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Stunning… that’s the word that I would describe Corey and Melissa’s ENTIRE wedding day.  It was just amazing. The scenery, the timeline, the portraits, the LIGHT!! AH! This was my last wedding for the 2012 wedding season. I have another one coming up in late December but Corey and Melissa ended the non-stop shooting spree that has lasted from April 14th until this past weekend. WOW. You would think that after 30+ weddings, we would be a little exhausted and burned out… but God has been really faithful in that area of my life this year. The closer I have gotten to the end of wedding season, the more inspired I feel. Maybe it’s because I know that the end is in sight… or maybe it’s because I have AMAZING

clients that just inspire me to do my VERY best.  Corey and Melissa are an incredible pair and when you see them together, you can just tell that this is it…. they found “The One” and no one doubts that. I lived with Melissa in college and I remember hearing about this guy that she had met while working the ropes course at Young Life camp one summer.  We heard his name come up more and more and before we knew it… they were official!! Corey and Melissa have been long distance for so long and as you watched them on their wedding day, you can tell that they’re SO ready to share life together!! They’re best friends and who likes having to say goodbye to their best friend?!! No one! Well lucky for them, they never have to anymore!! … And that’s amazing!! Corey and Melissa, Michael and I just love you guys and we couldn’t be more excited for you and this next phase of life! It was such a huge honor to be the ones capturing your day!! ENJOY St. Lucia and enjoy this blog post full of my favorites from big day!!! xoxoxo

Venue | Khimaira Farm

Dress | Bella Rosa
Florals | Jennifer Clements
Coordinator | Faith Ballance
Hair | Chelsea Richelderfer, family friend
Make Up | Kelly Poling, cousin
Entertainment | DJ Josh Nicol
Cake | Kim Agnew, family friend
Catering | Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC
Groomsmen | Macy’s
Favors | Trail Mix Bar
Honeymoon | Sandals St. Lucia
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sheila Sim reply

    Beautiful, Katelyn! x

  2. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    hands-down my favorite wedding katelyn… you rocked this one — love the colors – the poses – the emotions… gah! perfect! =)

  3. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Simply GORGEOUS from start to finish! Happy end of the season!! :)

  4. Kathryn Grace reply

    So lovely! The field ones are just amazing!!

  5. Allie reply

    Beautiful! Love the details and the LIGHT! Great job, Katelyn:)

  6. Sabrina reply

    You weren’t kidding about the light! It’s gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding, Katelyn :-) Such an amazing job! And happy end of your wedding season!!

  7. Stacey reply

    OMG!!!!!!! You rocked the heck out of this wedding. What a fabulous wedding. I loved every dang detail! This made me happy today. Thanks for the smile!!

  8. Holly reply

    Beautiful Melissa! What a gorgeous wedding and you look stunning! There are some GHS girls waiting to see these :) Katelyn – you rocked it! Can I have a new fav every week?

  9. Sarah Adams reply

    Oh my goodness. Every image is amazing. The way you capture light! Goodness gracious you are awesome!

  10. Kristi reply

    One of THE MOST GORGEOUS weddings I have ever seen. Wow, Katelyn. Seriously amazing and delightful. My heart was captivated by each image. :)

  11. Elise reply

    This makes me almost cry. So simple and beautiful. Wish I could have been there.

  12. Kristin reply


  13. Rebekah C reply

    Beautiful bride, gorgeous dress, awesome location, perfect lighting! Ahh, just wonderful all around! Great job!

  14. Kristina W. reply

    I had classes with Melissa at CNU! So happy for her! And she’s got gorgeous photos of her wedding day too! Congratulations Melissa and Corey!

  15. Mallory reply

    I SO enjoyed looking at these! Wonderful!

  16. Jen Jar reply

    I am in LOVE with her dress! So pretty and elegant! And BEAUTIFUL images as usual :)

  17. Amy reply

    Easily one of my favourite weddings you’ve photographed! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  18. Janie reply

    Absolutely stunning!

  19. Meredith reply

    April 14th…whoop whoop! :) You have killed this wedding season….every one has been different but you have captured them all beautifully!

  20. Brenda reply

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!!

  21. Katie Jackson reply

    The light is so gorgeous! So beautiful!

  22. Carolyn & Craig Bublitz reply

    Beautiful couple, beautiful day, beautiful photos. So glad to have been a part of it.

  23. Christine reply

    Wow absolutely beautiful.

  24. ashley link reply

    LOVE! holy moly this are gorgeous! way to go out on a bang this season! congrats! they all look beautiful! :)

  25. Rici reply

    WHat a great wedding! I´m soooo in love with all these wonderful shades of brown! Love it!! and the portraits in the high grass? jaw dropping gorgeous! Incredible! Congrats Katelyn! You´ve had such a beautiful season!! Hope you had a great finish and have some good time ahead. ~ Saluti.

  26. Tiffany Farley reply

    Swoon. Seriously so beautiful .The portraits?! GAH. I die. Love. What a charming wedding! It makes me want to live in the south :)

  27. Melissa Kate reply

    Her dress is gorgeous but I’m dying to know where she got that PLAID ROBE!! Soo cute!

  28. Annetta reply

    Beautiful Katelyn, Love the ones in the tall grass.

  29. Emy reply

    Sooooooo pretty!!! This has definitely become one of my new top 5 favs. Love it!!

  30. Christine Bradshaw reply


  31. Brittany Kuhn reply

    Once again AMAZING pictures!!! I love their rustic them and that trail mix bar is really cool, I have been planning on a candy bar but trail mix sounds so much better

  32. Britne reply

    Can I create my wedding to replicate this one? Just kidding….but seriously.

  33. jamie reply

    SO amazing and gorgeous! Your back lit couple images are simply amazing Katelyn. Love!

  34. Jessica reply

    This wedding is ridic. Wow.

  35. Jenny Davis reply

    Just wonderful… as always! These images are candy to my eyes ;)

  36. Victoria reply

    So lovely!!!

  37. kerb reply

    Fantastic gallery!

    I think you meant last wedding of 2012 :P

  38. Nathan reply

    Great photos, and now need to find a recipe for pumpkin pie granola.

  39. Joel and Amber reply

    Love all the emotion, and love the details!!

  40. Heather reply

    I think I love every single detail from this wedding. Those shots of the ceremony with the mountains in the background are just gorgeous! Great work as always Katelyn!

  41. Becky reply

    this wedding has inspired a dear friend of mine, and we are really curious as to where the bridesmaids found all of their dresses? Are you willing to share any tips for me?

  42. Rachel reply

    Hello! my sisters wedding is next year and i am looking for the perfect dress- shes picky with color and type and length. I love the darkest colored bridesmaid dress- v- cut and brown. Is there anyway to find out where it was purchased?

  43. Jen reply

    Do you know where I can get the unity plank with the 3 strands of rope and scripture?

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