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Stafford Virginia Wedding Photographer

Wow. That’s about all I can say. If I try to describe how excited I am about this post it would get annoying! (just ask my family!)  I absolutely LOVED capturing Kenny and Christy’s wedding.  This is such a turning point for me in so many ways.  I don’t think they know it, but Kenny and Christy were my first “Official” engagement session this past fall! They did however know that I was VERY new to this and they trusted me anyway.  They didn’t just pay me to take pictures, they trusted me to capture one of the most important days of their lives! Talk about pressure! But I couldn’t have been more honored to spend the day by Christy’s side, pinning up loose pieces of hair, helping with makeup advice, and watching her marry the love of her life.  The fun just continued when I got to spend time with the two of them for their portraits! I love Kenny and Christy. I have since I met them about 10 months ago. They are an incredible couple and I am so thrilled that I got to catch the spark of their personality in their pictures! This was my first wedding of many this summer and it has gotten me so excited for the rest. Kenny and Christy, you are awesome.  Thanks for trusting a young, college aged photographer, her first year in business. I hope you are pleased.  Congratulations and best of luck!!!





I normally don’t blog ceremony pics but the sky was awesome!




This was a moment immediately after the ceremony. Love it!










Definitely a favorite!








** attention all future brides** Kenny and Christy have an ABUNDANCE of portraits that are wall worthy because their pictures were a top priority to them.  They allowed ample time and were willing to try anything and it shows!! (Just a little hint!:)

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  1. michael alsop: ( )

    SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!! These better get in a magazine. You are amazing. Its that simple.

  2. britney: ( )

    OMG. love it. i really like those black and white shots of the bride in the field. CLASSY PICTURES!

  3. Christy Payton: ( )

    Katelyn!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!!!!!! You are amazing and so so talented!! I’ll definitely let you know if I decide to do a trash the dress session!! Thank you so much!!

  4. Joe Sua: ( )

    KK! These pictures are awesome! I showed these to my cousin and his girlfriend and they also love them! By the way what golf course is that haha?

  5. Sarah Hayes: ( )

    absolutely breathtaking, KK. these pictures are just plain fantastic. :]

  6. Anna: ( )

    Yay! I love them, and I agree with Michael… :)

  7. Karin Dowling: ( )

    Katelyn, you are totally amazing. My sister referred me to your blog, and you’re basically what I want to be :) I’m very into photography and want to do portraits and weddings. Any hints or tips would be awesome!

  8. Sarah C: ( )

    Katelyn, You have a God given ability. Every picture you take bursts with color and personality. I love looking through all your pics. Keep it up!

  9. Charity Knutti: ( )

    Sweet Lord Katelyn!!! Every picture is better than the last…I’m seriously tapping frankie every 5 seconds to say look at this one!! and this one…and this one!!:) I love them-They both look great, the pictures on the hills with the sky are amazing!!!

  10. Stephen: ( )

    This is a defining wedding for you.
    You have set a standard of excellence.

  11. Syreena B: ( )

    Ok so I have been following your blog for a good amount of time now… but never commented… but I can’t pass this up!! I LOVE this post Katelyn… AMAZING!!! great work. I am actually from Va Beach and I am sitting here thinking of all the people that I can send your way!!! :)

  12. Lauryn: ( )

    ahhhhhhh! soooo great! these are so wonderful! I love the creativity of the shots!! I cant wait for mine, one week!!

  13. Lauren W.: ( )

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! i think these are my favorite so far- incredible!

  14. Catie Smith: ( )

    wow KK. AMAZING WORK!!!! I love the picture where the veil is sweeping across both of them, then again i love all of them! Keep up the incredible work!!!!

  15. JT Hosack: ( )

    Okay. KK, these are absolutely breathtaking.
    Please be around when I get engaged/married/have anniversary/birthday…well can you just be around all the time?
    These are absolutely amazing, I can’t really say much more because they’ve left me speechless.
    Great job KK!

  16. Laura McG: ( )

    The sky is beauuuuutiful. What great color. =)

  17. Maria Moore: ( )

    These are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the pictures on the hill with the sky in the background!

  18. gina: ( )

    beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing!

  19. beth: ( )

    These photographs are truly works of art. Thanks so much for sharing them. Your gift is a testimony to God’s creativity and His desire to reflect beauty in His children.

    I am so excited about your future as a photographer. You truly give the world a gift with your eyes…


  20. Jasmine*: ( )

    Oh, K, these are just awesome!! Seriously, you should be SO proud of yourself! Can you believe this is merely the beginning?! The sky’s the limit for you! :)

  21. Carmaleta Harris: ( )

    These are my favorite pics by far!!

  22. Mandy: ( )

    Ok, so I’m doing some make-up blog stalking, and this is definitely one of my favorite sessions!!! The pictures of the bride on the hill with the awesome sky are just stunning. Oh man, I am just blown away KK! I’m so proud of you! :)

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