Coaching Sessions


We announce coaching dates through our Newsletter. You can signup for the newsletter here! Our newsletters normally go out every other month!



- 2 Photographers ($750 each)

- Each photographer receives 3 hours of one on one Q&A, editing tutorials, branding critique, or basically whatever the attendee needs most help with within their business. **attendees are encouraged to bring a list of questions & topics they are most interested in**

- Lunch together (Lunch is on me! Duh!)

-  Headshots for the attendees. Katelyn will teach shooting techniques to one photographer while the other photographer has their portraits taken & then they will switch.

** Photographers will have the rights to their individual images **

** Coaching Sessions normally happen once or twice a month, in Richmond VA **

** Those that are a husband/wife teams or working with a business partner may split the cost of an individual seat **




9:30AM- 12:30PM Photographer #1 meets one-on-one with Katelyn

12:30-1:30 Photographer #1, Photographer #2 & Katelyn have lunch together before headshots begin!

1:30-3:00 Headshots for both photographers. We’ll be shooting mid-day and so we’ll be focusing on how to shoot in harsh light and how to make something out of nothing!! It’s fun! Trust me!

3:00-6:00 Photographer #2 meets one-on-one with Katelyn



Should I invest in a coaching session or a workshop seat?:

Great question! Workshops are great and I absolutely love them! The focus of a workshop is broader. Instead of sitting down with individual photographers, I am speaking for 20 hours to a group of 12. I cover more information during The Workshop Experience and there is a styled shoot included. Workshops are also a great place to get plugged into a great photography community and hear how we run our business from beginning to end. However, if you’re in a place in your business where you need some one-on-one advice about business growth, marketing, office management, editing techniques, how to get started or just what your next steps should be, then I would suggest investing in a coaching session. I love coaching sessions because I am able to have one-on-one time with a photographer and really help them with their specific questions. Coaching sessions also include head shots and the photographers will receive a PASS gallery with their edited images and have to rights to use them however they wish.

So, if you’re interested in a large amount of information, a styled shoot to add to your portfolio and getting plugged into a great photography community, a workshop is the way to go! If you would rather have 3 hours of one on one mentoring time with Katelyn to discuss your specific business needs and new headshots by Katelyn,  a coaching session is more up your alley!

What if I haven’t “officially” launched my business?:

If you haven’t officially launched your business then a coaching session is the best option for you. A workshop would be very overwhelming. You may signup for a coaching session if you’re at the beginning stages and I would love to help you prepare for the big debut!

Will Coaching Sessions only be offered in Richmond, VA?

Yes, as of right now I will only be hosting them in Richmond. However, if you’re interested in having a coaching session come to you, there may be plans to make that happen in the future.:)

Where will we be meeting with you?

In my office! It’s small but it’s cozy! :)

How often are coaching sessions announced? 

Signup for the NEWSLETTER to find out about dates FIRST before they are announced on the blog to the public! We offer new dates about every other month and we release dates 2-3 months in advance.

How much is a coaching session?

The cost for a coaching session is $750 per photographer (unless the photographer is a part of a husband/wife or co-owns a business with a partner).  The $750 fee includes lunch, headshots, digital negatives of edited images and 3 hours of one-on-one mentoring with Katelyn.


Recap Sessions:

What is a RECAP session?  These sessions are only available to those that have already invested in a coaching session. “RECAPS” will be two hours of evaluating what has been done, planning what is left to do and making goals to continue to move forward. Recaps will take place close to a year after the photographer’s original coaching session took place to ensure that the photographer is given enough time to make things happen!! Email Katelyn if you’re interested!! Recap Sessions are $350 and are normally done through skype online.