• The Jazz Nativity 2010

first found out that he got the job at Gayton we were both THRILLED.  Absolutely thrilled. We were excited to fall in love with the kids and to get to know their awesome families…we were ready to be a part of a church family again (since we never really found one in college) and I was so excited about the MUSIC! Oh my gosh. The Lord has completely and TOTALLY blessed Gayton with incredible musicians! It’s really unbelievable how much talent is in this body of believers. Crazy! I was blown away our first Sunday when we visited (services at 8:30, 9:45 and 11… hint hint all of your Richmonders that need a Church home! We’re waiting for you!:).  The worship and the music was amazing and I loved it. The musicians here

at Gayton love music but they love people even more and that’s why they gave up so much time and energy to make the JAZZ NATIVITY happen this past weekend.  Our hope as a church family is that by inviting over a thousand people to come through our doors for a jazz concert, we can show them a glimpse of the Father’s joy this Christmas!


It was a night of loud horns, bright lights, Starbucks treats and beautiful music.  Being a part of Jazz Nativity for the first time was such a huge honor and I can’t wait for next year and the many years to come. Michael and I are so thankful to be a part of a church that is doing crazy, cool things for the Lord. If you missed Jazz Nativity this year, be sure to check out the (REALLY ROUGHLY EDITED) highlight video below! For some reason imovie always sucks the quality out of every video file so don’t judge the video OR my solo… thanks:) Merry Christmas everyone!!! Michael and I are heading out to the mall to get our shopping done…. somebody hold me back! This could be dangerous!!!!!!!!




Jazz Nativity Gayton Baptist Church from Katelyn James on Vimeo.

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  1. Kevin reply

    Awesome event by an awesome family of faith. Thanks Gayton for giving us an awesome start to the Christmas season. Great pics KK.

  2. Melissa reply

    Seriously Katelyn…could you be any stinkin’ cuter???…A talented photograper, child of God and a voice fit for the angels. Amazing…xoxoxo Makes me wish I lived in Richmond so I could come to your church.

  3. Meredith Sledge reply

    Ahhh, great pictures. And your voice is honestly incredible!!

  4. ashley barnett reply

    A fantastic photographer with a voice like that?! Katelyn if you’re a dancer you just might be the triple threat haha :) Looks like a beautiful event, I’m glad I wasn’t nearby I would have had a hard time resisting those Starbucks treats!

  5. Jessica Beale reply

    Umm…several things. I heard Katie watching this from across the room and I immediately started imitating your hand/body movements while singing. Some things will never change. Secondly, the precious little boy singing Dave Barnes….can he be my friend?! I love you and love how God is using you and Michael at Gayton! Can’t wait to see you over Christmas!!! Miss you both!

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