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I’ll be the first to admit that my blog isn’t perfect. Even a month after the new “look” was launched, we’re still making tweaks! When you blog for over 6 years, it’s quite a process to transfer everything you have ever published! So while it isn’t perfect, we have worked really hard to make sure that our new blog and website are user friendly and easy to navigate! Flosites has been working on implementing some ideas that we had for the category section and we are so excited to see it all come together! It’s not PERFECT yet but we’re getting there!

So there are a few things that Jen and I really wanted to focus on when designing my blog. I know that there are certain aspects about my blog that people love more than others! So, we designed it in a way that made it easier for them to find those posts. Here are FIVE WAYS that we specifically focused on navigation and allowing users to easily find the content they are looking for! :

  1. We reorganized and totally redesigned our CATEGORIES! I had SO many categories and it was out of control! So, I narrowed down my categories into FOUR MAIN SECTIONS and then we created sub categories! So I realized that my content can fit under either “Personal, Weddings, Business, or Education”.  ALL of my many categories are now organized under a MAIN category! This looks so much cleaner!!! We’re working on getting mobile to cooperate as well. 
  2. We selected some of our favorite, most popular categories and we added them on the left sidebar of our “open post” layout! If someone is new to our site, they will quickly see what everyone else loves about our blog! 
  3. We added a GRID system! When someone goes to our fancy new “Categories” drop down from the main navigation bar, they will be taken to a new “GRID” page where you can hover over images and see the post title! We’re still working on converting some old posts but we’re getting there! Slowly but surely!!! I LOVE this new feature because it’s SO easy to find specific posts and I don’t have to use the “SEARCH” feature! I ALSO love it because SOMEONE got their very own category!!!! BOKEH BOY!!! If you ever need a whole lot of FLUFF in one place, now you have it! 
  4. Sticky Nav Bar! That sounds weird… but it’s really what the web world calls it! Our Navigation bar sticks to the top of the page so that viewers can ALWAYS find what they are looking for…. they don’t even have to scroll to the top! 
  5. The “Browse By” bar! We added an EXTRA navigation bar under the main header to allow viewers to have an additional place to search for what they are looking for! 

If you’re about to redesign a blog, hopefully these ideas were helpful or at least got you thinking about how you can make your blog a little more user friendly!!! Special thanks to JEN and FLOSITES for being BRILLIANT and helping these crazy ideas come to life!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Nicole Salter reply

    I only dream of the time my blog looks as fancy as this :P I’m playing with the beta Showit blog so we’ll see what happens. I need a web planner just to organize what I want in my brain. I LOVE your blog.

  2. Jill reply

    What helpful thoughts for someone who is finishing rebranding also–I have been wondering how on earth you got some of that beautiful manageability accomplished!!! :) Did Jen/Flosites use plugins for the grid and sticky nav bar or write it into the code, and if plugins, do you know which ones? Thank you so much–I cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL your new website and blog are, and this is just a bit of why!!!

  3. Meghan reply

    Great post! Your blog is so beautiful!

  4. Natalie reply

    I absolutely love how user-friendly your blog is and these tips are spot on! Truly amazing!

  5. Danielle Blocker reply

    I’ve recently been working to redesign my blog + refine the look. For the longest time I’ve had subcategories + the grid, + I’ve always loved the ease of those features for visitors. I even just recently changed to a “sticky” menu. It’s great to see that you’re implementing this all on your blog as well! Thanks for reaffirming the features I knew all along should stay. It’s tricky to set everything up in ProPhoto, but well worth the effort. LOVE Bokeh’s new category!!!

  6. Stephanie Messick reply

    This blog post came just in time!!! I am dedicating this afternoon/evening to fixing up little details on my blog to make it more user friendly. :) Thanks for the tips!! xoxo!

  7. Kristen reply

    I was really liking the new grid layout that you did! I tried to do something similar to that in my website. It doesn’t look as streamlined as yours, but I like the idea! Maybe one day when I can revamp the whole thing I can include a ‘real’ grid. For now, my faux grid will do just fine :) Love, love, love your work and your style!

  8. Ailyn reply

    LOVE your rebrand Katelyn! Can’t wait to meet you and learn your awesomeness in your April workshop!! I’m currently rebranding and was wondering if you’d mind telling me if your blog is based in wordpress, prophoto, flotheme?

    thanks so much!!

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