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This really should be a “good things” post because that’s how awesome Jimmy Needham is!   He’s an incredible musician that I have come to LOVE this past year.  Maybe “Love” isn’t strong enough…”Obsessed” may more accurate!  He’s incredible! His voice, his lyrics, his music in general is so unique and I love it!

A few of us traveled down to Raleigh to see him play and oh man, it was so good! and of course I took some pics! Well a couple weeks following the concert Michael called me and said to “Get on facebook and look at Jimmy’s profile picture!”  I squealed when I saw that it was one that I had taken! It has probably changed since then but for a several weeks…It made me so so happy whenever I saw it!

Please notice that there is only ONE unread inbox!


He’s awesome! Check out his site and his music on itunes!

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  1. Anna reply

    I don’t really have much to say… I just wanted to beat Michael at commenting :) But yes, Jimmy is amazing :)

  2. jenifriend reply

    beautifully lit shots!!

  3. Jessica reply

    So, if Anna had a blog she could post about your blog and how she is obsessed with you. :D Just kidding. That was a fun trip…you forgot to put on there how me and you pulled off surprising Michael!!! :D And my FB pic is the one you took of Jimmy and I too. You’re amazing KK. And your camera has been AMAZING so far in the Bahamas!!! Can’t wait to make you proud with my pictures!!! Miss you!

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