• Jeff + Lauren | Part I

I’ve taken a poll today to see what people think when I post “Part I”‘s and “Part II”‘s.  The consensus is that the more pictures, the better! So guess what! Jeff and Lauren have a Part I and Part II kind of wedding!  It’s amazing how well weddings can go when there are torrential downpours! I could hear the rain pounding against the windows while we were in the ceremony and I just prayed “Dear God, Jeff and Lauren are gorgeous, they need gorgeous portraits… just ten minutes, I can make it happen. Really, just ten minutes without rain! – Thanks!”  The ceremony and family portraits ended and as we walked toward the door we saw a glimpse of sun! Hallelujuah! The rain stopped for about 10 minutes and we managed to bust through the bridal party portraits just before the heavens let loose again!

Needless to say it wasn’t the easiest wedding to shoot but it definitely made the “Favorites” list! Just wait until you see the colors of part II!  I would be correct in saying that literally EVERYTHING matched and made this the ultimate “Fall” wedding. Seriously, I’m thinking it deserves a special little place on the or Southern Weddings! The colors were absolutely gorgeous! Everything worked together. From the front doors of the church to the autumn leaves, it all flowed perfectly….almost as if Lauren had special ordered it!

Enjoy “Part I” and don’t you dare miss “Part II”…. it’s even better!

How could anyone not love these!? Aren’t they gorgeous!

She’s an Inspired Designs Bride… I’m proud.

During the ceremony… I think he has a thing for her:)

Lauren, you’re beautiful.

Could the color really get better than this?! Yes, yes it does! Stay tuned for Part II… Here’s a sneak peek of the location!

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  1. Stephen reply

    Wow i can’t believe I’m the first one. I do love fall and the last picture is perfect. Looking forward to part 2.

  2. britney reply

    love the detail pics… and the umbrella is cute! looks like it was a great wedding

  3. Catie reply

    oh dear goodness KK, so so so beautiful, i can’t wait for part 2!!!! :)

  4. Leslie reply

    well i finally get to see these.

  5. Mo reply

    These are beautiful! Awesome job KK!

  6. Michael reply

    So Good…Im pretty sure your becoming a rain wedding expert.

  7. Alicia V reply

    Katelyn these are georgous!! (I knew they would be.) Can’t wait for part 2!

  8. Anna reply

    Yay! I’ve been waiting like a whole year now to see these and they are amazing! I can’t wait for part II and I’m also glad that you’re becoming the expert at rainy weddings. Justin is a little concerned we are going to get rained on :)

  9. Clare Brown reply

    Good gracious! These are fantastic!

  10. emy reply

    So good!!!! post part two NOW!!! =) =) I love you and I think you’re fabulous!!!

  11. Mandy reply

    KK oh my gosh these are absolutely gorgeous! The colors are stunning and you definitely captured some precious moments between the bride and the groom! Another great one…good work :)

  12. caroline reply

    ooohhh yeeeaaaaaahhh. just look at those colors. you’re getting good at these rainy weddings kk :)

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