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I was sitting in Panera, waiting for momma to hurry and get there so I could order my Asian Chicken Salad (so good!) when I got a call.  On the other end of the phone I heard the sweetest little voice.  It was Mary.  I told her my schedule was packed but that we could try to squeeze in a session.  How could I resist? She’s seriously one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet and when I called the DAY OF and asked if she was available, she dropped everything and made it work! Such a sport! Not only did she clear her schedule, she agreed to shoot her session in MILFORD! If you’re a Caroline County resident then you’ll agree that Milford is not the first location that comes to mind when you think “portraits”. HOWEVER, this may be one of my new favorite locations! WHO KNEW!? Not only are there awesome old buildings…there was an old, TEAL, VW BUG just sitting there, begging to have it’s picture taken! Can you tell I am excited?! I’m typing in all CAPS!

Anyway, Mary is just gorgeous. Her beautiful hair gives her such a unique and stunning look and I can’t WAIT for you to see my “few” favorites!  I’m really getting bad at picking a “few”.  A “few” for the blog is like 30! I apologize, can’t help it. Enjoy!

Don’t you love the colors?! Man I lucked out!

There it is! ah!!! For those of you who don’t realize I love teal…I do… and I also drive a little silver bug.  Needless to say, this made me so very happy!


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  1. Anna reply

    KK, They’re so good! Amelia told me the other day in the bank that you took Mary’s pictures in Milford so I was excited to see them. Mary, you’re a gorgeous little model :)

  2. Mary Marantz reply


  3. Rheanna reply

    These are amazing.. I know Mary, and I have to say that these photos bring out every aspect of pretty that she is!!

  4. Lauryn Galloway reply

    I love them! Especially the laying one!

  5. Whitney Watts reply

    Love Mary—cant believe she is this old! Great pics…and must agree you made Milford look great!

  6. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Mary your eyes are just gorgeous with your hair in these shots!!! You look beautiful!! Another amazing job Katelyn!

  7. Catie Smith reply

    wow you did a great job showing off her eyes!

  8. Irene Frankhouse reply

    Beautiful Session!!

  9. britney reply

    beautiful beautiful…great colors…ur lighting was on point too kk! and she has amazing eyes :)

  10. Kelsey C reply

    KK i stalk you constantly and i think this is my favorite senior shoot yet! you are so talented! and that girl is gorgeous- i want her hair!

  11. Megan Satterwhite reply

    The pictures are beautiful…I can’t wait for you to do Avery’s!!

  12. michelle sidles reply

    These are really cool shots! :)

  13. Brittany reply

    What a beautiful girl and such pretty pictures! Great shoot

  14. kristen reply

    wow, i love these. beautiful eyes!

  15. Melissa reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  16. sarah c reply

    You always choose the most amazing places… colors are amazing.

  17. Melody reply

    I am such a FAN of your photography…I hope to grow up and take pictures like you one day…these are so good..thank you for sharing with us…God Bless!


    P.S. Please let me know when you hold that seminar! I have a few people who would love to be there besides me!!

  18. katie g reply

    what beautiful blue eyes! & red hair!

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