• Grab a Kleenex!

Welp, I was fully prepared to NOT blog today. We’re shooting a wedding today and so I was going to give myself the day off…. and then I woke up this morning and Michael handed me his phone to watch a video. Sometimes he does this and the videos are funny…but I end up wishing I had just 5 more minutes of sleep. :) This video on the other hand… well, I’ll just let you watch it and see for yourself. It’s priceless. Today we’re shooting a wedding for a couple who has been through so much already and they haven’t even begun their journey into marriage yet. This video is such a beautiful reminder of what marriage is supposed to look like. :)

Ladies, you may need to grab a kleenex or two… or maybe you’ll just need to go hug your husband, wrinkles and all. :) Michael I hope we live to see what 90 looks like on us!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Mary Marantz reply

    YESSS!!!! You KNOW I love this!!! This is EXACTLY what our Why is all about! LOVE this so much! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. laura hernandez reply

    Talk about an emotional roller coaster! That was intense. I would love the opportunity for my hubby and I to do this together. I now have the urgent need to go cuddle with husband and cherish the time we have together right this instant.

  3. Melissa Durham reply

    OH my gosh! This was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this, Katelyn!

    One of the things I love most about photographing weddings is knowing what an amazing adventure lies ahead. My grandparents are in their 80s now, one with late stage Alzheimer’s, and it’s incredible to see how much my grandfather truly loves my grandmother, even if she has no idea who he is. There’s a light in her eyes that’s still there. She knows he’s hers, but not sure how. My husband and I will be married 9 years on the 27th, and our adventure has been one of amazing perseverance and faith. One full of laughter and love. And we say it all the time – we can’t wait to be old and gray together. And this video. Gah! It says it all. Thanks for the tears. ;)

  4. jane reply

    Wow, what a preview. Now, I know what it must be like for my mother to see her 5 children age. I look forward to a long and happy life with my husband and sons. Laugh lines, wrinkles and most of all, love. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kimber reply

    That was beautiful. I cried. :)

  6. Jaimie reply

    Wow… yes, the kleenex box came out. That was awesome. I loved how it’s truly a reminder of loving that beautiful soul on the inside is all that matters. I also loved how they reacted when they saw each other at 90, that they just thought how many amazing memories they had made up until that point. Very cool. I’m sure you and Michael will still be adorable and so in love at 90! :) Have a great day! Definitely sharing this with my sweetie.

  7. Nicole Salter reply

    Thanks girl. Didn’t take the warning seriously because I’m not usually a crier but the ONE DAY I’m out of kleenex at my desk. Wow. That’s incredibly touching.

  8. Bethany McDonnell reply

    Wow, just wow. Really makes you think.

  9. Nancy Ray reply

    I was all like, “Yay! I video to watch while I eat lunch!” And then I made it halfway through my sandwich. Now there’s a knot in my throat and tears in my eyes. What a sweet, sweet video!

  10. Meagan reply

    Gah. All the tears. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Jessica Fairchild reply

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this! I watched it with my husband and we both cried! Such a special reminder!!

  12. Carlyn Kachurek Pecchia reply

    Well good gravy, don’t watch that in public!! TEARS!!

  13. Libby reply

    katelyn i loved this. thanks for sharing.

  14. Moriah Ortega reply

    That was incredible!!!

  15. Jenny reply

    :) :) I love this, it reminds me of the video we made…..makes me cry to think how fast the next 50 years are going to fly by!

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