Justin & Mary WPPI Shootout

  • Jeremy + Ashley

that they were having a contest and I immediately wanted to make my blog post and join in… but I was sick…. and a video blog post would have been so embarrassing at the time because when I talked, I sounded like a man. So my sweet husband got in front of the camera and made my video for me. He’s wonderful. I was selected to be a part of J&M’s WPPI shootout and I have to give all of the credit to Michael. So last Tuesday morning at the crack of dawn… I got up and thought “Only for Justin and Mary would I be up at 6am and getting in the shower”… 6am is WAY too early for me. I don’t function well in the mornings

and so once we started shooting, I was amazed that anything was in FOCUS! Ashley and Jeremy modeled for us and I was so glad that Ashley and I had communicated beforehand because I was extra pumped to shoot them! (that sounds awful…but “shooting people” is a term of endearment in the photography world:)


The greatest and yet most intimidating thing about the shootout was that Mary MADE us direct the couple on our own… in front of everyone……and she made ME go first!! YIKES!!! Thankfully Ashley and Jeremy are AMAZING and they made my posing instructions look better than they really were! Whew! I do have to say that I really LOVE interacting with couples when I’m shooting because I remember being on our engagement shoot and NEEDING CONSTANT JSTAR AFFIRMATION. I am NOT a model…..not even close. Normally my “serious” face scares people. Michael on the other hand just naturally has “the look”.  So during our e-session,  I was so thankful that Jasmine made me feel like a rock star…and even if it wasn’t true… I still felt confident in that moment. Reassuring couples that they look absolutely AMAZING is SO key to having natural images.  They become confident and excited and that shows in their images!  So enough of my ramblings! Here are some of my favorites!!

Love their style… you did good Ash!

Miss Mary…showing us how its done! …. and how cute is Julia? Love her!

Okkkk… special thanks to LensProToGo for officially making me want to spend $4,500 on the 200 1.8…. HOLY COW!

Using my new 35 1.4…. I’ll introduce that little guy later!

Group pic taken by my HUSBAND!:) So proud!

Thank you J&M + Julia:)

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  1. Nancy Mitchell reply

    I can’t wait to attend their STL Chicago in June!

  2. amanda west reply

    you are so “superstar” i love it!

  3. Kristin Nicole reply

    Couldn’t choose a favorite, they are all so good.

  4. ashley barnett reply

    AH! Katelyn thank you SO MUCH. I’m squealing with excitement over here!!! I L O V E the “now give me a big fake HAHAHA laugh!” one…. your fake laugh works GREAT <3 Thank you again. You rock! :)

  5. steph reply

    love them! Ashley you look gorgeous! And wow, the 200 1.8…just WOW.
    Great job, Katelyn!

  6. Justine reply

    LOVE the photos!!! Especially the ones with your 35mm…loved the feel of those pics!
    You are amazing!

  7. Kim reply

    So easy to spot you in the teal scarf in the group picture. :)

  8. Emily Scott reply

    oh my gosh…girl!! your photos look amazing. i think i was still half asleep during my time. haha.

    in any case you did awesome and i also LOVE YOU. so glad i got a lot more of you in my life last week. xoxo.

  9. Girish reply

    Great photographs. Very nice focus on portraits.

  10. Jill Samter reply

    love your shots – their style – your editing and your sweet husband for rocking the video and shots for you! can’t wait to meet in person!!!! :-D

  11. Wesley reply

    I went to high school with that guy! lol

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