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This morning I woke up, threw my teal, paisley comforter on the floor a jumped out of bed. Stumbling over the mound off excessive accent pillows that usually decorate my bed, I made my way to the over-stuffed closet full of clothes that I never wear and when I say “over-stuffed”, I mean I can’t pull one hanger out without pulling out 10 others. It’s that packed.  After sifting through my unnecessary amount of sweaters and jeans, I find something to suitable to wear  to church. I get dressed, make the bed, hop in my 2002 VW Bug that I’ve had since I was 16 and drive to church where we sang and praised the Lord for being so amazing and good to us. It’s so easy.

It’s so easy to be joyful and thankful when there is absolutely nothing that you need or long for.  When you have a incredibly comfortable bed, more clothes than any normal human being should have, when your car runs and you never wonder where your next meal will come from, it’s easy to rejoice.

I came home the other night and found this jar on the counter.  It’s so simple but yet commanded my attention. When you see the news and hear the testimonies of those who experienced the tragedy in Haiti, everything is brought back into perspective.  There are so many thousands of people hurting right now in our world.  Everywhere.  People are in need of hope and a Savior but people are also in need of food and shelter and medical attention.  I challenge you today to keep those who are hurting on your mind…. constantly.  Constantly lift them up in prayer but also rejoice that we serve a God that is bigger than any natural disaster.

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  1. Kevin S reply

    amen, amen.

  2. Melody reply


    If you or anyone else wants to help with raising funds to send to Haiti to help provide clean water, food and most of all much needed medical help let me know. I work at Operation Blessing International, a Christian Non-Profit organization in Virginia Beach. We are a 4 star charity and have been recognized by the Bush Admin as one of America’s top NGO’s. We are helping raise funds for Haiti and could use all the help we can get. They can either call me at 757-226-3917 or go to to donate. We have our disaster relief team on the ground. Giving medical, physical and spiritual help for the Hatians. Please pass this around in your groups and at your church.

    God Bless,

  3. Michael reply

    Good Post…you should take a picture of that nice clean closet, before it gets too out of hand.

  4. Brendan reply

    You are 100% correct. I am very blessed and should be thankful for everything I have. Thank you for this inspiring post

  5. j gar reply

    I, like Brendan, am also inspired by your post. Your writing in that first paragraph is so awe-inspiring, it blew me away. Thanks for reminding us what we need to be thankful for, even if it takes a natural disaster in order for it to happen.

  6. Julianna reply

    AMEN! Thank you for the reminder Katelyn.

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