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you remember last Friday? If you are in Virginia, it was a nasty day. Torrential downpours, grey skies and it was going to stay that way ALL DAY. The problem with this was that I was driving down to my alma mater for an engagement session. This shoot wasn’t something we could reschedule because John and Lisa traveled from NEW YORK to have these done on campus!! I will admit that as my windshield wipers were going at full speed on the drive down, I was a little concerned. However, I can honestly say that despite the rain, this is one of my favorite campus engagement sessions!

We didn’t let the rain bog us down… instead, we got creative! These two met at the Trible Library on campus and to be honest, I probably passed by them multiple times during my senior year while I was working on my final papers. Isn’t that so crazy to think about?! They were meeting each other and falling in love and their wedding photographer was walking past them to go to the copier! :) Small world!

I knew Lisa from being a Communications major. We had so many awesome people in our major and because we were all marketing savvy, we created a hashtag for ourselves on twitter…. #commnerds. Now I have to admit that John and Lisa probably spent WAY more time in the Library than I did during my time in school! Ha! I’m just glad I graduated, ok! :) These two make the sweetest couple and I am SO honored that Michael and I get to be a part of their NY wedding this year!! I can’t wait to see them again! Enjoy some of my many favorites!!





How cute are they?! They were so patient with these shots. I literally had to block up the library entrance to shoot! 

Ohh Lisa, you’re beautiful! 



haha love it!!

The cutest….

Campus never looked so good! …. Even on a dreary day! 

Another favorite!!

Love this! Right in front of our Comm building! :)

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Gabrielle C reply

    What a beautiful couple, and they have such a sweet story. So glad you guys were able to make this shoot work! CNU is a gorgeous campus.

  2. Kathryn Grace reply


  3. Lisa Lazzari reply

    You were so right! It looks like a bright, beautiful day! You would never have guessed it was pouring! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you for such an amazing day!

  4. Sara Winant reply

    ahhh love these!! CNU is just the best :)

  5. Gwen C. reply

    Beautiful, you can see their love and energy!

  6. SHalese reply

    I love these!! It makes me so nostalgic for my alma mater — now I want to go shoot in the JMU libraries!

  7. Carmaleta Ann reply

    Fabulous!!!! I love love love this! #commnerd

  8. Becca reply

    Probably my favorite engagement session i’ve ever seen you do! love love love!! such a gorgeous couple and i love the cozy intimate feel of those library shots. you should do more library themed shoots! also that last B&W is stunning…

  9. Katie reply

    love the outdoor shots despite the rain! The light is gorgeous!

  10. Ashlyn reply

    beautiful!!! I love love love the way you frame your photos.

  11. Jessica Clinton Stronconi reply

    Gorgeous shots!! Can’t wait for the wedding to see the beautiful bride & handsome Groom!!<3

  12. Beth reply

    These are so FUN! I love that last shot. Gorgeous with the patterns! The Library was such an awesome idea. And I LOVE the shots through the window!

  13. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    CNU is absolutely gorgeous!! What a sweet looking couple, too!

  14. Jessica Bulloss reply

    Katelyn! You have such a gift! I am inspired again and again! This is probably top five favorite Engagement sessions from you!!! I just cannot say enough wonderful things about these photos!

  15. Kristina W. reply

    Yeah CNU!!! Ok, LOVE the through the glass shot of them in einsteins!

  16. Dennis Bullock reply

    So gorgeous guys!

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