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So it all started freshman year. I saw her across the classroom during a seminar about a novel we were supposed to have read over the summer. We didn’t actually meet that day but I remember thinking, “That girl has got some pretty hair!” haha Little did I know that that random girl with the pretty hair was destined to be  one of my most cherished friends and future roommate. Steph and I hit it off from the start. We met and the next weekend I was dragging her home to meet the parents! She means the world to me. Now that we have lived together, ( along with 3 other girls who you will meet soon! ), I can honestly say that she has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. She’s been there during my best days and she’s sat on the end of my bed as I’ve cried about the bad ones. I love her. It’s a privilege to call her my friend, my roommate, and my sister.

So, I randomly shot a picture of one of my other roommates (Brit) and it made it on the blog and the website! So it is only fair to use ALL the roommates for advertising purposes! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner! They’re all drop dead gorgeous, why not!? Steph was the first and we had so much fun running around downtown Newport News! Check out some of my favorites!!


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  1. kelsey reply

    oh my goodness kk the last two are stunning. steph is so beautiful and you are so talented!

  2. Stephanie reply

    I Just Love Your Work.. When Andi Told Me About Getting Her Photo Done By You. I Had To Check You Out. And She Was Right, You Are Fantastic! I Hope One Day To Be As Good As You!!!

  3. admin reply

    no THIS is my favorite session EVERRRRRR

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