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Feb 24th Justin and Mary Marantz will be presenting “How to Be a Rainmaker”  at 9am at WPPI! ….. and I’m going to be there! (as long as I can get my iced caramel macchiato beforehand…which, if you’ve ever been to WPPI, you would know that you have to get in the Starbucks line reaaaallll early!). Justin and Mary have been on my “Blogs to check daily” list for years….well 2 to be exact. I started following them when I started this crazy business and I’ve had to privilege to attend their Spread the Love Tour and meet them in person. This couple constantly amazes me with their willingness to share and teach others! Between Justin’s camera-genius skills

and Mary’s infectious personality and business smarts, these two were made for this job. They compliment each other so perfectly and I was so happy for them when they were asked to speak at WPPI last year!! They rocked it and if you’re going to be in Vegas this year….you BETTER be at “How to Be a Rainmaker” at 9am on Thursday! (….that last line almost sounded like a threat!)


So this year Justin and Mary have decided to host a WPPI Shoot Out…… ummmm HELLO! Sign me up!! …… but in true J&M fashion…. this Shoot Out involves a contest (those two love them some contests!).  I needed to make a video, post it on my blog and explain to them ALL the reasons why I want to be a part of this shoot out.  One problem with this….. I haven’t been able to BREATH out of my nose for 3 days! Yes, it’s gross and disgusting but it’s the truth. I’m dealing with the Cold of all colds this week and whenever I talk, I sound like a man. My voice is low, my eyes are puffy and I look like I have just been hit by a Mack truck! …… So…..I panicked…. and then I got a little creative. Since there was NO way that I was going to be seen in this condition on the internet… maybe I could make my handsome, well spoken husband to do this for me!! After begging and pleading with him….. he said yes.


So J&M, Michael and I think you two are a spectacular couple, incredible business partners and amazing photographers…..however, I think the best thing that I personally can learn from you is to have a giving heart. Sure, you have a ton of sweet camera skills that I wouldn’t mind watching in action but what I admire most about you two is your desire and passion for helping others. I can honestly say that sometimes I struggle with having a desire to always help other people. Your ability to give and give and give says so much about who you are and where your heart is. I would be honored to spend an early morning with you two and 19 other fabulous photographers……..(ps. can Michael tag along and be my bag carrier?!)

Thank you! ps. What little bit you can hear me on the video… I sound like a crazy woman…. I’ve been on dayquil for 3 days….don’t judge.

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  1. michael reply

    Uh THa tha tha that that I love em.

  2. admin reply

    @michael ….stop making fun of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Heather reply

    Too Cute! Such a Good Hubby!

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  5. sharon reply

    hahahaha… i love the beginning!

  6. Becca reply

    too cute!! Hope you all win! Adorable video entry!!

  7. j gar reply

    best. post. ever. love the spotlight. i wish he still had the high school highlights. it would have accentuated them nicely. very professionally done. glad to see the practice before hand paid off. wooooo vegas!!!

  8. Isabel reply

    HA! So stinkin’ cute! One can TOTALLY sense your excitement as the camera shakes from side to side and you remind Michael that you *heart* them! I hope you get in…and I hope to meet you at WPPI!

  9. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Adorable!!! I hope you win a spot!! Good luck!!

  10. Alex reply

    haha love it!

  11. em scott reply

    I hope we both win!! I would love to get to spend the morning with you twoo cute kids.

  12. Catie Ronquillo reply

    Congrats! I’ll be at the shootout too! Can’t wait to meet you :)

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