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Historic Kinloch, VA Wedding
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Growing up

…It’s a strange thing. It is. Getting engaged and planning a wedding seems weird but yet so natural. It’s the next step for us and it’s exciting! However, for some reason, while I’ve been planning and preparing to move on to that next step, I think a lot about the past.  In fact, just the other night, Momma and I were talking about some of the crazy things we used to do when we were younger.  It was perfectly normal to have the Beale kids over to the house to play and then wind up playing in the creek all day.  It’s just what kids do in the country! Another thing that kids do in the country is that they get really close to the families and friends that live near them! For us, this was the Beale family!



Since before I can remember, our family has had a special friendship with the Beales. They were like cousins to us and still are! We’ve grown up together, vacationed together, seen the world together, served together and now, we’ve celebrated the start of an amazing new marriage together! It’s an awesome feeling to have friends that you are so close to that they literally feel like family. This is why it was such an honor to shoot Justin and Anna’s wedding. Anna is the oldest of the Beale girls and I’ve known her my entire life! We all knew when Justin came home with her from Minnesota that he was the one and we were thrilled! I’ve always been excited for them but I can’t tell you how happy/emotional I was at their ceremony!! I was a mess! I guess the combination of being lifelong friends and Anna meeting her perfect match just overwhelmed me with emotion!


Their day was beautiful! ….HOTT!… but beautiful! All of their family and friends came together to celebrate… all the way from Minnesota! It was such a privilege to capture the joy and excitement of the day for Justin and Anna! After all the free advertising and word-of-mouth marketing that Anna Beale has done for my business, this is the least I could do! Justin and Anna I love you to pieces! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your big day!!!!

Couldn’t decide on a shoe shot I liked the most so you can pick which one is better!

Bling! Bling! Did I mention I got a new macro lens?! Oh how have I survived without this thing!

The “First Look”! I cried and cried! It’s a miracle the pictures aren’t blurry!


A favorite!!!

It’s going to seem weird… but I’m proud of this shot. Yes. I know their heads are cut off, but it shows the wedding attire detail and I love it!

Did I mention that these are ALL done before the ceremony?! Talk about a time saver! It made the day run so much smoother!!

Gotta love that willow tree! Canvas anyone?!

A little something different…

Sure wish the bridal party had some energy…. ha!

hahaha! Gotta’ love little Tanner:)

Don’t you love their hairpieces!?!

Ceremony time!

How amazing is this fruit display?!! Wow!!!

So we took another 15-20 minutes during the reception to take some extra portrait shots! Yesssss.

They ended the day with some famous Carl’s ice cream!!! Perfect!

CLICK HERE to see even MORE images of Justin and Anna’s big day on their SLIDESHOW!

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  1. Meagan: ( )

    Beautiful pictures! I wish you two much happiness! You look wonderful together!

  2. Lisa Ingram: ( )

    Hey Missy, These pictures are beautiful and so you. . You looked absouletly amazing. The Ice cream ones are my favorite :) LoVe Ya!

  3. Joanna: ( )

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Shanoa: ( )


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