Justin + Anna

Historic Kinloch, VA Wedding
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Growing up

…It’s a strange thing. It is. Getting engaged and planning a wedding seems weird but yet so natural. It’s the next step for us and it’s exciting! However, for some reason, while I’ve been planning and preparing to move on to that next step, I think a lot about the past.  In fact, just the other night, Momma and I were talking about some of the crazy things we used to do when we were younger.  It was perfectly normal to have the Beale kids over to the house to play and then wind up playing in the creek all day.  It’s just what kids do in the country! Another thing that kids do in the country is that they get really close to the families and friends that live near them! For us, this was the Beale family!



Since before I can remember, our family has had a special friendship with the Beales. They were like cousins to us and still are! We’ve grown up together, vacationed together, seen the world together, served together and now, we’ve celebrated the start of an amazing new marriage together! It’s an awesome feeling to have friends that you are so close to that they literally feel like family. This is why it was such an honor to shoot Justin and Anna’s wedding. Anna is the oldest of the Beale girls and I’ve known her my entire life! We all knew when Justin came home with her from Minnesota that he was the one and we were thrilled! I’ve always been excited for them but I can’t tell you how happy/emotional I was at their ceremony!! I was a mess! I guess the combination of being lifelong friends and Anna meeting her perfect match just overwhelmed me with emotion!


Their day was beautiful! ….HOTT!… but beautiful! All of their family and friends came together to celebrate… all the way from Minnesota! It was such a privilege to capture the joy and excitement of the day for Justin and Anna! After all the free advertising and word-of-mouth marketing that Anna Beale has done for my business, this is the least I could do! Justin and Anna I love you to pieces! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your big day!!!!

Couldn’t decide on a shoe shot I liked the most so you can pick which one is better!

Bling! Bling! Did I mention I got a new macro lens?! Oh how have I survived without this thing!

The “First Look”! I cried and cried! It’s a miracle the pictures aren’t blurry!


A favorite!!!

It’s going to seem weird… but I’m proud of this shot. Yes. I know their heads are cut off, but it shows the wedding attire detail and I love it!

Did I mention that these are ALL done before the ceremony?! Talk about a time saver! It made the day run so much smoother!!

Gotta love that willow tree! Canvas anyone?!

A little something different…

Sure wish the bridal party had some energy…. ha!

hahaha! Gotta’ love little Tanner:)

Don’t you love their hairpieces!?!

Ceremony time!

How amazing is this fruit display?!! Wow!!!

So we took another 15-20 minutes during the reception to take some extra portrait shots! Yesssss.

They ended the day with some famous Carl’s ice cream!!! Perfect!

CLICK HERE to see even MORE images of Justin and Anna’s big day on their SLIDESHOW!

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  1. Mrs. Burke: ( )

    You are AWESOME! I couldn’t have imagined anyone else shooting our wedding. These are PERFECT! Love you, KK! PS-I woke up an hour early this morning to check the blog and look at everything before work :)

  2. Jan: ( )

    Thank you KK! These are beautiful!

  3. Julie: ( )

    Katelyn-WOW!!! What amazing pictures. Since I couldn’t make it to the wedding, the pictures are all I had to look at. They made me feel like I was there. Anna & Justin-you had a beautiful wedding and you can see the love on your faces. Congrats and may you have a long and blessed life together. I still want to see the video.

  4. Alicia V: ( )

    These are SO incredibly amazing! I especially love the Carl’s shots. Anna you are simply stunning! Katelyn you are so lovely and so talented!

  5. Michael: ( )

    So out of the 64 PICTURES!! I can not decide which on is my favorite. I really like the black and white one where she is sitting down, and all serious like. and of course any shot with reed, meleah, tanner, and trevor.

  6. Sandy H.: ( )

    Amazing job Katelyn! I got a little teary too with the “first look” photo. Great job catching the emotion of that moment! Beautiful couple, may they have a lifetime of happiness!

  7. Allison: ( )

    I swear each post you absolutely knock my socks off!! You are so talented and I’m so happy that I blog stalk you! ;)

    p.s. All these shots are amazing. You are so amazingly talented in capturing the emotion from the day. On another note, both shoe shots are awesome, but I think the second shoe shot is my favorite.

    Keep rockin’ on!!!

  8. Amy P: ( )

    The whole shoot made me cry too much. The “first look” about sent me over to the box of tissues. I’ve known the Beales since forever too and seeing Anna grown into such a beautiful bride brings such joy to my heart. You did (as usual) a spectacular job catching the moments!

  9. Christie Hall: ( )

    Wow! Katelyn, these photos are exquisite! How beautiful and what a blessing to capture such love!

  10. sharon: ( )

    gosh katelyn – you are FANTASTIC.. and i LOVE their arbor!!! maybe you could do a wedding wednesday on arbors (just sayin) :-D

  11. Granny Cleek: ( )

    Katelyn, I know where your name “Inspired Design” comes from as you are truly inspired to do what you do. These pictures are awesome / AMAZING. I was sorry I didn’t get to “see” Justin’s face when he first saw Anna (since you took pics before the actual ceremony) but I think you captured everything perfectly. You have received a huge blessing / gift from Above and you are definitely giving back. Thank you so much for a job that is better than “well done” (thy good and faithful servant).

  12. Spring: ( )

    The ice cream shots are the best but that might by my personal addiction to ice cream talking. I also love the shot where he is standing she is sitting and they are holding hands… I just love the feel of that one, no matter what level they are on they are connected.

  13. Sara: ( )

    KK, these are phenomenal! What a blessing to shoot such a close friend’s wedding…so awesome! I love the colors and the light, and especially love CARL’S!! SO YUMMY!! :)

  14. Sara Frazier: ( )

    Wow! I mean WOW! Katelyn, these are amazingly beautiful. You have a goregeous eye for photos and they were blessed to have you take their picture on that amazing day. It helps that the bride and groom are beautiful to begin with but you definitely intensified it!!

  15. Brittany: ( )

    These are GORGEOUS!!! Amazing location, gorgeous subjects! LOVE the willow tree shot!!!!

  16. Velma & Lee-Roy harding: ( )

    Anna & Justin thank you so much for sharing your wedding pictures with us. The happiness that was there with the two of you came from Him I am sure.

    God bless and keep you both you all of you days together and may the be many.

  17. Velma & Lee-Roy harding: ( )

    Anna & Justin thank you so much for sharing your wedding pictures with us. The happiness that was there with the two of you came from Him I am sure.

    God bless and keep you both you all of you days together and may the be many.

    PS I am anxious to see a picture of Granny in her finery and her new hair cut. Please send one to us, she never likes having her picture made or to share one when she does. Thanks

  18. josh: ( )

    haha this is going to be long, so i’m gonna have to make bullet points.
    1. no one is surprised that you are proud of a shot where their heads are cut off because we all know you secretly love those shots (me too)
    2. the willow tree is like signature Katelyn James
    3. you just made this huge change to Katelyn James photography but your name is going to change in like 4 months
    4. the little kids in suits are pretty much the cutest ever
    5. is there anything classier than a suit with flip flops? I think not.
    6. the last one is awesome. its almost like something straight from the 50’s haha
    ok i have said all that i want to say.

  19. Amanda H: ( )

    Woow! they had some great light that day!! they’re awesome KK!!

  20. Simply Natural Photography: ( )

    These are so lovely!!! Really great work!

  21. Kristina N.: ( )

    My favorite photos are the ones with the golden grass and trees in the same shot! And I like the first shoe shot the best. :)

  22. Ashley: ( )

    Beautiful images! I have been following you for awhile and just now decided to comment. I am just starting out in my venture of becoming a photographer and just graduated with my degree in communications as well. So I would say you are a bit of an inspiration as to where a little time and following my heart can lead me.

    P.S. My vote is for the shoes on the chair

  23. Charity DellaCamera: ( )

    Okay Anna…1. I can’t believe it took me so long to post. 2. You looked STUNNING!!! 3. The first look picture when you were walking towards him made me tear up.4. The willow tree picture.. can IIII buy a canvas of :) You look amazing, I want to get married again ! Your pictures came out amazing but of course with Katelyn taking the pictures what else would come out besides perfection! :) Congratulations beautiful lady!

  24. Stephanie S.: ( )

    Katelyn – I haven’t met you, but you have changed my view on “the first look”! I LOVED all of these photos, but the first look photos were PRECIOUS!!!

    Anna, you are beautiful and these pictures brought me to tears. Congratulations AGAIN. :)

  25. Mallory: ( )

    Love the pictures! Anna was my track leader on my very first MFUGE trip to Charleston, SC. So good to see she’s happy and doing well! :)

  26. britney: ( )

    wow kk! love the ice cream shot – they’re so cute. and you always get great outdoor shots. plus i saw quite a few pics with pretty blue sky and pretty green grass! its hard to get both so u must just be amazing.

  27. Girish: ( )

    Wonderful. Such variety.

  28. Cait: ( )

    Katelyn these are amazing – I just LOVE these!!!! What an awesome job!

  29. Naomi Figueroa: ( )

    Wow, I love these shots, and I LOVE her dress, and I love being from the country, too! :) Umm, where do I start? I think I like the 2nd shoe shot best–it really fits in with the style of the whole wedding. The first look shots are so beautiful–I especially love file #5729 with all the tree detail. Just wondering if you used any fill flash in any of those where the sky is really bright, or if you just exposed for the couple…it doesn’t look like there’s flash, but just wondering. Oh, and what macro lens did you get? I’m thinking about a macro for my next one.
    And LOVE the last shot, too! They are all amazing.
    Love reading your blog. Keep it up.

  30. kristen b: ( )

    amazing as always.

  31. Britne: ( )

    You are Fabulous!!! These are amazing, and i adore them!

  32. tabatha lewis: ( )

    Your pics are great Anna!!!!!!! im jealous she is already booked and I can’t have her as my photographer next year too!!!!
    You’re a beautiful bride!!!!!

  33. Donna Buhrman: ( )

    You are a very creative photographer. I love the natural shots in the woods and grasses. You captured many details and emotions of the day.

  34. Paige West: ( )

    I just love the picture of Anna & Justin surrounded by their wedding party jumping for joy…brillant. All the pictures are so beautiful. Oh gosh, I’m going to cry….again.

  35. Katie: ( )

    love the cluster of pictures at the top of each post! and I love these pictures because I’m in them :) just kidding… not really. but for real, these are wonderful! thanks again for everything you do! :D

  36. Caroline: ( )

    speechless. LOVE IT. p.s. this new blog is fancy!!

  37. Hope Stiles: ( )

    The pictures are gorgeous! I like the shoes hanging from the chair the best and still can’t get over how awesome the pictures are with a 1 person photography crew. You rock.

  38. Julie: ( )

    WOW!!! The pictures are truly amazing. You did an awesome job as usual. Anna & Justin-congrats again and I have seen ALL of the other 1400+ pictures. They are all amazing. Love you both.

  39. Corinne: ( )

    Beautiful!! Too bad the flask pictures didn’t make it…just kidding! Wonderful job!

  40. Alice Owens: ( )

    Awesome!! Absolutely Georgeous! Awesome work as always, Katelyn!!

  41. Amanda Mhanna: ( )

    The pictures are amazing… So beautiful and I just love the poses! Just amazing pictures!

  42. Meghan: ( )

    The pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Katelyn, you truly have an amazing talent!!!!! I’m so honored I was able to be a part of such a special, beautiful day!!!!!! Congratulations again BESTEST and Justin!!!! Love you both!!!!!!!

  43. Barbara Denton: ( )

    The pictures were wonderful and so “out of the box”. I have never seen such beautiful and different views for wedding pictures. Oh course, the bride and groom are gorgeous!

  44. Tracy: ( )

    Katelyn, beautiful!! You’ve heard this before but you’re a true artist. However, your subjects are also quite fabulous!! :) Beautiful shots of beautiful memories! Great job!

  45. Sandi Bosha: ( )

    Love your work-have kept the link and shared with other friends. Keep your original “eye.”

  46. stephanie Matus: ( )


  47. Erika: ( )

    I love all of the pics…but the Carl’s pics look like an advertisement in a mag. Awesome!

  48. Julia Gulley: ( )

    Great photographs. A friend sent me this link and I was absolutely blown away. I especially loved the composition on the photos taken by the dirt road, and the ones by the willow, but all of them are great.

  49. Hairpieces! « Katelyn James Photography: ( )

    […] Anna had hairpieces for some of her bridal party and I LOVED these little things! […]

  50. Sally Hahn: ( )

    Anna and Justin-
    Love the pictures. It was so awesome to be there. Not a lot of Minnesotans but I now a Virginian! Miss you and wish you the best.

  51. Julie: ( )

    Awesome pictures. Katelyn you do amazing work. Anna and Justin-congrats.

  52. Kelley: ( )


  53. Shelby: ( )

    These are stinkin’ awesome pictures.

  54. Betsy: ( )

    Awwww…….this wedding looks beautiful. ( :

  55. Kate D.: ( )

    your work is amazing!

  56. Michael: ( )

    Great pictures. Congrats to the new married couple. May God bless your marriage.

  57. Stephanie: ( )

    Anna…this comment is for you :) Stunning photos & a gorgeous bride!

  58. Lauren: ( )

    I thought the engagement pictures were wonderful, but these wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Anji: ( )

    What a beautiful bride =)

  60. Courtney: ( )

    All of these pictures are wonderful. If I had to choose my favorite one though, I would go with the one that showed the “First Look.” That just made my heart melt. What a precious couple.

  61. Jessi: ( )

    Awwww……..the little boys look so cute. The Rainbows make their outfit. So cute.

  62. Suzanne Hines: ( )

    Katelynn, your creative eye, and amazing artistic ability captured Anna and Justin’s love perfectly! I LOVE the pic w/ the ice-cream cones. These pictures will forever capture the day that they said, “I do!”

  63. Grandma: ( )

    Beautiful pictures!

  64. Jen: ( )

    The pictures are gorgeous! So happy for you two!

  65. Holly G.: ( )

    I’m getting married soon and seeing these pictures makes me even more excited for my wedding day. These are some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen.

  66. Jennifer: ( )

    B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!!! :) :) :)

  67. Bo: ( )

    these pics are good

  68. Megan: ( )

    Ahhhhhhhh! These pictures are so freakin amazing. I’m so happy for you two! The dress is beautiful.

  69. Haley Goodell: ( )

    This looks like it was such a beautiful wedding. The couple looks very happy.

  70. Tesha: ( )

    I <3 them! (:

  71. Kasey: ( )

    What a beautiful wedding–it looks perfect.

  72. Kimberly: ( )

    so cute.

  73. Ryan Abell: ( )

    These pictures are really cool.

  74. Caitlin: ( )

    This wedding looks lovely! I only wish the best for you two!

  75. Bobbi :): ( )


  76. Rachel Bauer: ( )

    wow…the willow tree pics are amazing. LOVE how natural all of these are. Very relaxed, not posed at all. great memories here!

  77. Stuart: ( )

    congratulations guys! the pics look great!

  78. Hannah: ( )

    Congratulations Anna and Justin!!!!!!

  79. Eileen: ( )

    The ice cream one is definitely my favorite! I love it!

  80. Mel: ( )

    These are AWESOME

  81. Anna: ( )

    May God bless your marriage.

  82. Amber: ( )

    awww…..beautiful pictures. Great Job!!!!! =D

  83. Casi: ( )

    The First Look=AMAZING!!!!!

  84. Jordan: ( )

    These pictures just make my heart smile. So gorgeous!

  85. Lauren: ( )

    These are amazing!What a wonderful job. Everything just looks so beautiful.

  86. Haley: ( )

    Congratulations you two!

  87. Thomas: ( )

    Congrats friends!

  88. Ashtian: ( )

    Happy 2 months!!!!!

  89. Henry: ( )

    Congrats Justin & Anna!

  90. Andrea: ( )

    I love the black and white ones.

  91. Jason: ( )

    Great pictures!

  92. Martha: ( )


  93. Kathryn: ( )

    Tanner and Trevor look so cute in these pictures. Their outfits are adorable, but Anna and Justin look absolutely amazing!

  94. Brannon: ( )

    Dude. Awesome pics.

  95. Karinne: ( )


  96. Autumn: ( )

    love love LOVE them!

  97. Angie: ( )

    Anna and Justin,
    Your wedding photos are amazing. I love your dress. I wish you every happiness together!

  98. Dana Taormina: ( )

    I love these photos, and the ice cream photo is by far the greatest idea ever!!! The poses are original, creative, and Anna and Justin, you are both glowing beautifully :)

  99. Nicole' Felton: ( )

    Justin and Anna are a very special couple. I remember when this beautiful gown was purchased even though it looks much more beautiful than I recall…Anna is a lady who knows what she wants and goes after it…..even Justin! :) Love you both, Nicole’

  100. Jennifer: ( )

    Such a beautiful couple! Justin and Anna may you receive many blessings in your marriage!!! The photos capture your day wonderfully!

  101. Meagan: ( )

    Beautiful pictures! I wish you two much happiness! You look wonderful together!

  102. Lisa Ingram: ( )

    Hey Missy, These pictures are beautiful and so you. . You looked absouletly amazing. The Ice cream ones are my favorite :) LoVe Ya!

  103. Joanna: ( )

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  104. Shanoa: ( )


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