!!

  6. Natalie reply

    Your new house is absolutely gorgeous… Love all that light and the space is stunning! Your style is incredible and I’m so excited to see you design every inch of your new home!

  7. Katie reply

    You have such a good eye for design! I love the little nook and the green lamp!! And the pillows. And that cute little dog on the couch:)

  8. Gail reply

    SO excited for you and Michael! The new home looks AMAZING!

  9. Elizabeth reply

    wow that looks like a model home!!!! gorgeous — enjoy your new home to the fullest it is a dream come true!!

  10. Nicole reply

    Love love love this! Everything about it! I just got a new place and i’m moving in next week – Would you mind sharing the name of the wall paint color? A neutral tone like that is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  11. Tori Watson reply

    ooooh, LOVE the fun chairs you chose! and the overall color scheme is just so happy. can’t wait to see it in person, sometime! :D

  12. Rachel may reply

    Love!! Thank you for sharing so much about your building process! We’re going to be building in a year or so, so it’s been enlightening to watch your process! Your new home is gorgeous!

  13. Taylor A. reply

    Katelyn, I LOVE your style. Your home is absolutely beautiful. As we are beginning the “First time home buying process”, I get all giddy when I look at photos like this! Such an exciting time for you guys! Oh, and LOVE that you gave Young House Love a shout out!

  14. Melissa Inskeep reply

    I love everything, please come decorate my house :)

  15. jamie reply

    Love seeing it all come together! you could come decorate my house please!

  16. Kathryn Grace reply

    You are so good at this! Looks beautiful!

  17. Amanda Helfrick reply

    What is the paint color that you chose?! You have that perfect “greige” color that my husband and I have been searching for FOREVER!

  18. Erin Schrad reply

    Very cute so far! Love the chairs!! What paint color did you end up going with? Looks similar to the Gateway Gray we used all over my mom’s house… Kinda taupey-gray… Goes with everything!

  19. Jaimie Krause reply

    Love the all the accent pieces! I love colorful glass lamps and mirrors in pretty white frames. And I adore mercury glass! I can’t wait to see the rest- we haven’t managed to decorate anything in our home because we’re still not done with renovations!

  20. molly stillman reply

    holy moly i LOVE those chairs!!!

  21. Amanda B. reply

    So lovely! The colors are fabulous.. Can’t wait to see more of your adorable home!!

  22. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Beautiful!! Love the lamp with the pears!!

  23. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    SOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see more!!

  24. Dana Fiorito reply

    Katelyn! I LOVE YOUR CHAIRS!!! I love them. So much so, that it seems I need to write this entire comment in caps! <3

  25. Ashley Durance reply

    Beautifully done Katelyn!! You are so right though… it takes SO long to decorate a new home! My husband and I purchased our first home a year ago April 28th, and it’s just shy of 3,000 sqft. we went from a small basement suite right into a 3 level house, and a year later we’re still no where remotely near finished decorating!! But it does come together! well done!

  26. Meredith Sledge reply

    I absolutely love your style of decorating!! The bright colors with neutral tones is so good!!!

  27. Alicia White reply

    love!! Girl, you amaze me!! We’ve been here since February and I feel like I’m slow moving!!! Look at you hanging things up already :-) You inspire me to get into gear (but that perfectionist side of me makes me fear “what is the right decor” for this room” — keep shearing, love it!!

  28. ashley link reply

    ooooooooo LOVE it!

  29. Elizabeth reply

    Love!!! You’re house looks beautiful!!!

  30. Justin Douglas reply

    I’m digging everything about your new home!! The peacock chairs are pretty epic!!!

  31. Christy Tyler reply

    AHHHH LOVE IT. Can’t wait to see more!

  32. Sam reply

    Beautiful. We have such similar Taste it’s crazy. Definitely love the chairs, pillows and colors–definitely my favorite mix. So exciting to see your blessing of a house come together!

  33. Kristina w. reply

    It looks beautiful so far! anxiously awaiting more pics!

  34. Michael Alsop reply

    Hey friends the paint color is called Amazing Gray by sherwin williams….its like in half the house!

  35. Ashlyn reply

    Wow, Katelyn!! Gorgeous, and love the colors. The chairs remind me of your wedding theme… :)

  36. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    This just makes me more excited to see the end result! It’s beautiful already!

  37. Kristen Driscoll reply

    Beautiful ! :)

  38. Emily reply

    I think that would be awesome if you posted where you got everything :) i absolutely loooove home decor and interior design. it’s looking great so far, katelyn!! :)

  39. Heather Simmons reply

    Hey Katelyn! Was curious where your teal entry way table is from? we just moved into a house as well, been looking for a table, and turquoise/teal is my favorite color! we would love something like this. thanks :)

  40. Shauna Ploeger reply

    So lovely Katelyn!

  41. Kelly Green reply

    WOW, your new home is stunning & I am in love with those chairs!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house!

  42. Carrie logan reply

    THE LIGHT!! those arches!! the chairs!! so incredibly happy for you guys and the ways this home is going to honor the lord and be a blessing to so many :)

  43. Sarah Adams reply

    LOVING those chairs and pillows. If you weren’t such an incredible photographer, You could totalllyyyyy be a super successful interior designer!!! Can’t wait to see the house in person NEXT WEEK!!! ah!!

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    […] Katelyn moved into a brand new house a few weeks ago and it’s already absolutely gorgeous and completely decorated!!! This woman is super passionate about photography, but her other passion is definitely interior design (you can check out her space in a post she wrote HERE). […]

  45. caroline reply

    oh, the patterns :)

  46. Michelle reply

    I see you found the PERFECT gray!!! What did you end up going with. It’s gorgeous. Do you love it as much in person as in the photos?

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  49. Kerry velliquette reply

    Gorgeous home katelyn! From just seeing the family room, I bet the rest is just as beautiful!! Where did you find your white circle mirror ? It is so cute ;)

  50. Nancy Holstad reply

    Love your style & would like to subscribe to your blog!

  51. Christine Levy reply

    Can you tell me where I can purchase your beautiful white “Moorish style” mirror? It’s fabulous!

    Thank you, Christine

  52. Sandy reply

    I love the couch. Where is it from? The whole room looks great! Love it!

  53. Andrea reply

    I just found you from House of turqoise. I am in love with your living room! i have those same chairs from basset, but in brown, and i wish i had been braver in my fabric choice. looks amazing!

  54. Lyndse reply

    Can you tell me where you got your rug from? ive been searching for a new rug, and im loving yours!

  55. Lyndse reply

    Can you tell me where you got your rug? I’ve been searching for a new rug and im loving yours.

  56. Valerie Mitchell reply

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your home and your decorating progress. Look forward to following your blog!

  57. Kristen Anderson reply

    Hi! So, so good!!! One of my fave room/home tours ever!! Great job!! I kind of want a where to buy list of everything in the room!!

  58. Tara reply

    What is the name of your fabric on the chairs? Beautiful room!!

  59. Jill reply

    I love your living room rug. Where did you get it?

  60. Christine reply

    Love love love the wall colors! Pleeeease let me know what they are. I’ve been looking for this color but cannot quite find it. Help! :)

  61. Marguerite reply

    Good Morning! Great space. Would you please share the Details on the mirror in the living room over the beautiful blue chairs?
    Thank you so much!

  62. Missy B reply

    Hi there! I love your beautiful home. I have a question about your paint color-Amazing Gray. I am considering it for my home. Does your home receive a lot of direct light or indirect? My home is similar in style(huge vaulted ceilings). I’ve tried a bit of it on my wall and it seems a lot darker.

  63. Danielle reply

    Can you please tell me where you purchased the couch? I love it :)


  64. Christina reply

    What is the name of the fabric used on the accent chairs?
    Thank you in advance!

  65. Brooke reply

    Love the colors in your living room! Where are the pillows on your couch from? Did you purchase them with th furniture? Thanks so much!

  66. Stacy Marshall reply

    Hi! Where did you purchase your chairs, sofa, pillows, rug, etc.?

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