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  • Joe + Emily | Part 4

you think you’ve seen the last of my sister’s wedding posts…. I surprise you with one more!!! :) Seriously, I should pay my sister and new brother in law for giving me so much fun blog content this wedding season! It has been so much fun being a part of this exciting season of their life! Now if I had to list ONE thing from my own wedding day that I wish I had done differently, it would have been to hire a videographer. I should have invested in that… what was I thinking?! Thankfully a sweet friend of ours took clips on my old Mark II and we do have a handmade film that means the world to me!!!!

So when Joe proposed, the first thing I told Emy was that no matter what, she was having a videographer!!! We were SO relieved to find out that Jeremy and Ashley were available for their date. Joe and Emy planned a wedding in six months and so our fingers were crossed that we could find awesome vendors! Thankfully, The Mitchells were available and totally on board! (Ps. If you’re not already a fan of theirs, you should be!!:) When they arrived on the wedding day, it felt like a little family reunion!! It was so much fun having so many industry friends surrounding us on this amazing day!! Jeremy, Ashley and Nick were so professional, personable and discreet… three key traits of amazing videographers! We adore them and words can’t explain how thankful we are for their hard work!! The highlight film is beautiful and brings back such sweet memories!! I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this!!! Enjoy!!! And grab some tissues!!!!


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  1. Brenda James reply

    KK and Michael, thank you for recommending Jeremy and Ashley, and for making this happen. It’s beautiful! It’s like reliving the day all over again.

  2. Sabrina reply

    Ah!! It’s amazing! But I didn’t go get that tissue like you said… not my shirt is wet from tears! We had our ceremony videoed but I wish we’d gotten the whole day too. I’m so glad the Mitchells could be there for you guys and I’m so thankful my husband does this too! What a treasure for couples to have!

  3. Lauren Hooker reply

    Wow! What a beautiful video. I don’t think I had a dry eye through the entire thing. Your family is precious – what a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Amanda Veronee (Anthomanic) reply

    I love how the video is so FULL of prayer :)

  5. Lauren reply

    Oh my goodness! You were definitely right when you said grab tissues!! That video was amazing and I totally cried through the whole thing! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!

  6. cOLLEEN dELANEY reply

    ahhh i contacted them earlier this week and they are already booked for my day! The search continues! :)

  7. Kristina W. reply

    Oh tears! What a beautiful video!!!! I’m so happy for Emy and Joe!

  8. Rici reply

    OMG! I love it! I love that you can listen to their voices and hear how they speak prayers together! Sooo incredibly beautiful! <3 And to see your Dad speak, Katelyn! How great is that?!?! And then of course, to see you in FRONT of the camera. Thank you so much for sharing. It touched me!!!

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