Justin + Jess | Part I

Boiling Springs North Carolina Wedding Photographer

You know this must be an awesome wedding when you see the subtitle “Part 1″.  Clearly, Part 2 is on it’s way very soon!


Michael met Justin during his year of living in North Carolina.  He was actually one of the first people we met when we visited and what a perfect first impression he gave! He dropped everything he was doing, we jumped in his jeep and he gave us a tour of all of Boiling Springs! Now Boiling Springs is literally a one stop light town, and while the tour was short lived, Justin’s smile and willingness to welcome us made a lasting impression.  Because Michael became close friends with Jess and Justin during his year at CDH, I gradually came to know and love them.  I would occasionally see them on visits here and there but I really got to experience hanging out with them during their engagement session last spring! Oh man! How I loved that session!


Naturally, their wedding was amazing as well. Despite the constant drizzle and random downpours, we made it work!  Rain can be the most intimidating thing to a photographer, especially when you are working with a super fun bridal party of 16! Luckily the church had a large covered porch and walkway that we made work.  It was a challenge at times but challenges sometimes lead to awesome, creative shots because I have to work extra hard to make it look cool! So enjoy the PART 1 of Justin and Jess’s big day and you better check back soon to see their portraits!


Of course, they both wore Toms!




No I didn’t make some random bridesmaid and groomsmen kiss! They’re married and Jess did such a sweet job coordinating the bridal party attire I couldn’t resist doing a quick detail shot!


Love the colors!


Jess, you’re a gorgeous bride!


Justin met Jess at the end of the aisle and walked her up to the altar:)


So….this isn’t necessarily an “Inspired Designs” style of image… BUT, I have realized that sometimes there are moments where you just need to capture the moment and there is no time for adjusting aperture settings! This was a really quick shot of the two of them immediately after they exited the ceremony! Husband and Wife!! ah!


A few more…. I LOVE secretly capturing moments like these! They’re so real!


I told you guys we could squeeze the steeple in there!



Justin and Jess’s portraits are coming next! Along with a slideshow! Get excited!

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  1. Casey: ( )

    katelyn, these are SO GOOD! i can’t wait to see part 2 :)

  2. Alison: ( )

    once again, a gorgeous wedding :) love the one of them right after the ceremony..you can’t fake shots like that.

  3. michael: ( )

    Finally…I know there are alot of people waiting to see these…thanks for getting them done so fast…even though that means skipping class and working on them during class. You are amazing…and Jess and Justin are pretty amazing too!!!

  4. Karin Dowling: ( )

    Their engagement session has always been one of my favorites. These are so great!

  5. Lauryn: ( )

    yayyyy i love the steeple picture!

  6. Susan Brock: ( )

    Katlyn – Beautiful!!!! All of our family can’t wait to see all the pictures. It was such a pleasure to watch you take the pictures on Saturday! Justin and Jess are two beautiful subjects to work with. Thank you for making it such a wonderful day!

  7. Ryan Shaughnessy: ( )

    That is like….a professional bridal party. Love the shots, especially the one with the steeple!

  8. Catie: ( )

    i love those pictures! lots of maids of honor. amazing job once again!

  9. Tira J: ( )

    Beautiful images Katelyn! I distinctly remember their engagement session and was wondering when they were getting married. I love all of the images and can’t wait to see Part 2.

  10. Lauren Biggs: ( )


  11. Leslie: ( )

    1. they were my favorite engagement session, and i love these, i think they like each other alot.
    2. obviously love the toms
    3. i like the bridesmaids dresses alot.
    4. i like the ring pic, you prob do too since its teal tiles
    5. the 3 like candid ones are my favorite, like theyre so adorable i love it.
    6. youre really good at taking pictures.

  12. Michael: ( )

    Zach and Jeff in the last one are amazing. It looks like Jeff is trying to eat the flowers

  13. Anna: ( )

    Yay! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Not that this should be any surprise since everyone else has already said it, but their engagement session was definitely my favorite :)

  14. Kyle Wilkinson: ( )

    ahhh so good. I love the tom’s pictures.

  15. Katie Smith: ( )

    Katelyn, SO GOOD! You captured everything :-)

  16. Cathy Dickson: ( )

    I love all the wedding pictures so far. I can’t wait to see the rest. Way to go!

  17. Sarah Hayes: ( )

    that dress is amazing!

  18. Kari Mader: ( )

    gosh, these are amazing!

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