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Our life is moving more and more into the digital direction. My once pretty little notebook full of “Big Lists” and sticky notes just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I found myself having too many plates spinning and not enough time to write out every little thing that needed to get done. And so that is where TRELLO comes in! We were introduced to Trello several months ago and we have been falling in love with it ever since! This free online resource isn’t just for creatives or business owners… it’s for ANYONE!

After blogging about our trello experience a few weeks ago, we had a lot of questions about it and so we filmed a video blog that will hopefully give you a better picture of how we manage our business life and our to-do list!!! ENJOY and share it if you know a friend could benefit from it!!!


If the video is blurry, click HERE!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Emily reply

    Super useful! Thanks for sharing how you utilize it!

  2. Wayfaring Wanderer (Jessica) reply

    That was really helpful! Thank you so much for putting the video together, you know how visual we photogs are! :-)

  3. Jill reply

    So helpful! I started using Trello after you first posted and LOVE it- it has been so helpful for me!

  4. Paige H reply

    This video was wonderful and helped a TON! Thank you for posting :)

  5. Cinnamon reply

    I’ve recently started using Trello as well and I totally agree, game changer!! I use the calendar feature as well to schedule blog posts which has been so incredibly helpful for me to keep track of ideas and posting schedules!!

  6. Christy reply

    Yay thanks for this Katelyn (and Michael)!!!

  7. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    This was so helpful! I was trying to decode what you did from the first Trello blog post and I was a little overwhelmed lol so this helps a ton!

  8. Manali reply

    I’ve been using Trello for a while and absolutely love it! I’m glad that there’s other people out there using it for photography & their life in general.

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  10. Jessica Ranae Photography reply

    I have started using Trello and love it! Thanks so much for introducing it to me!!!

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  12. Jaimie Krause reply

    Ohmygosh! This is going to be a lifesaver and a game changer for me! I’ve been getting so overwhelmed lately, and I’ve decided to bring on a part-time assistant but I’ve been struggling with how to communicate tasks and workflow. This is going to be perfect!

  13. Tina reply

    I’ve been using Trello for awhile now but you made me want to utilize even more features I didn’t know about, like the checklists and percentage of tasks completed! Do you happen to have anywhere on your site what your workflow checklist is for engagement shoots and emails? Your wedding and album ones are so helpful!!

  14. Laura reply

    Very helpful video. I’ve been hearing about Trello for a while and this has given me the push to start using it. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Tara reply

    Thanks Katelyn! This was SOOO helpful! We are rebranding and doing a complete overhaul on our website and having Trello will be very helpful!

  16. Fran Baltzer reply

    Thanks for sharing how you use Trello for your business tasks! I’m going to give it another try. And I’m so glad I found you thru CreativeLive. I can’t wait for your webinar tonight

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  20. AnnMarie reply

    Oh yay! I love this! I can’t wait to start using it! I was getting an idea of your tasks, and who does what, cause my husband is joining my business this year and I need to designate tasks to him. This is so perfect! One question though, I didn’t see “edit wedding Photos” on the lists…just culling and editing some for the blog etc. Just curious why editing wasn’t on there.? Thanks so much for this video! You are such a blessing to me! I can’t wait for the webinar on Thursday! God bless you!!! :)

  21. Ashley Yantes reply

    Wow! Thank you so much for making this video! I’m excited to sign up and start figuring this out and using it for my company.

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  23. Emilyanne Hardy reply

    THIS! Thank you Katelyn! This is exactly what I need! I am a huge checkbox person – I love making check boxes and marking when things are done. The problem is, I then have a million different little papers everywhere with my lists. So this will certainly keep me organized and in one place. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Walter Snell reply

    I just purchased the Consistency Program and have been reading your blog posts… I’m loving everything that’s coming from your system!!! Thank you so much for all of the fantastic and helpful information and guidance you provide!!!!

    ~Walt Snell

  25. Walter Snell reply

    Your link for the free ebook does not seem to be working.

  26. Putlocker reply

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  28. yify reply

    Thanks for sharing. I see the novelty of your writing, I will share it for everyone to read together. I look forward to reading many articles from you.

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