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…the front door and heard the excitement.  There were girls running around everywhere! Their navy blue dresses blurred past as they made last minute touches before Jess slipped on her dress.  As Jess put on her dress, I whispered to a bridesmaid “this is my favorite part!”.  There are moments during a wedding day where all of the chaos and stress subside and everyone is caught up in that one moment.  When the bride puts on her dress, it is one of those moments.  Everyone stops and stares. This moment always happens the same way at every wedding I shoot, it never fails. Everyone in the room stops what they are doing to admire the bride and they are amazed by her beauty.

When Jess came out in her white satin dress that fit her perfectly, everyone was in awe.  Jess was stunning and Robbie was all smiles when he caught his first glance of her, walking down the aisle.  It was such an honor for me to be a part of their big day. We all went to CNU and have so many mutual friends.  I love celebrating at weddings where I actually know some of the guests. The reception is always so much fun!  Mr. and Mrs. Heath celebrated their wedding day at the Colonial Heritage Clubhouse in Williamsburg, VA.  It was so classic and beautiful. Robbie and Jess, I hope Mexico was amazing and they you are excited to come home to a ton of fun pictures!!! Thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to be a part of your big day! Much love!

That girl loves her puppy! … And her puppy loves her. She followed her around the house ALL morning!

Beautiful bride!

Oh hey tunnel! I LOVE you!

Ah! I feel like they are rockstars right now! … It’s all about the light.

Transition shot.

Um, Robbie and Jess, thanks for being awesome and standing in mud. Yes, they stood in MUD for this shot. My clients are dedicated.

Moneyyyyyy. Jess you’re stunning. Seriously.

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  1. Jerome reply

    sometimes i wonder if you and Jasmine Star had the same workshop for wedding photography. :) you guys have the same style…amazing as usual.

  2. Katie reply

    AHHH THEY ARE MARRIED!!!! Thanks so much for being there and capturing this amazing day. All the pictures look great!

  3. Katie reply

    wonderful pictures. i love admiring your photos!!!

  4. Eric Gambardella reply

    So so beautiful. What a good job you do!

  5. Kelsey reply

    These pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work on Jess and Robbie’s big day!

  6. sharon reply

    uhmm.. those tunnel shots are auh-mazing!!! and she has got the cutest smile ever!!! love these katelyn!!!

  7. Laura McG reply

    I wanna see more of Gamby cheering.

  8. Danesha reply

    Congratulations Robbie and Jess!!!! :o)

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    good articles

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