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I was dancing and snapping away at Jason and Jackie’s wedding this past December when I cute little blond approached me, exclaiming ” I just LOVE your pictures! I’m Amanda! From the blog! I comment ALL the time!”.  I was so flattered and Amanda’s excitement was contagious.  We talked and she mentioned that she was engaged and that she would be getting in touch with me.  I was so excited but after a long wedding and shooting all day, I forget these things. So it was such a pleasant surprise to receive her email a couple of days later! Amanda uses A LOT of exclamation points in her emails and that’s one of the many reasons I just adore her.  She’s couldn’t be more excited to be getting married and I LOVE that.  Brides that refuse to be stressed and choose to enjoy planning their big day are just wonderful to work with!


We decided to travel a little bit for their engagement session this past Sunday.  Michael accompanied me and drove the ENTIRE way so I could finish typing my senior thesis. (Isn’t he wonderful:)  It gets better, once we arrived and met Mike and Amanda, I assigned Michael the duty of taking care of Khloe, their baby chihuahua.  He didn’t sign up for that task but we seriously couldn’t have done it without him! That little thing is full of energy!


Michael and Amanda had a chilly day for pictures but they worked it and made their session a breeze. I loved hearing little pieces of their story and all of their plans for July 17th! I CANNOT wait! They’re having a beach ceremony. Get excited!  July will be hear before you know it but for now, enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

I promise you! The grass was THAT green! I didn’t enhance that, I swear!

There she is! Cute little thing… ears and all:)

Look at those eyes! Whew!

One of my favs!

Oh Light! How wonderful you were!

Ok, it is REALLY hard to get this little ball of energy in focus but I loved this! It’s a perfect summary of how Michael’s dog sitting went!

Lines lines lines! I love lines! (They are GREAT dippers!)

Light from the water.. perfect.

Amanda, you are gorgeous!

The one on the left makes me smile.

Mike and Amanda, you were so much fun to work with! So glad Michael and I got to hangout with you two this weekend! I’ll see you in JULY!!

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  1. Em: ( )

    KK i love them!!! these are SO great!!!! you’re awesome!!!

  2. Michael: ( )

    haha this was such a fun day. I know you want a big dog, but little Chloe was soo much fun. Mike and Amanda it was great to meet you, ya’ll look good!!!

  3. brooke bowland: ( )

    beautiful images katelyn. so many fab shots. your locations and light are perfection!

  4. Carrie Lillard: ( )

    I just love these! Some of my fav yet! :)

  5. Lisa: ( )

    LOVE the dipping shot. Everything about it is perfect. Nicely done. Looks like a VERY fun shoot!

  6. Jenn: ( )

    This are AWESOME! Great job, this couple looks like they were a lot of fun!

  7. ericamay: ( )

    i think i need to move there. :) gorgeous images!

  8. Kristina N.: ( )

    I love the ones on the bridge in the field!

  9. Anna: ( )

    they are so good, KK! Justin and I are soooo excited for Sunday :)

  10. Spring: ( )

    WOW- These are really beautiful! I love the locations- such great architecture!!!! Katelyn you are amazingly talented!

  11. Ro: ( )

    Beautiful pics!!

  12. Jacqueline Griffin: ( )

    I dare go out on a limb…….I think these are my favorite or at least top three :) of all the engagement pictures I have seen of yours!!!! Every single thing about them is amazinnnnggggg!!!!!! Did they pic the location or did you?

  13. Jess S.: ( )

    Y’all are so flippin’ cute!!!

  14. Crystal: ( )

    Beautiful pictures! They are SOOOO cute! And obviously so taken with each other!

  15. Teresa: ( )

    These are sooooo pretty! They are very “Amanda and Mike.”

  16. Alex Hilborn: ( )

    These are really amazing. They capture the Amanda and Mike that we all know. Amanda looking as sassy and bright as ever, and Mike looking as sweet and humble as ever! I am really proud to be the beautiful bride-to-be’s little sis. Thank you Katelyn!

  17. Michelle: ( )

    I LOVE THESE PICTURES! In fact, I love all of your pictures! Absolutely beautiful.

  18. Mandy: ( )

    Omg, going thru the pics all I could think about was how happy, in every shot, ya’ll look!!! Great pictures!!!

  19. Amanda Powell: ( )

    Wow, those pictures are amazing!! You two look so cute together! Congrats on the wedding!

  20. Katie: ( )

    These are so gorgeous! Katelyn James is an amazing photographer and I’m so happy for Mikey and Amanda!

  21. Alicia: ( )

    These pictures are gorgeous.Beautiful shots of a picture perfect couple. Your personalities shine through in these shots as well as your love for each other.

  22. Seth: ( )

    Congratulations! Wish you a very happy future!

  23. Gena Susan: ( )

    B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L! :) xoxo

  24. Mattie: ( )

    These are gorgeous pictures! It’s so professional! <3

  25. Jessie: ( )

    That dog is adorable! And so are you two, of course! ;) Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

  26. Kelly: ( )

    Your pictures are beautiful!! They are an amazing couple!!

  27. Megan Wolfe: ( )

    Great pics, best of luck to you guys! Enjoy your wedding in OBX!! Its my favorite place on earth!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Holly: ( )

    You guys are soooooo perfect together…Pictures are beatiful, Im jealous!!! CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA AND MIKE!!!!

  29. Amanda Hilborn: ( )

    ***Thanks to everyone for these comments! You all are so sweet, we are smitten with Katelyn James work, she really captured us as we are, a ridiculously happy, nerdy-in-love & content little couple on the way down the aisle in exactly 112 days! :)***

  30. melissa kunnecke: ( )

    Amanda, the pictures are amazing congratulations

  31. Dawn: ( )

    Amanda and Mike look great.. GREAT Shots!!!

  32. rachel henderson: ( )

    Beautiful pictures =)) the contrast between light and dark colors make it even more special!

  33. Bobby: ( )

    I’m in love with these pictures.

  34. Cindy Ransom: ( )

    absolutely gorgeous….never seen anything quite like these…love the shots with the puppy included ….beautiful

  35. Andrea Beagle Tate: ( )

    This is without a doubt a wonderful session with Katelyn…I love the pictures and the scenery couldn’t have been more perfect…Manda, I cried just reading what Katelyn wrote!! I love all the pics….Katelyn is something else.. so talented!!

  36. Leslie: ( )

    Gorgeous photos, TONS of LOVE in them!

  37. Dita: ( )

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! You all are adorable! The background is gorgeous. I wish you both the best!

  38. Sharron Lane: ( )

    What lovely pictures! You two make a beautiful couple. You will always remember this time.

  39. Karleigh: ( )

    The pictures are great!!!! I am so happy for you two!

  40. Linsey Reynolds: ( )

    Amazing pictures Katelyn! Amanda & Mike, I am so excited for you both and wish you nothing but happiness!<3

  41. Cody: ( )

    These pictures are fantastic! Mike and Amanda deserve all the best.

  42. Lindsay: ( )

    Aww! These are terribly cute! The scenery is beautiful as well!

  43. Cindy: ( )

    Loved the pics! Very cute couple and look very much in love. Best of luck to both of you!

  44. Janet Albright: ( )

    Wow – Fantastic Photos! Best wishes to both of you.

  45. Kari: ( )

    Pics are beautiful!! What a wonderful background. Do you ever make it out to California?

  46. Jane Brannan: ( )

    Love the pictures of Mike and Amanda! Great shots and location! I went to school with Amandas mom.

  47. Andrew: ( )

    I love them it is awesome yall r perfect

  48. Mike Hedgepeth: ( )

    I would like to go along like my bride-to-be before me and say thank you all for your comments, we had a blast that day! Even if it was cold, I couldn’t really feel it (Amanda could, though; she’s tiny hahaha). Katelyn, thank you so much for bumping into my fiance at Jackie and Jason’s wedding! These pics are perfect!

  49. Carissa: ( )

    oh wow, these pictures are GORGEOUS! i love all of your different perspectives!!!! and gosh what a cute couple. i’ve got you bookmarked now!! :)

  50. Francis Bailey: ( )

    The pictures are great, i love them. Andrea, your daughter is so pretty. I can see she loves her boots. i have some boots i love that much as well. I hope she gets her free portrait.

  51. Joy Wells: ( )


  52. Dora May: ( )

    These are spectacular pictures! I felt like I was looking at a spread in Southern Living magazine about a happy couple in a beautiful location.

  53. Kenny Sumner: ( )

    Congratulations, Andrea!! I really enjoyed looking through these and seeing how happy they are, and then knowing how happy you and your husband must be, as well.

  54. Robin: ( )

    Great Pictures I especially like the black and whites

  55. Kim Blankenship: ( )

    Love the black and whites! Amanda is so beautiful!

  56. MAAAAA: ( )

    I love the pictures – beautiful work! Katelyn James is an artist! Of course, the subject is a little special to us! Love you guys! xox

  57. Debi Kidd Payne: ( )

    Love the photo’s excellent choice of course I am bias as I love lighthouses.

  58. Kelly M.: ( )

    These are amazing!! :)Amanda you are beyond beautiful and Mike looks handsome as well!! Oh..and Miss Khloe is cute as well!!! You did such an amazing job capturing how incredibly happy this couple is! YAY!!!

  59. Beau: ( )

    You guys look very handsome :) Can’t wait for the wedding!

  60. E-Dawg: ( )

    Having known Amanda since 9th grade, I must say – you’ve captured her spirit – her joi de vivre! She’s so very special and you were somehow able to channel that onto a 2 dimensional medium. I’m so grateful for your talent!

  61. Pat: ( )

    Awesome pics! Look like album covers for a country music star! Beautiful couple, beautiful pics! I’m sure the wedding photos will be just as spectacular!

  62. Kat Olson: ( )

    You guys make an adorable couple! Fantastic pix!

  63. Brooke Huley: ( )

    GREAT scenery, I can’t even pick my favorite photos!! Hope your wedding planning is going well–I look forward to Wedding Wednesday every week! :)

  64. caroline: ( )

    well dang. so much fun! i like the ones with the pier and wood in the background

  65. Ashley Crisp: ( )

    These are the best pictures I have seen in a long time!!!!

  66. Ashley Crisp: ( )

    The BEST pictures I have seen in a long time.

  67. Shelly: ( )

    great photos! wonderful couple! :)

  68. Darrell Templin: ( )

    You guys are so beautiful. I love, love, love these pics. I’m so happy for the two of you!

  69. Nikki Wood: ( )

    What amazing photos!!! Congratulations :D

  70. Ginger Leonard: ( )

    Amanda is a jewel! I don’t know Mike, but I’m sure he knows how lucky he is.

  71. Kelly Falk: ( )

    Your pics are beautiful! If these are any preview for your wedding ones..wow! They are gonna be awesome too! Congrats :)

  72. Nicole Delaney: ( )

    These pictures are amazing!! You look so beautiful, Amanda…and y’all look very happy!! Enjoy your wedding :)

  73. Nichole: ( )

    These photos are some of the best engagement photos I’ve ever seen. Especially the dip shot! <3

  74. Ashley: ( )


  75. Brenda: ( )

    AMAZING PHOTOS!! I’ve known Amanda for a little bit and these are so her. Bright, fun filled and so in love! Congratulations you two!

  76. Thomas Noakes: ( )

    Congrats you two, awesome pictures!

  77. Jessica: ( )

    Gorgeous as always. Love these pictures! They all completely capture the love you two have for each other.. they are absolutely beautiful. I only hope that we can all find a love like the two of you have!

  78. Briana: ( )

    in love with them mike and amanda! totally captured you all beautifully! and if anyone deserves a large print displaying perfect love its you two!

  79. Christina: ( )


    I absolutely LOVE the pictures and they look amazing; 1) because you are clearly very taltented and 2) because they are my gorgeous, so-much-in-love-it-is-contagious friends and I can’t wait to take part in your wedding!! Kately, How do you feel about travelling to the UK to take my wedding pictures? (Don’t get too excited because he STILL hasn’t popped the question, but if I can’t get you here, we’ll just have to come to you! I seriously love your work!!)

    Lots of love,
    Christina (super excited Maid of Honor!!)

  80. Heather Leaser: ( )

    WOW those pictures are great Amanda you look absolutly stunning in everyone of them. i love the one with your eyes just showing how big and pretty they are.

  81. Kitty Hedgepeth: ( )

    Loved all of the photos, but my favorite was the one of the puppy chasing Mike … all you can see is his foot as he runs out of the frame.

  82. Cati: ( )

    WOW :) Best pictures I’ve seen, I think!!!

  83. Melanie Spencer: ( )

    I love all of these photos, they really capture the personality of these two kids. They are apart of a few of the greatest people I know and I am so glad that they are getting married and are going to have a wonderful life. Pictures like these make me realize we’re growing up! danggit!! hahahaha!~

    My favorite one is probably the one with them dipping

  84. Nancy McDonald: ( )

    Loved the photos!!!!
    You two make a great couple!! Congratulations.

  85. Jessie: ( )

    I love how all of the colors meshed so well with the background and their outfits…mainly her dress! Gorgeous!

  86. johnna brynn: ( )

    great job, girl! whoa, i’m the 86th comment. u go girl.

  87. Jasmine: ( )

    These pictures are amazing. You guys are so adorable.

  88. wayne: ( )

    wow, you are so lucky to have Mike. if you didn’t I would snatch him quicker than 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail. GREAT PICS!

  89. Brenna: ( )

    yall are soooooo cute :o) the big day is almost here!! congrats!

  90. Unni: ( )

    I love your pictures. You two are adorable.

  91. Pauline: ( )

    Wonderful pictures, I loved the locations and how relaxed and in love they both look.

  92. Meredith Cofield: ( )

    The pictures are amazing! They absolutely capture Amanda and Mike and the best of the Outer Banks!

  93. Robyn: ( )

    I used to work with Amanda at Max & Erma’s and couldn’t be happier for her. I have never personally met Mike but I can tell from these pictures that he treats Amanda like the amazing girl she is…I am so happy for the both of them, these pictures are amazing!

  94. Trey Allen: ( )

    Congrats on getting engaged amanda….wish you both the best

  95. MattyHilpeth: ( )

    OMG OMG OMG OMG yal are SOOOOO CUTE!!! I just wanna eat you like a bowl of ice cream. Good pictures, nay, EXCELLENT PICTURES!!! Call me!

  96. Sigridlauren: ( )

    I am beyond happy for the two of you!! You guys look absolutely brilliant and I wish you all smiles & magic. Love, Sig

  97. seanne: ( )

    what a gorgeous shoot of two gorgeous people. kudos!

  98. Michael: ( )

    Wow! These are phenomenal! Congratulations!

  99. caitlin: ( )

    wow sooo pretty!!

  100. j: ( )

    wow awesome! i luv it

  101. alex briggs: ( )

    hey it’s seanne’s boyfriend, i’ve been recruited haha. love the pictures though! congrats!

  102. alex davenport: ( )

    Great photos guys! nice selection on the locations! outer banksssssss!

  103. Brittany: ( )

    I love them Amanda! Kissing on the dock is my fav!

  104. Amanda Aprile: ( )

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple at a beautiful location. It’s nice to see pictures of real life true love.

  105. Debbie: ( )

    Loved the pictures!

  106. Brooke Snow: ( )

    WOWSERS!!!!! Those shots are so fabulous! My favorite is the sepia tone bridge shot! Such fabulous composition! You are fabulous! Keep it up!

  107. Cindy: ( )

    Wonderful pictures!

  108. Courtney: ( )


  109. Kim Faison: ( )

    Your pictures are wonderful and taken at one of my favorite places to be.

  110. Kathy Davis: ( )

    Beautiful pictures!!!!

  111. Stacy: ( )

    Amanda, Mike… these pictures are beautiful!!! You guys are so great together! Hope to see yall soon! :)

  112. The skies were dark « Katelyn James Photography: ( )

    […] After Mike and Amanda’s engagement session, I couldn’t wait until their big day! they love each other so naturally and freely and that makes my job so easy! Enjoy some of absolute favorites from their big day! […]

  113. Matty Brunner: ( )

    Yall are so cute!

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