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going to think I’m so strange but I actually find joy in creating new systems for organizing our life. Some of you think we’re uber organized and we’re not… you just see the parts of our lives that are “put together”. Yes, I labeled the shelves in our pantry… but I have an attic room that looks like a bomb went off in it! We’re not perfect…. and we’ll never be perfect… but we CAN be organized to some degree! I haven’t completely mastered this area of organization yet but I’m getting closer to really having a system that works. I obviously love photography… which means that I love having pictures of my family and our life.

The hard part is that the pictures that I take for my family never get edited. They get uploaded but those raw files just sit there. So this past year I decided to get better at my managing my personal images.

Michael and I are in a season of life where we have the opportunity and freedom to travel. We realize life won’t always look like this and so we’re taking advantage of it while we can!! … And we want to REMEMBER our adventures!! So this past year I have made it a priority to make Blurb Books of our big adventures! Blurp is just an great option for printing your own hardback books! There are a lot of other options out there! I may try Artifact Uprising for a personal book down the road just for fun! We’ll see! The beauty of designing these books is that they capture our adventures and we’ll keep them forever! My goal at the end of my life is to have a massive library of our adventure books…. well maybe just a few bookshelves. A library was a little over the top. :)

So far, I’ve documented Bokeh’s first year, Our Honeymoon, Our RV Vacation, Our House Building Adventure and our Hawaiian Vacation. I love the 12×12 books because they are huge and their full spread pages are beautiful!!! I also love that they look awesome in our coffee table! We bought THIS coffee table from IKEA and we love it!! Everyone loves it and compliments it because it’s great for entertaining. When we’re hanging out in the living room for an extended period of time, someone always ends up pulling out a book or two!!

Every time a new book is printed, the more I want to make another one! I just feel so accomplished having images printed and saved this way!! Now, you have to understand that this type of stuff is FUN for me! I enjoyed designing these books! If you don’t enjoy designing albums, I can totally understand why you may be rolling your eyes right now. Here’s a thought, someone should start a business offering to design people’s vacation albums!!!! Seriously! SO many people would pay for that! Tangent. Anyway… enjoy this little peek into how we are starting to store personal photos! My goal from now on is to still make books for our big adventures but to also print a “Yearbook” of our life every year!! (We’ll see if I can actually make that happen!!!:) Happy Monday!

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  1. Urška Majer reply

    We have been talking about doing this for our last travels too, but somehow we never find the time!

  2. Jennifer reply

    I love this “memory” table :-) the combination of blurb albums and your wedding albums in it telling the story of your life together – just beautiful !

  3. Jennifer reply

    I just love this idea of a “memory” table. the combination of blurb albums and your wedding album telling the story of your life together – beautiful.

  4. megan reply

    This is just gorgeous and what a great idea! Do you mind sharing if you chose the glossy, matte or lustre paper option? Thanks so much!

  5. Elizabeth reply

    these are great ways to show your life to your children and for them to cherish for many years to come. do you put the names of your travel buddies as well somewhere in the book? i know when i go through old photographs i wish we knew the names of the people. but i love the idea, your books look amazing.

  6. SHalese reply

    That coffee table is awesome! I love Blurb, but I just used Artifact Uprising to print all my favorite Instagram photos from 2013. It was SO easy (I used the mobile app), and everyone loves the little book. :) I’ll definitely be doing a 2014 AU book.

  7. Christy Tyler reply

    I’ve been trying to be better about this but can’t figure out what solution I like yet! We did an Artifact Uprising book from our trip to DC and for Chloe’s first few months with us, but they were much thinner than I expected. Are these blurb books thicker? Or do you just have sooo many pages/photos that they look substantial? (By the way- love this! And I need toget better about this!)

  8. Kari reply

    I love 12×12 size books. For my personal family photos that is my go to size. I am right there with you on the library of photo books. Love how you use the table! Good luck with the yearbooks. I started doing them in 2010 but have yet to actually finish a year.

  9. Lauren reply

    These are beautiful. I think I might do this for gifts this year with family photos. We never get photos printed, it seems!

  10. Tamara reply

    I absolutely love this idea and need to be better about this myself. There is nothing better than seeing your pictures in print! Do you use premade templates or do you create your own?

  11. Lisa Eickel reply

    Katelyn, we use artifact uprising and are so pleased with the quality of the books and their customer service each time we place and order!

  12. Stephanie Messick reply

    Love that this set up is a perfect fit for your wedding album and personal books. :)

  13. Amanda August reply

    LOVE the books! I started doing this last year! I made a book that had all my family’s past vacations as well as a family yearbook for 2013. I am a scrapbooker but it is MUCH easier to make online albums to print! I already love looking back at 2013. I have been using Shutterfly but i am definitely going to look into BlurB.

  14. Kristina W. reply

    It’s funny, I’ve designed books on blurb but haven’t published any yet! Yours look great! Making more photo books is definitely a goal of mine!

  15. Melanie reply

    Great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing…I’m inspired yet again!

  16. Katie reply

    I love blurb books!!! Of course yours are magnificent!

  17. laura beth stricker reply

    This is so awesome! I’ll definitely have to do this! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Bethany Mitchell reply

    I LOVE THIS!!! I did my first blurb book this year. I tried to do everything for the whole year in one book. I learned my lesson. :)

  19. Meredith Sledge reply

    SO GREAT!!! Can you make a book for my life? Haha.

  20. Mandy reply

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to see the Aloha Vaca pics!!! <3

  21. Kathryn reply

    I’ve used artifact uprising before and love them!! Out of curiosity – what paper quality did you decide to go with? That is always my toughest piece when putting together an album, as each company is a little different. Beautiful job!

  22. Charlotte Jennings reply

    Oh my gosh!!! LOVE!!! Perfection. I really need to be better about printing our personal pics. Yeah… and editing the raw files. lol

  23. Laura Radniecki reply

    Love this, Katelyn! Making sure people print their photos is a huge passion of mine.

    I’ve used blurb before, and I tried again this year, but maybe I forgot how to work the system but I thought it was confusing.

    Do you use their template designs or did you upload your own? Like your own album designed-pages?

  24. Marscel Harris-Parker reply

    My first thought is “OMG, I love this so much”. I have a close friend who does the same and I love looking through her books. I keep saying to myself Ihat I’m going to do the exact same once my life allows me to experience the world…BUT…I shouldn’t keep waiting. Thanks Katlyn, in a way, this has inspired me to grab a hold of life a little more and use what I have. Keep sharing your blessings with us :D

  25. Tonya Damron reply

    i should so do this, i have 93939393 pics on my hard drive

  26. Ashley Hilbert reply

    Do you use Blurb to create wedding albums for your brides and grooms? Thanks!


  27. Brittany Davis reply

    I’d love to see inside the Bokeh book! What kind of things did you document?

  28. Michaela reply

    Wow, this is SUCH a great idea! I have been procrastinating making my own travel books for so long. They are such a great way to get the photos off of your computer and available for everyone to actually enjoy in your home. I have tried blurb before and love it and am planning to try artifact Uprising soon.

  29. Megan Kelsey reply

    Revisiting this post because I’m about to make a few Blurb books of our European vacation! This is the first time I am EVER printing – just printing!! – personal photos! Thanks for this recommendation!!

  30. Heidi reply

    Love your home style!

  31. Brittany reply

    May I ask what Paper type you use for your blurb books?

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