The Newest Addition to the Alsop Family

He’s a furry

he’s a snuggler and he’s absolutely everything we hoped he would be! I thought about blogging about him on the 5 hour drive home yesterday to show this little ball of cuteness to the WORLD! …. But I was a little preoccupied. When we saw him for the first time, he didn’t even seem real. He really looks like a stuffed animal… only more adorable and wiggly.  BOKEH (pronounced “bo-ca”) is an eight week old Bich-Poo. He’s absolutely beautiful. Michael and I wanted a little apricot colored fluffball that wouldn’t make Michael SNEEZE… and this was the perfect option!! Bich-Poos are a

mix between a Bichon Frise and a Poodle so they hardly shed at all! I held him the whole way home and never found any hair on my clothes! YESSS. AND Michael hasn’t sneezed yet!  This is a good sign!! We’re learning more and more about this little guy.  So far we know that he’s capable of sleeping through the night in his crate, he’s paper trained and that helps a ton with the whole house training process, he hates being alone, he’s a snuggler and he’s PHOTOGENIC!!! Hallelujah!!! You all will be so sick of seeing pics of this little guy by the end of the year! Our iphones are already filled with tons of “First Time _______” videos. First time going on a walk, first time meeting his grandparents, first pit stop on our ride home, etc. Needless to say, Bokeh’s whole life will be well documented!:)


So I must explain his name. For those of you in the photography world, you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking “Did she REALLY name her dog that?!” and for those of you that are not photographers, you’re probably thinking that we named our dog “Mouth” in spanish!  Well, if you’ve ever seen some of my images, the blurry, creamy  goodness in the background of my images is called “Bokeh”! We named our puppy after my favorite photography term. NERD ALERT!!! It’s a funny name but we’re really loving it. We had another girl name selected but Bokeh was the only Bich-Poo around who was the beautiful apricot shade and he just happened to be a male!! We love his color! It ALMOST matches my hair!!! Meant to be? Yes.  So this week will be full of bathroom breaks, trips to Petsmart and learning what it’s like to have a whole new level of responsibility in our life. So far, he’s been great. He takes long naps, he’s getting to know his crate and he’s eating like a champ. We’re THRILLED!!!!!!! Here are some little shots of little baby Bokeh from yesterday!! ** and ps. to make this post even cuter… he’s been sleeping in my lap the whole time I’ve been writing this post…good boy:) **


And if you want to see more pics…. I pretty sure I’ll be blowing up my Twitter feed these next few weeks until the newness wears off:)

Here’s a shot from our way home! Such a fluffball.

Meeting the grandparents…. this is big deal ya know!

Better get used to this little buddy….we love our macs almost as much as we love you:)

Uncle Corey!

Grandpa Alsop


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  1. Lupe Ruiz: ( )

    OMG this is the cutest dog I have ever seen!!! I want one now!! LOL

  2. Abby Grace: ( )

    So much cuteness! I can barely handle it!

  3. Lydia: ( )

    Aww, he’s so adorable! And I love his name!

  4. Cassandra Plummer: ( )

    SOOOooooo cute!!!!

  5. Danielle: ( )

    oh my lord!! i can’t handle him! he’s so adorable! cant wait to meet him :)

  6. Elizabeth: ( )

    oh my goodness, he is so adorable!!!!!!! puppies are the best :)

  7. Meredith Sledge: ( )

    OH MY GODDDDDDD. I just had a panic attack. This is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And the name? GENIUS. That’s SO perfect!

  8. Sydni Jackson: ( )

    LOVE this post!! soooo cute!!

  9. Priscilla Joy: ( )

    AWW~YEAH! so excited for you guys :) too cute! I remember you talking about wanting a puppy at the SSworkshop and I’m so glad you finally made it happen! He will bring so much joy and happiness to your life you can’t even imagine:)

  10. Michael Alsop: ( )

    That’s my boy!!

  11. Kim Lee: ( )

    Welcome Home Bokeh Alsop! :-) You have wonderful parents. :-) He is just Adorable with a capital A. New Bokeh Fan here. :-) How wonderful. Now if only J* would bring Polo to meet Bokeh, that would be double the cuteness. :-)

  12. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    Bokeh is SO cute and his name fits perfectly! :) You definitely picked a good puppy…he’s absolutely adorable! :)

  13. Lauren Wakefield: ( )

    I seriously want to jump in my computer monitor!!!! He is SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! I don’t think I could hold him because I would squeeze him to death. I’m in love.

  14. Emily: ( )

    I LOVE him!!!!! I want him!!!!! He’s perfect :)

  15. Hadley Carter: ( )


  16. Katie yuen: ( )

    He’s so TINY!!! I’ve had my kitty for over a year and the newness/picture posting madness hasn’t stopped. Animals just have too much cuteness, it’s impossible to contain! Congratulations on your new family member!!!!

  17. Amanda Strong: ( )

    Hi Mrs. Katelyn. Its Me, Amanda. Melissa’s Daughter. Bokeh is soooooooooooooooo cute. You need to bring him to the church office. Whenever you are away he needs to stay over here to meet our dog.

  18. Catie Ronquillo: ( )

    OMG. Bokeh is so flippin’ cute!!! I died. Twice.

  19. kelsey Newman: ( )

    O my he is ADORABLE!!!! so excited for y’all what fun!

  20. Sara {Then Comes Life}: ( )

    SO cute!! What an adorable addition to your family :-)

  21. Becca: ( )

    The last two pictures- I died. CUTEST dog ever!!! SO happy for you!

  22. Amanda: ( )

    HE is so cute!!! He looks like a little teddy bear! I am crazy in love with the name too! Such an awesome name! Congrats!

  23. Allison: ( )

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s freaking ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! So jealous!!! :)

  24. Brenda (KK's mom!): ( )

    Ohhhhhhhh! I miss Bokeh! Luv the pics KK. He is sooooo cute and definitely photogenic! I had to laugh when Michael posted “that’s my boy”! So proud to call him my “grandpuppy” XOXOXOXO

  25. Kristina W.: ( )

    Oh my gosh he his soooooooooo cute!!!!

  26. Veronica: ( )

    O.M.G. That is the cutest dog EVER!!! I wanna get one now! Ugh…he’s soooo cute! And I love the name :)

  27. Annetta: ( )

    He sure is cute. Have fun!!!

  28. laurajane: ( )

    so i’d like to know how you get him to stay and look at the camera when he’s so little?! my puppy just runs if she’s not a leash outside, even when she’s on a leash she runs like crazy. she does sit and look when she’s inside though. and seriously, he is just the cutest thing. i mean my puppy’s pretty cute too.

  29. camilla knudsen: ( )

    Guess the do-personal-blog-posts-about-your-cute-dog trick really works ;) Look how many comments you’ve got compared to a regular wedding post. It’s crazy :D Enjoy the ‘baby’, it IS cute. Ps I have both a dog and two babies, so I can tell you for certain, it is just like having a baby :D

  30. Vera: ( )

    Awww.. So adorable! What a cutie!

  31. We are going | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Katelyn James Photography: ( )

    [...] change at the moment. I don’t do well with crying puppies in crates. Michael told me to put Bokeh in his crate and go up to my office and just blast the music so I can’t hear him sobbing. [...]

  32. Lu: ( )

    He is adorable. Love his name!

  33. Mary Maranz: ( )

    Ahhhh I LOVE him!! Bokeh is an AWESOME name! Congrats you guys! xoxo M:)

  34. Truan: ( )

    Aww! Absolutely adorable. My little Marley looked like that when she was a baby (except she’s got white fur). I’m allergic to dog fur, so poodle wool is a good option!

  35. Sandy Gardner: ( )

    I am in TOTAL Puppy Envy right now. LOL. Turned on to your blog by a dear Photog friend, and I am already in love with it. Can’t wait to spend hours reading, and being inspired. ;)

  36. Sophie: ( )

    I have a bichon frise and she is the sweetest thing ever! She doesn’t like to be alone either. Enjoy your new puppy!

  37. LeolaK: ( )

    OOOOOHhhhhmyyyy goodnesss!!!! I want him!!! I love the name Bokeh – PERFECT!!! What an adorably cute, sweet looking puppy!!! Congratulations! Man I needed a pick me up today and this certainly gave me one. I look forward to many more pics….keep them coming!!!

  38. {Feburary} Personal! « Holeigh V Photography: ( )

    [...] without leaving her adorable personality behind. Plus, seeing precious images of her new puppy bokeh every day leaves me smiling [...]

  39. I really | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Katelyn James Photography: ( )

    [...] I’m also excited to go away for one night with my BOYS! Michael and Bokeh and I are heading to a little bed and breakfast tomorrow night just for fun after hanging out with [...]

  40. I can’t believe | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Katelyn James Photography: ( )

    [...] been puppy parents for over 5 months now. It seems like yesterday we introduced this little ball of orange fluff into our lives.  He’s full grown now (or so they say) and [...]

  41. Brittany: ( )

    Your dog is adorable! My husband and I live in va and are planning on getting that same breed. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got him. Thanks!

  42. surleen: ( )

    He is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Where did you get him from??

  43. Melissa: ( )

    He is so cute! Please share the information of the breeder with me. My husband and I are on the same position, looking for a puppy with apricot fur and I am the one that is allergic to shedding. That is why we had a bichon growing up but the bichpoo is tooooo cute.

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