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Traci emailed me a while ago and asked for a portrait session for her 2 yr old. Now, I love portrait sessions, I do. However, everyone knows that weddings are really “my thing”. I love the fun details and the colors!  The bride and groom really make the day their own and I love capturing that.  It’s harder to be unique with a portrait session but Traci had no problem with that!  I knew Traci and I were destined to be friends when she mentioned that she wanted Gryffin’s session to include her dad’s antique chevrolet! Yes! I love it when clients think outside of the box.  You can’t go wrong with an antique truck and an adorable little boy. Gryffin was such a trooper throughout the whole session. You’re going to love him! Here are my favorites!

Haha. I laughed out loud when I was scanning through and found the image to the right! Love it!

Aww… sweet momma’s boy.

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  1. Sarah Clementson reply

    these pictures are so precious! He is so adorable and i loved the ones of him at the wheel! :)

  2. Jessica reply

    he is a *really* gorgeous little boy!

  3. Catie reply

    OH MY GOSH, HE IS TOO CUTE!!!! Great job capturing his personality. Amazing!

  4. johnna brynn reply

    you are SO good. so so good. love the blue truck.

  5. Laura reply

    these are SOOOO cute. little boys are just adorable. 2 is probably one of my favorite ages. he’s such a little model. i love the one where he’s standing in the truck to the left side of the picture looking over his shoulder. it just so precious.

  6. MV reply

    OhmyGOODNESS he is the cutest thing ever!

  7. vjval reply

    cute CUTE CUTE cute CUTE!!! sooooo CUTE!

  8. Andie reply

    oh. my. goodness. How ADORABLE! I need to set up a first date for him & Cadence asap ;) Love the antique truck and the puddle :)

  9. em reply

    He is so precious!! He looks like the coolest kid ever.. i want to be his friend. =)

  10. Connie Beth reply

    Katelyn, these are PRECIOUS. I almost died looking at them! You did a fantastic job with these (as usual). He is such a cute little boy! The blue truck is fantastic!

  11. Camilla reply

    I love the one where he is sitting on the back of the truck- such great color!

  12. Sandy H. reply

    Amazing! Love the light and the pop of colors. Great job capturing that beautiful little boy!

  13. Traci reply

    Okay…I know my kid is cute (and maybe I am a little tiny bit biased) but you ROCK Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Katelyn…you rock, rock, rock. Thank you! xoxoxo Gryffin’s mommy ( :

  14. Sarah Hayes reply

    absolutely adorable! love the one of his mom holding him upside down! :]

  15. Lauren W reply

    Children have such great ‘serious’ faces!

  16. Kevin reply

    That is the coolest truck! Ok, Ok, the young man is cute too, and the photographer is great. I’m just a little biased too!

  17. Holly reply

    These pictures made me so happy! I smiled pretty much the whole way through the post :) Definitely will be “sharing” this on facebook! Great job, as always!

  18. Cheryl Jarvis reply

    Oh these are great pics of Gryffin.

  19. sharon reply

    these are perfect girl!!! i can’t choose a favorite!

  20. britney reply

    woooow i love the straight on shot of him in the truck bed (great lines!!) and the black and whites with mom… well done kk.

  21. Girish reply

    Super cool shots :)

    Great kid, great sport to go on for such a long shoot.

    griffin-ashland-portrait-photographer-0048.jpg – beautiful shot this.

  22. Sydni Gould reply

    TOO adorable!! love him!

  23. Lori Truoccolo reply

    That’s my nephew!!! Thanks for the great photos.
    We love him soooo!

  24. Melody reply

    These are precious!!! Great JOB!

  25. Carrie Lillard reply

    This little boy is destined to be a heartbreaker! I love the one of him sitting on the tailgate of the truck! :)

  26. Britne reply

    I LOVE THESE!!!! He is so adorable!!! I love the funny face he makes in that one picture and I also like the ones where he is peering out the truck’s window. Gosh, I love them all!!!

  27. Karly P reply

    wow these are amazing kk! i love the colors and he’s so adorable!

  28. Leslie reply

    CAN I HAVE HIM?!!!!!!?????!!!!!

  29. Lydia reply

    He’s mighty cute!

  30. Marie reply

    you are soo talented Katelyn! I love that you use all diff perspectives in your shots .. def keeps all your work intriguing

  31. Sara reply

    so precious! I don’t even think I can pick a favorite, they’re so super cute :) what an adorable boy, and you did a great job capturing him in these shots!

  32. Beth reply

    These are terrific! The truck is awesome, and I love the shots of him in the puddle. Nice ones of him and his mom as well!

  33. Spring reply

    These are AWESOME!!!! Bravo my lady!

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