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BIG NEWS! Surprise!! HERE IT IS!!!

I had this crazy idea a week and a half ago to totally redesign and customize my website.  I thought to myself “Do I have time for this in the height of wedding season?!” No! of course not! But it was so worth it and Showit sites made it possible! I have a FULLY customized website that is EXACTLY what I have always envisioned my “perfect” site to look like! It’s an incredible program run by some awesome people that are so easy to work with.

I can’t wait for you to go check it out!  I’m still working out a few kinks but I’m so happy with the way it turned out! It is currently located at and will soon be linked to my other domains.  If you like it, Let me know! Try out the contact page or comment!

ATTENTION DIAL-UP PEOPLE:  If your internet is still struggling to keep up with the high-speed internet world… please bear with me and be patient. Don’t hesitate to hit the REFRESH button.  This site is extremely active with a lot of movement.

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  1. Tira J reply

    Love love love it! You did an amazing job Katelyn!

  2. gayle terry reply

    It looks amazing! Very elegant, yet fun!

  3. Emy reply

    YAYAYYAY KK it is amazing!!! I love you!! p.s. you are so professional =)

  4. Randy Thomas reply

    looks great Katelyn, love watching your work mature. Awesome stuff!!

  5. Anna reply

    I love your surprise!!!

  6. jenifriend reply

    congratulations on your new site! i am in love with showit sites; looking forward to joining you in that department soon enough!!

  7. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Just keeps getting better!!!! It’s gorgeous Katelyn :)

  8. lauryn galloway reply

    I LOVE IT!!! Its so beautiful and fun and flows so well! its great! Congrats gf!

  9. Stephen reply

    its quite smooth with good transitions, with a low loading time. Also has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  10. Carmaleta Ann reply

    Your new website is AMAZING!!
    You are such an awesome photographer and a wonderful inspiration to me personally!!
    I am soo excited for your future and the great places you are going!!

  11. Jasmine* reply

    SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! You’re so fabulous it hurts! :)

  12. Katherine reply

    I am so glad that this is still here on the internet, AND that your even older blog space is still out there on the internet!! Sometimes I look at it for motivation, because if you can go from that to this in 6-10 years (not that your old stuff was bad, but you are leagues and leagues better now, as I am sure you know) then I SURE CAN TOO. I’m still praying for you all and little Evy and James. You guys have such a huge internet/KJ family!!

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