Meet Julianna | Fastest Session Ever!

Newport News Portrait Photographer

You know I’m working fast when I forget that I took certain pictures. These few shots were done at the tail end of the girl’s roommate session.  Basically, Julianna has a cute hat and whenever there are cute hats, there must be picture! So we did a mini-session in about 3 and a half minutes! Enjoy!


and Julianna I’m so sorry I forgot these in the earlier post! But here they are!!

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  1. em: ( )

    Oh my gosh.. these are SO cute!! The black and white one is my favorite!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. caroline: ( )

    cuuuuute. i mean hottyyyyyyy :) hahahaha love it!!!

  3. Girish: ( )

    3 1/2 minutes…must say wonderful shots. Really.

    She is pretty, hat is pretty and her eyes are very beautiful :)

    Great shots. Really.

    Could you please share at what iso, f-stop, shutter speed and lens did you take them.

  4. Alex: ( )

    i can’t decide which one is my favorite! they are all so beautiful. where did you find this model?

  5. Maria: ( )

    My favorite one would have to be the very last one! But of course, I love them all!

  6. Michael: ( )

    yEAH Girl!!! These are awesome. Let us know when the wedding is so we can get it on the books.

  7. anne taylor: ( )

    love love love!!! they are so fun! way to go katelyn & julianna:) ps the teal is so cute!

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