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years ago I hosted a workshop in Richmond and had a young high schooler travel ALL the way down from PA to attend!! This amazing girl was Caroline Logan. Caroline has done nothing but impress us from day one. I thought I started early when I was barely 20 but she blew me out of the water!! She started shooting before she could DRIVE!! She has worked so hard over the last several years and her hard work has pair off. She’s incredibly talented and her business is thriving!! As I was beginning to write a post about how to be taken seriously when you’re young… I realized that I’m not that young anymore!!!

There are SO many other photographers out there that are TEENAGERS! They would have the most helpful advice! So I asked one of my favorite young photographers to weigh in on the topic! You all are in store for a real treat!! Please leave some love for sweet Caroline! :) We love this girl and we’re SO thankful for her guest post today!!! Enjoy! :

5 Ways to Be Taken Seriously as a Young Photographer

I started this journey at the ripe old age of fourteen when I took a crazy leap and photographed my first solo wedding (Yikes… I was just a baby, I know!), and a question people often ask me sounds something like “I hope you’re not offended by this, but… WHO would trust a teenager to photograph their wedding?!?” I just smile and nod my head, because honestly, I totally get their confusion — I think it sounds a little crazy myself!

While being a young photographer has been the most amazing adventure, it’s also brought a unique set of challenges as I’ve had to work to be taken seriously despite my age! I have realized over time there are many components to this, but today I’m so excited to share just a few with you that I’ve found most helpful in my own business!

1. Have confidence! 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just download self-confidence at the App Store?! I wish it were that easy! One of the biggest things I found helpful when it came to my interactions with my clients was to remember to be real and honest with them, instead of trying to fake my age or experience level. After all, when you’re fourteen without your driver’s license, you really can’t fool anyone for too long! ;)

No matter where you are in your business or how old you are, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others — but I think that’s especially true when you’re just beginning. I sure did! I really had to fight against that insecurity and be intentional in remembering that each of my clients booked ME for a reason. They knew my experience level, yet they still trusted in my capabilities. If I wanted people to believe in me and view me as a true professional, I first had to believe in myself, right?! Confidence breeds confidence. :)

2. Highlight your passion. 

When I first began this journey, I would try so hard to hide my youth. Looking back, it seems so silly because I realize now age doesn’t have to define professionalism! And I think that translates to anyone, whether you’re young or you’re just starting out. Passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and people are drawn to that!! When you have a fresh way about you and a spark in your eye it captures peoples’ attention and can become your greatest asset. Passion is energy, and showing a spirit of excitement, appreciation, and genuine LOVE for the journey you’re on gets people excited with you and makes them want to be a part of it!

3. Show maturity in your online presence. 

So while I didn’t have years of experience under my belt, I still had to prove I was capable and trustworthy! Social media is a powerful tool to do this, because it gave me the opportunity to show credibility and maturity. Whether in business or on a personal level, social media can either HELP or HURT you… it all just depends on how you present yourself, even on personal social media platforms in your day to day life. :) It’s GREAT to share personal details about your life so people can connect with your journey, but it’s also important to remember to do so in a professional way. This takes balance and authenticity, but a great way to do so is simply by keeping things positive online! Committing to not criticize, condemn, or complain (as it says in Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People), AND limiting the #selfiesunday and #mancrushmonday instagram posts can all help people take you seriously and view you like the professional you are.

4. Set a positive tone!

As photographers, we have the opportunity to either be a thermostat or a thermometer. What does that mean?! Thermostats set the temperature in a room… thermometers conform to the temperature present. On a wedding day, any number of stressful situations can arise… the type that can really test you. By staying in control and keeping a positive demeanor even under pressure, you can set a positive tone much like a thermostat sets the temperature! True colors shine through MOST in situations that are less than ideal — these times are an incredible opportunity to allow your professionalism to leave a big impact!

5. Have a mentor.

I once heard it said “No one succeeds without the help of others” and I really believe it’s true, because I’ve seen it in my own life and business time and time again! I think back to sixteen year old me, who spent a big chunk of her savings to ride the Greyhound bus to Richmond for Katelyn’s Workshop Experience, and oh what a valuable investment that was!!

Some of my greatest growth as an artist and business owner has come from those moments when I’ve humbled myself and sought advice from peers and leaders in the industry. I really wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the people like Katelyn who have believed in my dream somewhere along the way. Having someone in your life who has walked this road ahead of you, has more wisdom and experience to offer insight, and can both challenge AND encourage you as you build your business is priceless! The people who have filled mentor roles in my own life and business have made ALL the difference for me! I owe so much to them!!

Above all, no matter your age and no matter how long you’ve been in business, being “good” at what you do isn’t so much a point to be reached, as it is a process to be nourished. Each new stage of building a business is such an adventure, meant to be treasured and enjoyed! Strive to continually better yourself, and don’t forget to take time to stop and soak in each moment of this amazing, exciting journey ahead!!

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  1. Rebecca Yankowski reply

    Well said and such beautiful pictures. Keep up the great work!

  2. Caitlin Alexander reply

    Awh, Carrie!! This was so fun to read! Fabulous job as alwayS! XO!

  3. Elizabeth Powell reply

    LOVE Caroline! She is the absolute SWEETEST person!
    Such an inspiration, and so amazingly talented!

    Caroline – Keep on going, you’re amazing!

  4. Nicole – Ottawa Wedding Photographer reply

    Thanks for this Caroline! Love it! I’m just 21 & started photographing weddings at 18. I’m headed down to Katelyn’s next workshop hoping to keep her as a mentor as well :)

  5. Jessica reply

    FANTASTIC advice and not just for young photographers, but for ALL photographers! Caroline, you are so fortunate to have learned these things while you are young. And your photos are beautiful :)

  6. Sabrina reply

    Oh Caroline, I have been so encouraged by you since that day I met you at Katelyn’s workshop! You are doing such amazing things for your business AND this industry… keep it up, sweet friend :-)

  7. Kat reply

    I love this post, girl!!! So good for young business owners AND newbies!!! xo!!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    Solid advice for anyone who is feeling like they’re the youngest in their industry! You’ve got beautiful photos Caroline!

  9. Katie reply

    Love your words so much Caroline! You may be young but you have wisdom and teach other around you with just your very being! I’m so glad to have had even the smallest part of your fast growing career!!!!! :) and I’m SO GLAD I met you at that wonderful workshop!!!!

  10. Abby Grace reply

    Get it, Caroline! It’s so incredible to watch you grow!

  11. Hollie reply

    Ahhh! Caroline is such a sweetheart! I first met her at the What’s Next Tour and later at United. I was most impressed by how genuine she is! Great advice, Caroline! So excited for you and your business!

  12. elizabeth reply

    I SO appreciate this post, Caroline & Katelyn!! Thank you so much for sharing. <3

  13. Mary Marantz reply

    LOVE!!! What an amazing post so full of wisdom! SO proud of you C!!! xo

  14. Cindy Barley reply

    Clear and concise, Carloine. Your communication skills shine as well as your photography. You are loved and valued by those that know you best!

  15. Cindy Barley reply

    Clear and concise. Your communication skills are only topped by your outstanding photography. You are a treasure to those who know you best!

  16. Natalie reply

    This is such a well written article! Love this guest post! Ahhhh!

  17. Natalie reply

    This is such a well written article! Love this guest post! Ahhhh!

  18. Natalie reply

    This is such a well written article! Love this guest post! Ahhhh!

  19. Natalie reply

    This is such a well written article! Love this guest post! Ahhhh!

  20. Kylie Nicholson reply

    Love! You go Caroline! And thanks for highlighting young photographers, a group of which I am one!

  21. Kira reply

    Wonderful post…I felt young starting shooting at 18 so it was crazy to read about Carrie starting weddings at age 14! Beautiful photos and message, thanks :)

  22. Robyn reply

    Excellent advice – Thank you!

  23. Kate Robinson reply

    Such beautiful wise advice! You go girl xx

  24. Gayle Driver reply

    Beautiful Post Caroline! I am still amazed at all you have done at such a young age! Keep up the beautiful work!

  25. Abby Grace W reply

    Awesome!! I too am a young photographer, and this was very helpful!

  26. Char reply

    I LOVE the girl! She is pretty dang amazing for sure. The more I get to know her, the more I am amazed and impressed with the beautiful gal. Caroline….xoxoxox!

  27. Jessica reply

    Wow. If i had had that amount of maturity, wisdom and confidence at that age, i can’t imagine where I’d be now!! Absolutely inspiring. Keep it up!!

  28. Borisyuk Photography reply

    Great advice! I didn’t start my photography business until I was 29 (I’m 32 now). But my problem is that I look way younger than I actually am, people gasp when I tell them my age and say they thought I was 20. So they do make assumptions and I usually break those by displaying my passion for my work and talking about my husband and two kids lol! :)

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