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house is really just a pile of dirt right now.  Actually, it’s not even a pile yet… it’s just a lot of land.  That’s it. We haven’t broken ground and yet every time we are in the car, I tell Michael “Lets go see the house!”.  What?! Katelyn, there is no HOUSE yet. What I mean by that is…. lets go drive to the neighborhood….just for fun! …. And we do…. and it’s fun. It’s fun because we’re just so excited for this new phase of life!!  Never EVER would I have dreamed of building a house at 25 but with the market being like it is… it’s a great time and we’re so blessed to have this dream become a reality!!

We’re excited to make this future house a HOME and I may have gotten a little ahead of myself! ….. I’m already dreaming of paint colors and room themes. I may have already purchased some bedroom furniture that’s just sitting in our spare room now! Michael can barely reach his closet because I bought a headboard for the new house and we don’t have ANY storage at the old house!!  Woops. So today, I’m just sharing a little inspiration I collected for our new master bedroom!! I can’t WAIT!!! Let me know what ya think!!

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  1. Danielle Brooks reply

    I LOVE the colors. Especially the chevron. Blue, yellow, and grey are so classic.

  2. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    I’ll take all of that please!

  3. caroline reply

    giirrrrlll you rollin early on a monday morning. AND after a crazy weeked!! WELL DONE! love you :)

  4. molly stillman reply

    ah i LOVE your inspiration! i seriously can’t WAIT to see your befores and afters once the house is built. seriously. CAN’T WAIT.

  5. Julia Seiler reply

    Love it, Katelyn! I love that chair and ottoman with that modern, yet playful pattern. Also, yellow and blue together are my favourite combination! I’ll be jealous of your new place! :)

  6. Ashlyn reply

    You sound super excited- I know I would be! The headboard is adorable- and I LOVE the chevron chair and ottoman! The color scheme of the first is so so pretty. That mustard yellow is so pretty.

  7. Lauren Hammond reply

    Love it Katelyn!! So fun!!!

  8. Holly reply

    Baby Conradi is having mustard yellow and chevron gray room! (I’m sure he is going to appreciate my mood boards later in life.) Totally might do navy accents now! Teal looks good with those colors too :)

  9. Kathryn Grace reply

    What?! It’s not teal? :-) Love it though…. and the chevron furniture!!!

  10. Sarah Fink reply

    AHH Love it!!!! I love the chevron! Those colors are so rich and comforting :)

  11. Justine reply

    LOVE it! So excited for you two! Decorating is probably my favorite part so I love seeing your ideas and can’t wait to see more!

  12. jenn reply

    love itttt!!! i have always wanted a headboard like that!!

  13. Kim H reply

    Pretty!! You’re really good at looking at those inspiration boards and creating your own!

  14. Christy Tyler reply

    I’ve been keeping an eye on you on Pinterest & LOVING all your house pinning! I seriously am probably as excited to see your finished house as you are! You are so great at design/decorating!

  15. Kacey Wolters reply

    I love it. My photography business branding is the chevron so I love anything to do with it. Love the chair in your inspiration board. Now if I could just find a chevron chair in a lavender color…. I’d be in heavy for my future office!

  16. rachel reply

    making the house a home is the best thing ever and i am slowly getting mine there and wish it would happen faster than it is :) so excited to follow your blog through the process!

  17. Laura Hernandez reply

    I adore your taste! Grey and chartreuse are my ab-fab colors!.

  18. Ali W reply

    so excited for ya! where are you building?! I like the inspiration – very mature and modern!

  19. Shelley Hohe reply

    I love it! Do you have a Z gallerie store where you live. All this looks like it comes from there. They have such beautiful decor at very reasonable prices :) How fun to be able to decorate your new home :)

  20. Suzanne Minskey reply

    Love the color palette! my fav is the very first photo with the white headboard and the grey zigzag stripped chairs. so pretty! I know exactly what you mean on wanting to drive by all the time. we break ground on our house THIS WEEK (eek!) and I have to tell myself that I can only go once a week to take a new picture once things get started. Otherwise, I’ll just be in the way. haha

  21. Francesca Caputo reply

    i love the very bottom photo on the left. the dark wood is such a nice compliment to the natural palette. i can’t wait to see the finished room :)

  22. Brittany Claud reply

    Ahh…LOVE this color scheme!!! This is the exact color combo I’m doing for my living room! Haha can’t wait to see everything come together in y’alls new home!!

  23. Sarah Adams reply

    Katelyn, You have the cutest style, ever ever! My goodness! The colors, the chevron, I’m just loving EVERYTHING.

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