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  • A Meadowlark Botanical Garden Engagement

I don’t know how we did it… but we out ran the hurricane AND the rain in general. It has been raining here for over a WEEK! It’s just miserable. I feel like I’m getting a little taste of what the Pacific North West deals with on a regular basis and I don’t know how they handle it. It’s sad! Last week the forecast said : RAIN, RAIN, cloudy, RAIN, RAIN and MORE RAIN. Guess when Matt and Kylene’s engagement session was scheduled ….. On the CLOUDY DAY! It was perfectly overcast and so the colors POPPED and we had free reign over the entire garden. The weather must have scared other guests away because we truly had the place to ourselves!

I loved getting to know these two as we walked around the gardens together. They were pros from the beginning…. and I’m not just saying that. They were awesome from shot #1!! We talked about the wedding, about mutual friends, about sports and about the puppies. Of course! How can you forget to talk about the puppies!? I think my favorite part of the shoot had to have been when we were walking past a gorgeous flowerbed and I stopped all of a sudden when it caught my eye. Before I could even get the words out of my mouth, Matt was in the flowerbed! He just read my mind!! Matt is an awesome nuzzler and Kylene is just drop dead gorgeous with the most amazing smile and so they really made the most photogenic couple!

Enjoy this brand new engagement session and get excited for their Ritz Carlton Wedding coming up in 2016! I can already tell that this is going to be one amazing celebration!! Matt and Kylene, we loved our time with you two. You are so easy to talk to and we’re thankful for a chance to get to know you better before the big day!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Melissa Farmer reply

    CNU!!! <3 Love this shoot and so glad that you could catch an overcast and non rainy day :) You are both beautiful!

  2. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    Um, they’re adorable. They look so happy! Such a cute session and now I’m inspired to go shoot at the botanical gardens!! :)

  3. Rachel Hernandez reply

    Ha! Send some of your rain to California! Love the ring shots! :)

  4. Vancouver Wedding Photographer reply

    Great post – thanks for sharing the photos. I especially love the one in the garden on the bench. i think you used it for the main picture on your homepage. A+

  5. Laura Hernandez reply

    Your work never ceases to amazing me Katelyn! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Rebekah Carter reply

    What a gorgeous location! I especially love the ring shots here, particularly the one with the ring in a blade of grass. The composition is just perfect there.

  7. Katie g reply

    Yayyyyy!!!! Kylene, only the most beautiful woman to ever play for CNU lacrosse ! Loooove that she and Matt repp’d their colleges! So fun! Those casual pics may be my favorite ! Love seeing familiar faces on your blog Katelyn and Michael!

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