It’s Here!

  • It's Here!

It’s here!!! Tomorrow is the big day!! After an amazing “end of college” dance party tonight, I’m ready for a Middle House sleepover in the living room with my fabulous roommates. I’m going to miss those girls. Wow. Last night together. I need to stop blogging and enjoy it!!! I graduate at 10am tomorrow and then fly out to the OC for Escalate!!! Woohoo! What a big day!!!


I love my roommates but I realllllly love my family! Just look at them! I love them so much and we had an incredible dinner tonight to celebrate!

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  1. Jan reply

    Congratulations!! Time sure has flown by. Wish we could be there with you today. Enjoy your trip to California!

  2. Jan reply

    Oh….Great picture of your family!!!

  3. Anna reply

    Dang! Mom beat me to commenting! Congratulations, KK! I know you are sooooo happy to be done. I hope you have a blast in California and enjoy your first days of being a “full-time” photographer. We all love you so much and we’re so proud of you! LOVE YOU!!!!!

  4. Laura reply

    Lucky, you get to go to Escalate! I’ll be sitting at home watching the live feed. Not nearly as nice as being in CA. Have fun!!!!

  5. Laura reply

    Congratulations Katelyn!

  6. Julianna reply

    This is my all-time favorite picture of the James family!!!!!!!! Everyone looks soooo great! Emily, your smile is so cute! Congratulations Katelyn!!!

  7. Marisol Izaguirre reply

    Hi! Congratulations on your graduation!!!! Conquer the world ;)

  8. Brendan reply

    Congratulations Katelyn! I am happy for you and your success in graduating.. but the sad thing is you are no longer my next door neighbor. Some things just wont be the same. But, I wish you all the best in the photography business. I will always be one of the few faithful MALE blog checkers. Congrats again and get working on planning your wedding!

  9. Christina reply

    Congrats Katelyn!!! Love the family photo!!

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