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A Masquerade Themed Wedding | The Renaissance


months ago I met with Aimee and her mom in Starbucks. It was a casual meeting and we chatted about the big day. It was coming SOON!! VERY soon! I’ve had a few winter weddings that booked a little later than usual this year and to be honest, it was a lovely surprise. In the midst of my “downtime”, I had the chance to shoot again! We haven’t shot a wedding since January and so we were really excited about James and Aimee’s Masquerade themed wedding! I mean, how can you not be excited about a theme like that!? Her dress, her hair, her makeup… she was just stunning!! James and Aimee dated for 12 years prior to their wedding… yes, 12. I love this about them because I can relate. Michael and I dated for 8 years before we were married and I’ll never forget going out to brunch the day after our wedding and thinking “Wow, I get to call him my HUSBAND!”…. Finally!!!

Masquerade wedding

 I can only imagine how exciting this time must be for them! After 12 years, they are officially husband and wife and they had the most amazing celebration. James and Aimee were married at the Renaissance in downtown Richmond. I wouldn’t say it was the ideal day for portraits (since it was freezing!!) but they made it work! I’ve never shot portraits so fast in my LIFE! We had no other option, we couldn’t feel our fingers!! :) After their portraits and the ceremony, they celebrated with friends and family from all over the world! It was just beautiful!! I hope you enjoy these images and love them as much as I do! Aimee and James it was SUCH a pleasure working with you two!! We absolutely LOVED being a part of your big day!!! Enjoy!!

Love these next two that Michael took! 
Yea… I’m a lucky photographer:)
First look!
Ohh yea… did I mention it was a freezing 39 degrees?!!!
Aimee you’re so beautiful!!
Guys I told you this would look good!!
Surprise bag piper!! 
Yay for old brick walls! They’ll never go out of style!
Favorite!! From the whole day…. I don’t know why, I just love it!
I was a creeper and snuck a few shots in while they took their turn in the photo booth:)
Love this shot of James with his parents!
Congratulations you two!!
Venue | The Renaissance
Dress |  Allure Couture
Florals | Vogue Flowers
Hair and Makeup | Joy Pfister – Faces by Joy
DJ | Larry Bernstein – Disc Jockey Services
Cake | Kara Buntin – A Cake To Remember
Groomsmen | BLACK by Vera Wang

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  1. Rebecca Witt: ( )

    absolutely stunning!

  2. Abby: ( )

    I LOVE those shots in the photobooth- they’re so sweet!

  3. Rebekah Hoyt: ( )

    Gorgeous!! I LOVE her dress and all the feathery details. What a fun theme done in a really classy way. Love this!

  4. molly stillman: ( )

    AHHHHH! the ones in the photobooth are gorgeous. seriously!!! so pretty!!

  5. Gina: ( )

    Awesome wedding! The photos are gorgeous!!

  6. Susan: ( )


  7. Jennifer Krieg: ( )

    Stunning! You would never know it was 39 outside by the look of these! Love the feather bouquets!!! So Gorgeous…..every detail of this wedding!

  8. Mallory: ( )

    So many favorites from this wedding!!! But the ones you took of them through the photobooth curtain really stand out to me! Love them!! :)

  9. caroline: ( )

    gorgeous dress and i loved the flowers! way to incorporate the tree to make the first look location shots look different. Great job KK!

  10. Kari: ( )

    This is sooo pretty!! I love the her beautiful dress & the theme!

  11. Leigh Ann Fauerbach: ( )

    Gorgeous pictures! Such a beautiful and fun wedding!:)

  12. Ashley Gregoire: ( )

    What a beautiful wedding! You can’t even tell how cold we all were! I have never worked with a photographer who was so on point all day as Katelyn was! The most epic wedding for a most epic couple!

  13. Ashlyn: ( )

    oh my! katelyn!!! the black and white photo overlooking the city was gorgeous. yikes, you’re SO good!!1 Her dress is so prettiful. But I have to say that my favorites are the ones in the photo booth. perfection! so real.

  14. Charlotte: ( )

    this wedding was visual eye candy and you can tell by looking through your photo’s. still having the Richmond touch, your work truly reveals the life in this couple and wedding.

  15. Aimee Fauerbach: ( )

    I am the luckiest girl in the world! Seriously. I not only married the most amazing man but I also have the most amazing family & friends, as well as a crew wonderful people that worked with me to make this a dream wedding. Thank you for capturing these beautiful pictures of a day I will never forget!!!!!

  16. Nicole T.: ( )

    GAH! Her DRESS! I LOVE IT! I want it! lol. I also love the flowers that were used in this wedding! I am planning to be a florist and I need to know who heshe is so I can stalk them….. No I won’t. ;-) I love it all!

  17. Heather Schmidt: ( )

    What a stunning bride and gorgeous wedding!

  18. Annamarie: ( )

    Love this! It’s so classy! I am in love with all of the black and whites and the first look was so amazing! She is absolutely stunning!

  19. Regina: ( )

    The photos really helps capture such an amazing and priceless moment in time for the two of you. Kately james did an impeccable job and my comment about her work remains the same…she is an imaginary fairy that takes amazing photos without you noticing her presence.

  20. Joan: ( )

    Amazing photos! aimee was a stunning bride! Love all of the detailed photos that captured the day/theme.

  21. Angie: ( )

    I have too many favorites to pick just one!

  22. Jen Hefner: ( )

    Wonderful photos!
    Where was your photographer for my wedding?! Totally worth all the time we spent reviewing people. :)

  23. Lois: ( )

    The black & white photos are wonderful. They make you focus on the people.

  24. Ferrie: ( )

    Beautiful wedding!!!! Very elegant! Love the photography and the way so many of the photos convey how in love they are!

  25. Angie Craig: ( )

    An absolutely beautiful wedding and the photos captured so much of it. Thanks for letting us be part of your day!

  26. Michele: ( )

    First look gave me goosebumps… A wedding story well-told. Beautiful, beautiful!

  27. Caitlin: ( )

    these are just gorgeous. What a fabulous job by both YOU and MICHAEL. So stunning Katelyn. Love the portraits above the factory skyline! Classic.

  28. Megan Bennett: ( )

    These pictures are stunning katelyn!

  29. Gayle Driver: ( )

    These are just lovely! As always!

  30. Wayne Lawhorn: ( )

    Wow ! What a Photo Chronology of the marriage of a beautiful Princess ! Great Photography and staging !
    I guess next are the photos of the “Around the World” Honeymoon. I’m sure your photographer wants to tag along !

  31. Laura Hernandez: ( )

    You always take my breath away!

  32. Katie Yuen: ( )

    ahh!!! Love the masquerade theme! Those photobooth shots make me so happy!!! Beautiful wedding!!!!!

  33. Jackie: ( )

    These photos are beautiful. love the ones downtown before the ceremony!!

  34. susan haynes: ( )

    Your photographs are beautiful

  35. Jeanie: ( )

    Beauiful Wedding! Amimee your dress looks stunning on you! I love the look on Hayes’ face when he’s dancing so cute! The pictures all came out great. Many blessings and prayers for a lifetime of happiniess and love.

  36. Dominic Haynes: ( )

    Fantastic photos of a fantastic day. congratulations to all.

  37. Sharon Elizabeth: ( )

    loving those pre-ceremony shots!!!

  38. Nan Moore: ( )

    So beautiful! love the theme!!

  39. Bethany: ( )

    Beautiful! Stunning! These photos are top notch! Well done Katelyn!

  40. nancy: ( )

    Beautiful pictures

  41. crystal: ( )

    absolutely stunning! looked like a perfect day!

  42. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    Beautiful! I love her hair (I think I said that on their engagement post as well). They were awesome to tolerate those freezing temps! :)

  43. Melissa Kate: ( )

    I am so in love with all these photos!! What a beautiful wedding!

  44. Dixie: ( )

    These photographs show the true meaning of love. What a beautiful bride and a new husband who truly loves his new wife.

  45. Annetta: ( )

    Love her dress! You did a wonderful job, Katelyn!

  46. Devi: ( )

    Such a beautiful wedding! lovely pictures, each captured at the right time.

  47. Carolyn: ( )

    very impressed with the photography, but then again, she had such a beautiful bride to work with!

  48. Leeann Cunningham: ( )

    Absolutely fantastic photos! captures the day perfectly, i love the photo booth ones too! Aimee is such a natural model, so beautiful! P.s. can you travel to scotland? ;)

  49. Sarah: ( )

    Gorgeous wedding & bride. I love the one of her dancing, it really captures the movement of the dress.

  50. Hajnalka Woosley: ( )

    What a beutiful bride! I had an amazing time at the wedding – i could tell all the details were thought out with great care and love. Congratulations to both of you-may your love last for an eternity!

  51. Nichole Kohler: ( )

    I love how the photos really capture the love between James and Aimee. The theme was fantastic and lent itself to both amazing ambiance and an amazing, fun time. Stunning.

  52. Chris F: ( )

    They turned out wonderfully!

  53. Carrie Godbey: ( )

    Love these! So amazing!!!

  54. Beth Fauerbach: ( )

    Such a beautiful bride, topped off by a beautiful wedding!! Thank you Katelyn for the beautiful pics!!

  55. Bernice Allen: ( )

    These photographs are beautiful and engaging and capture the happiness of this lovely wedding!

  56. Norman & Ann: ( )

    Your photographs are pretty and pleasing to the eye
    They will capture the night for you to remember it by
    And now that you are both Man and wife:
    They can stay close beside you for the rest of your life.

  57. Mhairi Drever: ( )

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!

  58. Anna Drever: ( )

    I love this photos and the wedding

  59. lorna boyle: ( )

    Katelyn you did a wounderful job capturing the perfect pictures and moments of aimee and jamies wedding just as they wanted
    you never stopped working all day and evening your energy was boundless you and your husband were faboulous thank you so much you were the best

  60. Louise Drever: ( )


  61. Aaron brandish: ( )

    Awsum pics.

  62. Amanda: ( )

    Beautiful! Your work is stunning and of course itelps that you had a gorgeous bride!

  63. kayla: ( )


  64. Duncan: ( )


  65. Eli brandish: ( )

    Dear auntie Aimee, you look beautiful in all these pictures. I’m just disappointed i didn’t get to dance with you in my kilt ;) love Eli ;) x

  66. Daniel Drever: ( )

    All the photos are amazing, very professional

  67. Steph Jarvis: ( )

    you can see the look of pure love between the couple, truly beautiful.

  68. Katelyn James: ( )

    LOVED being a part of this amazing day!!! You guys are the best! xoxo

  69. Michael Alsop: ( )

    So great getting to know you two!!!

  70. Karen: ( )

    Beautiful pictures!

  71. Rebecca Ryan: ( )

    They are all amazing! Love the Richmond setting and Aimee is SOOO beautiful!

  72. Becka Herbig: ( )

    Absolutely gorgeous photos, along with a gorgeous bride and, well, James (just kidding James — love ya!). We all had a blast!

  73. Anna Baamonde: ( )

    You guys both looked amazing -these photos are great! Mike and I are really happy for you & so glad we could be there to help you celebrate!

  74. Susanna short: ( )

    So hard to pick a favorite but there’s something especially endearing about the glimpses into the photo booth. Aimee was undeniably gorgeous, but I’d like to say that cousin Jamie looked quite debonair himself!!!! Congrats.

  75. moira anderson: ( )

    Stunning couple and beautiful photos

  76. Kyle Godbey: ( )


  77. Carole: ( )

    Amazing picutures!!

  78. James: ( )

    I don’t know how we were lucky enough to have you guys as our photographers, but THANK YOU. These are amazing!

  79. mari reid: ( )

    Amazing pictures..stunning!!!

  80. mari reid: ( )

    Amazing pictures..stunning!!! Congratulations xxx

  81. Peggi Glenn: ( )

    So beautiful!

  82. Lela Cowardin: ( )

    Wonderful wedding.. great photos

  83. Lela Cowardin: ( )

    Wonderful wedding.Great photos.

  84. Maggie: ( )

    I missed my sisters wedding , but these photos are so beautiful I almost feel as if I was there xx

  85. Lou: ( )

    Love this magical wedding!

  86. Sarah M: ( )

    Katelyn I just love this one!!! Especially the bridal portraits in the beginning!

  87. Emy: ( )

    Those masks!! So cool!!

  88. Becky Roy: ( )

    GREAT pictures!! You look stunning, Aimee!

  89. Maria: ( )

    Gorgeous!! I love all of the pics! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you! We had a fabulous time :)

  90. Helen Gladfelter: ( )

    What a beautiful wedding and such wonderful pictures to remember your day forever! Congratulations!

  91. Catherine Kennedy: ( )

    Beautiful pictures. I love the Richmond back drop.

  92. Jessica Rolley: ( )


  93. Thomas duck: ( )

    Love the photos of you guys….you both look fantastic and such great memories.

  94. Kalina Duck: ( )

    Beautiful Pictures…. Mrs. James really a fine Job… and the BRIDE looks georgous. :)

  95. Vivian Duck: ( )

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the picture and the bride WAS & IS soooooooo beautiful

  96. laura L: ( )

    lovely!! such a bright and colorful winter wedding!!

  97. Regina Jones: ( )

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful bride and groom!! What a fun wedding. thanks for allowing us to be part of your day.

  98. Becky Flauver: ( )

    Katelyn how do you set up lighting for your receptions?!

  99. Heidi Strickler: ( )

    These pictures are beautiful! Congrats!

  100. Manna chan: ( )

    What a beautiful collection of memories.

  101. Ben Schmidt: ( )

    These pictures truly are amazing!! I think they captured the day perfectly!!

  102. Tricia Glenn: ( )

    Wow, stunning, every last one! Congrats to you guys,

  103. guna: ( )

    Nice work Katelyn!

  104. Amy rolley: ( )

    Fabulous !!!

  105. Hussein: ( )

    Cool pics

  106. Brannan: ( )

    OMG!!! Just perfect in every Way!! I knew they would be! SUCH AN AMAZINGLY STUNNING BRIDE!!! Such a Handsome Groom! These images will be cherished for centuries to come!

  107. Carol: ( )

    Love the B&W with Richmond in the backgroud, and also the B&W on the Bench, so classy!

  108. Rici: ( )

    Oh that is such a great wedding! I love the masks and the colors! AND usually I love the Bride better (sorry) but this groom is just awesomely looking at his bride! So much beauty. The Booth images are genius!!!!!
    ~ Saluti.

  109. Myra Bashinski: ( )

    A gorgeous couple captured in amazing pictures! congratulations Aimee and jamie!

  110. Tim: ( )

    Amazing pictures! Aimee looks beautiful,!

  111. Melissa Coetzee: ( )

    Wow, What a gorgeous dress ! And the details at this wedding are beautiful !

  112. Tom Fauerbach: ( )

    Wonderful photos. A beautiful day captured forever. Katelyn and husband did a great job. Provided direction when necessary, unobtrusive when appropriate. Thanks!

  113. Sonia Haley: ( )

    Thies looks like a fabulous and fun event….the photos are awesome and the artistry is a masterpiece! Nice blend of B&W and colot too! Looks like it was a smashing successful day! Good luck! sonia

  114. Beth Motley: ( )

    Outstanding photos!! Gorgeous .. stunning.. Congrats to all!!

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  116. Chloe Austin: ( )

    Wow! Great wedding!! You can’t even tell they were freezing in the portraits :)

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