• Jamaica, heat, and learning to relax.

Today has been the longest, most exhausting day…. but I’m in Jamaica! Jessie and I are here to shoot Jason and Jennifer’s wedding on Saturday and let me just say, I could get used to this whole “destination wedding” thing! …. there have been multiple times today where I have pondered the idea of “What if we didn’t send out 530 save-the-dates? …. What if Michael and I just brought our families to a tropical island and tied the knot?!” Wouldn’t that be easy?!! It would be SO easy!  But that isn’t us.  There is NO WAY that would fly with our friends, family or US. It’s not what we have dreamed about! Remember that last post I did…. ya know… where I talked about planning a wedding that is totally about YOU and YOUR FIANCE? Well I was reminded of that so much today!

Meeting with Jennifer and Jason today and hearing about the beautiful wedding plans for Saturday, I realized just how much this wedding concept really “fits” them.  I barely know this lovely couple but I can tell that they are so comfortable here! They love the minimal stress, the peaceful location and the intimate setting. I’m so excited for them because they went for it! They decided to make this wedding about them and they are truly having the wedding celebration of their dreams! I can’t wait for Saturday!!!

So speaking of being comfortable and relaxed…you must know that while it’s beautiful here, it’s HOTT! Very HOTT! It’s actually only 89 degrees which isn’t bad compared to the 105 degrees I left behind in VA.  It’s the incredibly thick humidity that hovers over this island that really gets to me!  However, I am learning to embrace the heat, sit under a canopy and do absolutely nothing. If you know me, you know that that is a serious struggle! The thought of not accomplishing anything scares me. I have so much to do this summer! But I’m gradually realizing that taking a break is actually one of the best ways to spur on productivity. Renewing, refreshing and restoring is a must and tomorrow, I’m practicing all three!

So here’s to relaxation, jamaican heat, and my very first international destination wedding!!! The next 72 hours are going to be amazing!

And because you can’t have a great blog post without a picture, check out how this little ringbearer was handling the heat during Anna and Justin’s wedding a of couple weeks ago! Ha! Tanner looked miserably cute!

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