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one thing that photographers, for the most part, really don’t LOVE to do… and that’s get on the other side of the camera!! Every time I have a coaching session and we’re finishing lunch, I announce, “Ok, time for some headshots!” and the girls just give me a look like “Oh no, not that part!”.  No one is excited about the portraits!!! …. And I totally understand why. As photographers, we are SO comfortable BEHIND that camera. The thought of us being in front of a camera ia terrifying!! Oh the irony!! Aren’t we the ones who are suppose to make our clients FEEL amazing during their shoot? And yet we HATE having our own pictures taken?

The BEST thing we can do for out clients is have our own portraits taken. I’m dead serious! I was such a better photographer AFTER my own wedding for so many reasons!!! The main reason was because I finally knew what it felt like to be on the other side! During my coaching sessions, I allow my attendees to similar experience!! They don’t love it at first, but it ends up being so SO beneficial in the long run!!


These amazing ladies did coaching sessions with me in January and I’m so excited to have even more friends in the industry!! I can’t WAIT to see what they accomplish this year with their businesses! Enjoy some of their headshots and have a GREAT Thursday! (More coaching sessions for May-Aug will be announced later this winter).




Elizabeth you’re stunning!!! I would love to have that model face! 

Erin’s joy is contagious!!

Crystal’s blue eyes are unreal!! Love this! 

Stunning Judith!!

Favorite Christy!!

Judith you crack me up!!!

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  1. christy Jewell reply

    Judith, the last one is till making me laugh a week later.

  2. Holly reply

    I know Christy!!!!! You look so beautiful!!! Katelyn – all your mentees have the best outfits! I would need a fashion consultation before a mentoring session. Ha!

  3. Judith reply

    Hahahaha. That last picture was hysterical ^_^
    Thanks for making this so much fun Katelyn <3

  4. molly stillman reply

    LOVE these!! what gorgeous women!

  5. Amanda Truth reply

    I love these posts! They make me all the more SUPER PUMPED for my own coaching session in March!!

  6. Lindsey McClennahan reply

    I think it’s so important to be in front of the camera at times, it makes you a better poser, and teaches you to make people more comfortable! They worked it! Great post!

  7. Brooke reply

    Love these! I am also a photographer and I agree… its hard to be on the other side! Love all your work!! :)

  8. Kim Renee reply

    Love these! I wish you could do long-distance mentoring sessions…all the way in Seattle! :)

  9. Erin Forehand reply

    AHHH! There is something about being on your blog that makes a girl feel like a million bucks!!!! Thanks so much Katelyn. Had such a great time!:)

  10. Emma reply

    What wonderful portraits – so full of life! Brilliant! :)

  11. Becca reply

    I’m drooling over all those gorgeous cameras and lens!!!

  12. caroline reply

    get it, coach K!

  13. Erica C. reply

    I’m curious if these gals have websites. I guess if they comment that’s a way to find ’em, but a bit circuitous. Obviously links aren’t endorsement, but blog posts with all the potential links readers would be curious about makes browsing rabbit trails so much easier.

    Enable the trails!

  14. ashlyn reply

    oh so fun! I want to go on a coaching session with you someday! :)

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