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I didn’t get the pleasure of shooting Jeff and Lauren’s engagement photos and normally that makes me a little nervous.  It can be a little overwhelming for the couple’s first time in front of the camera to be on their wedding day! However, having a couple as good looking and easy going as Jeff and Lauren….there were no worries. Not only were they unbelievably photogenic, they had the best attitudes about the rain and I firmly believe they have gorgeous portraits because of it! They are an incredible couple and their love for each other radiates through all of their interactions. If you take a peek at Part I, you will see an image of Jeff glancing over at his bride during the ceremony.  That picture pretty much sums up their relationship. They are best friends, soul mates and now husband and wife! Congratulations you two and I can’t tell you how privileged I was to be a part of  your day! Thank you and have a blast in Italy!


Also, a very special thanks to Jessie Smith who was my life saver the whole day! She was MY second shooter! Mine! Crazy. For those of you who don’t know, my very first wedding photography experience was all because of Jessie. She got me started into this crazy industry and  I couldn’t thank her more for pushing me to “just give it a try”! I am definitely still “trying” phase. I learn so much every time I shoot! I love trying new things and keeping it fresh.  The most valuable nugget of knowledge I took away from Lauren and Jeff’s wedding is how awesome it is to have a someone snapping along  side of you!  There were many moments during the day when I wondered, “how do I do this by myself!?”.  Jessie was such a godsend during this wedding because it literally poured on and off and she makes a great umbrella holder! She also had some awesome shots! PLEASE – Check them here!


Love the lines!


Hello! Look at those colors?!


So classy.


Canvas?! I can see it now! …. a 20×30 over the fireplace? I think so! Beautiful.



Jeff is a DJ and so the reception was top notch. The lighting was just amazing!


Details were amazing! Notice the tea-lite twinkle on the tables.. it totally changes the whole look!


I might just have a new favorite cake picture!


Reception was held at the University of Mary Washington’s Jepson Alumni Center



Did you love them?! Let me know! Comments welcome!

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  1. Kevin S: ( )

    I’m feelin’ the fall colors! oh and I love the 5th and 6th ones down from the top. it looks like you could find them in a magazine or something. awesome KK!

  2. Leslie: ( )

    top 3 favorite weddings.

  3. britney: ( )

    love it… especially the canvas picture. beautiful! job well done :)

  4. Melody: ( )

    Wowza! They are all so good…the colors are so rich…and as usual you have a keen eye for detail and design of the photo…

  5. Michael: ( )

    Man these are good. Makes me excited about getting married in Oct. I am serious about the best weddings are on rainy days

  6. Mo: ( )

    the fall colors in this were amazing! great job KK! Speaking of fall weddings… yayy!!!

  7. caroline: ( )

    yay!!! looooove it! the colors are something! and I like the reception shots – gives a taste for the whole wedding :) you’re awesome!!!

  8. Cati: ( )

    New FAVORITE!! rain and fall….two of my favorite things!!! :)

  9. Julianna: ( )

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! What a phenomenally gorgeous wedding!! Great Job Katelyn!!!!!

  10. emy: ( )

    KK YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!! This is definitely one of the best weddings you have ever done!!! I Love all the colors and I love YOU!!!!!

  11. Mandy: ( )

    KK!!! This is definitely one of my favorite weddings! I can’t believe these turned out so well in the rain! Who would’ve thought…I love the colors and the twirling picture and the dipping picture with the city in the background and the twigs at the reception…basically this whole blog post is full of money pics. You always blow me away with your skills! (P.S. I can’t wait for YOUR fall wedding too!!!) Love you

  12. Catie: ( )

    can i just say i got chills looking at these pictures! such a cute couple, great colors and an amazing photographer to capture it all!!! :)

  13. Jennifer: ( )

    you’re so talented and have great perspective! these couples are so lucky to have such great photos of their wedding :)

  14. Chloe: ( )

    definitely one of my favorites!!!! they’re gorgeous pictures!!!!

  15. Mareike: ( )

    Absolutely stunning, what else could I say??!! Amazing pictures and such a cute couple!

  16. Anna: ( )

    Yay! They are amazing, KK! Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less :) And you did have one gorgeous couple to work with!

  17. Connie Beth: ( )

    Katelyn, I’m pretty sure these are some of my favorite photos I’ve ever seen from you. They are SO beautiful. The fall leaves really enhance everything too! LOVE IT!

  18. josh: ( )

    yeah i think these are my new favorites.

  19. Melissa: ( )

    Katelyn!!! FANTASTIC!

  20. Jess Mosley: ( )

    These are GAAAAAORGEOUS Katelyn! I might order a canvas from this one myself. And I don’t know these people. My fave is the first fountain shot. Congrats Jeff & Lauren!

  21. caroline: ( )

    did i comment already? i dont know! either way i wanted to make the scroll bar thing smaller – you’ve gotten a lot of comments!! yay! and these are awesome

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  23. Diana Cox: ( )

    Katelyn, this wedding is my favorite!! I saw the pictures when you first posted them, but I love them so much that I had to show them to my mom. I am totally stealing their colors when I get married!

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