March 2013

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believe how horrible my blogging was last week?! Oh my gosh! I haven’t had such a boring blog week since my honeymoon week!! I’m dead serious! That was the last time I can remember when I didn’t have post up every week day. The blog had some backend changes happening which resulted in me having to switch the nameservers to new IP address… or something nerdy like that. Anyway, that took 48 hours to process and it meant that ALL of my preblogged posts didn’t go live… such a BUMMER right?! I worked hard prepping for those posts. Oh well….

now we’re beginning another week…. AND another month!! March?! Really?! Where did you come from? I feel like we were just entering January. Time is flying by so quickly and it’s going to be wedding season before you know it! March is one of those months that really doesn’t have anything SPECIAL going on…. except my best friend’s bday… Happy EARLY birthday Caroline!! And now that I’m thinking about it… March is looking more exciting than normal this year!! One of my roomies from college gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on March 1st! Welcome to the world Elsie Jane!! We get to meet her this afternoon!! Yay! Here are some other exciting things happening in March 2013:

– We shot a masquerade themed wedding on March 2nd and it was fabulous! It will be on the blog tomorrow! Woopwoop!

– We have a week to be home and catchup on LIFE and BUSINESS this week!

– This weekend we’re hanging out with our youth group friends on their spring retreat and then meeting Bud and Jill to fly out to VEGAS on Sunday!

– We spend like 5 days in Vegas for WPPI and I host a mini 2 hour workshop that is focused on Posing! I’m pumped!

– THEN, we’re renting an RV and driving to the coast for a mini-vacation with Buddy and Jill for 5 days! Pray we don’t break down in the desert!! Yikes!

– 2 Coaching days with 4 fabulous photographers and a few eshoots!

– On top of all of this…. we’re still building a house… and to those that said it would be stressful, you were right. Lets just leave it at that for now:) It’s lovely… but it’s stressful.

So I’m excited to announce a few things about this week! 1. I’ll be posting about out trip to CA last week and 2. We’ll be opening up more coaching sessions on WEDNESDAY!! Signup for the newsletter and you’ll be able to claim your date one day before the public!

I’m off to sort laundry, return emails and get back to business! Being gone for a week is tough on a small business owner!!! Happy Monday!

** Ps. I accomplished A LOT of my February goals!! … except one.. and I’m guessing you know what that is! AND Thanks to the sweet Jody Gray for taking some pictures of me speaking. I’m so thankful for her!!  **


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  1. Abby Grace reply

    I’m still so bummed I missed out on your class! Everyone was raving about it though- congratulations on both an amazing session AND an awesome flo-po class :).

  2. Ashlyn reply

    wow. you sound like you’re going to have a busy month!!

  3. caroline reply

    haha you’re pointing. j* has the claw, KJ has the finger…or the pointer, whichever you prefer to call it. you’re a busy woman!!

  4. Laura reply

    I personally want to THANK you for not having a new blog post up every day during United — I had some blogging problems, too, and you really made me feel soo much better. ;-) Thank you for a fabulous in-person week, even if it was a boring blogging week!

  5. Tamara reply

    Hey Katelyn! I loved your flow posing session at United! Are you doing anything at WPPI? I would love to work with you again! – Tamara :)

  6. Natalie reply

    I’m dying to take a posing class with you! Maybe at WPPI? So excited for another chance to hang out with my favorite photographer! ;) And Huey and I are so excited for April! Woohoo!

  7. Karen cox reply

    Looking forward to meeting you and Michael in Vegas! I think it is so great you are taking an rv trip to the coast. It is extremely beautiful!

  8. Lindsey McClennahan reply

    Haha even this post seems fast and busy like I’m sure you feel right now! Good luck in all your adventures and have fun! if you break down in the middle of the desert at least it’s not mid summer?! ; )

  9. Katie Yuen reply

    Elsie Jane & I are birthday twins! Congratulations to your friends! You’re so busy, and doing so much! I hope this month is incredible for you! :)

  10. Melissa Kate reply

    A masquerade themed wedding?! OMG! Dying to see it!

  11. Kristina W. reply

    I’m so excited to see California posts, woohoo!

  12. Katie reply

    I can’t wait to see the Masquerade themed wedding! PS hope to see you in Vegas at WPPI!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Have a blast in Vegas!!!! Looking forward to your post on the masquerade wedding…. sounds amazing!

  14. rosie reply

    March is going to be exciting! Cheers to all the hard work the past month and also to the coming month.

  15. Angela reply

    Busy busy bee, btw about the house, I built my house with my dad and one thing I will tell you, it is exhausting, but don’t cut corners, you will regret it later when you aren’t so tired :) Good luck this month!

  16. Melissa Coetzee reply

    It was so great meeting and getting to hang out with you last week at Unitied. You and Michael are such a special couple and I hope to get to meet your fub baby next time !

  17. Eryn Kesler reply

    I feel like you’re just taunting me with that photo of the Building Brand Loyalty sign…I am so incredibly sad I had to cancel my trip to United! :(

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