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are in for a treat this evening! You remember me talking about how I LOVE IT when couples really take ownership over their engagement session and make it their own?! Well Will and Michelle are a prime example of what I’m talking about! This e-session was unlike any I had ever shot before. It was awesome. Michelle and Will have a shared love for cooking and when they thought about what they wanted to incorporate into their engagement session, cooking was perfect. Michelle emailed me with the idea and I was thrilled! We hung out in the kitchen together and I photographed them as they fixed a meal together.

Not only do they have fun shots together, they are photographs of them doing what they love. Michael and I love to go shopping…. so maybe we should have a photographer follow us around and document us spending money…… or maybe not. Cooking together was a fun, simple, and EASY way to incorporate Will and Michelle’s normal, everyday life into their session.  Are you starting to see why I love this stuff? Why I love sessions and locations that mean something? It’s just means so much more to the couple when there is extra meaning behind their images.


Will and Michelle were an absolute joy to work with and I can’t explain how excited I was to try something new with them! Thank you guys for allowing me to document your love for each other AND your sweet cooking skills! (Michael I think I picked up a few recipe tips, get excited:) … Enjoy my favorites!

Michelle, girlfriend your “model look” is killer!

Soooo here is the yummy stuff!

How much do you love Michelle’s ring?!! Oh man!

A few winter wonderland shots… I’m loving this snow that keeps hanging around VA!

LOVE it!

Love this too! You guys rocked it ALL! I hope you enjoy them!!!

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  1. Caitlin Scott reply

    LOVE these – what a great “themed” engagement shoot. It’s just gorgeous. Love the whole thing. And what a stunning couple!

  2. Melissa reply

    Oh Katelyn…these are awesome. {big puffy heart} Michelle + Will are so cute together!

  3. Melody Gillikin reply

    Ummmm K I hope I am the first to comment and say…this was AWESOME! Great stuff!!

  4. Rhonda reply

    HOT – amazing – and great to see something totally different.
    WOW – that kitchen is AMAAAZZZZIINNGGG!!

  5. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Love them! Different, unique & perfectly shot by Katelyn James!! Oh.. Alsop.. lol..

  6. Suzanne reply

    OH KATELYN! I love how you captured their unique relationship in these! Different from the typical e-pics! love them!

  7. Emily Rowe reply

    I love how the photos you took in their kitchen feel so intimate! I feel like they had a spy in the room while they prepared a wonderful meal just for the two of them. I love it!

  8. Charity DellaCamera reply

    What a gorgeous soon to be bride :) Michelle and Will you guys look awesome! Incredible!!!

  9. Naomi reply

    GORGEOUS MY dears!!! what a great couple and what a great photographer. Truly a fun shoot!

  10. Girish reply

    Fantastic shots. The light in the interior shots is stunning. Such nice and soft. The colors have come out great. Well done.

    You must do some food photography !

    The outside shots are very nice as well. Great tones. Superb sunlight.

  11. Michelle reply

    Katelyn, these pictures are breathtaking!!!! You did what we asked and did even better than I imagined. You gave us something we will have for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much!! I would recommend you anytime, anywhere, to anyone!! You are truly talented!!!!

  12. Spring reply

    I LOVE THESE!!!!! I also love their kitchen and wish mine looked like that!!! :)

  13. Allison reply

    Umm love love love love love!!!! What a great idea she had!! and an AMAZING kitchen she had too!!! Goodness!! Love the “winter wonderland” shoots too!!! Great location!

  14. Lauren Wakefield reply

    LOVE the cooking idea,,,that is so creative and original! Great job!

  15. Elizabeth Verna reply

    Such a great session! SO unique and special for the couple I am sure. REALLY enjoyed the creativity of these photos!

  16. Yolanda reply

    These are amazing!!! What an incredible photo session! FANTASTIC!!!

  17. LeolaK reply

    Wow….great session!! Gorgeous couple…home…and LOVE that ring too!!! Great job Katelyn as always!

  18. Amanda reply

    Michelle, so beautiful. We are so happy for you. Love you.

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