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with a simple post on Facebook. I was traveling out to Chicago to shoot my cousin’s engagement session and I mentioned it on my KJP Facebook page. Literally a few hours later, I received an email from Anna Maria asking if there was ANY way that they could have their engagements done in Chicago too! I’m shooting Patrick and Anna’s wedding in Fredericksburg, VA this fall and we had scheduled an engagement for Virginia in June. However, when Anna Maria heard I was coming to Chicago, she just had to ask and see if this could work out! …. Well, it did!! We found a way to coordinate our schedules

and I stayed an extra day in Chicago and shot their engagement session last Monday.  Chicago is THEIR city. It’s where they met and spent the first part of their relationship together.  As we walked up and down the busy streets of the windy city, they showed me where they used to work, where they met, their favorite restaurants, their favorite fountain, etc.  I felt like not only was I getting to shoot a fun session but I was also getting a professional tour of Chicago!! These two are amazing. It was HOT…. like really HOT. We took a couple mini water and gatorade breaks and I’m so thankful they were willing to stick with me for close to 2 hours! We toured Millennium Park and I got to see the BEAN and how Chicagoans spend their evenings on hot summer days.  There was a concert going on, children playing in the fountains and tourists taking their obligatory “Bean” pictures. Despite the heat, it was an amazing evening! I loved getting to know Patrick and Anna a  little more. They are so easy to talk to and that makes any engagement session so enjoyable. I can’t WAIT to see them again… next time a little closer to home! :) Enjoy some of my favorites!!

Patrick and Anna Maria, THANK YOU for making this happen! I’m so glad we were able to shoot your engagements in YOUR city!! :) I had a blast! Enjoy!!

Definitely a favorite!!  

Just love her laugh! She’s so much fun!


The Bean!!!

Funny story! One of Anna’s best friends is in charge of the landscaping in downtown Chicago! So we shot some in her beautiful flowers! 

I don’t think Anna Maria could have worn a better necklace!! It matched EVERYTHING! 

Love it!!!


Love this one too! You should have heard me yelling instructions from across the 4 lane highway! haha 

Beautiful location! 

Last but not least, a few shots at the EL! :) 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Ashley reply

    I love this!

  2. Dana Fiorito reply

    this couple is adorable! And their photos are beauts. Love them all!

  3. Kathryn Grace reply

    So fun! Love seeing photos at a location close to home! ;-)

  4. Allison reply

    I love Chicago so much! What a beautiful place for an e sesh!

  5. Christy Tyler reply

    Dang!! You guys covered some serious ground on a hot Chicago day! Beautiful pics of my favorite city! ;-)

  6. Regina reply

    Beautiful photos that truly capture the personalities of this awesome couple!

  7. Brittany Bekas reply

    i always enjoy all your posts, but it was so fun to see you shoot in the same city as me (chicago)! So adorable. you guys hit a lot of the hot spots and the photos are gorgeous as always.

  8. Kristina W. reply

    I love the “Classic” shot! :)

  9. Emily reply

    Love the black and white shot with the skyscrapers in the background! Looks like an illustration- and it doesn’t hurt that the couple looks so good either! :)

  10. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I’m not a huge “city photographer” but I love these! :)

  11. Nicholle Peterson reply

    There is a serious problem here! How are they going to pick?? They are ALL so amazing!!! I would seriously take so long picking my favorites! I bet they love EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Great job!

    And I LOVE her hair! I have naturally curly hair too!

  12. Alicia Quintanar reply

    LOVE this session! The couple is adorable and the photos are fab as always xoxo

  13. Ashlyn reply

    Absolutely gorgeous- the couple looks so sweet!
    Dang it, you were only about three hours away… So cool :)

  14. Mallory reply

    These are beautiful! I seriously love every single picture and how you captured the Chicago landscape! I love the reflection of the buildings in the Bean!

  15. molly stillman reply

    these are ADORABLE!!

  16. Caroline reply

    So FUN!

  17. Caili reply

    Ahhh!!! First time commenter, long time follower of your work. You can see my living room window in some of these. WHY did I not come find you?!? Please come to Chicago again so I can hug you and never let go.

  18. CoCo reply

    I know Anna MAria through a mutual friend, we met in VA back in college. What a surprise to see her pop up on your blog! I’m SO happy you are shooting her wedding Katelyn! Just gorgeous :)

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