Novinger, MO

  • Gayton Youth Mission Trip 2011

best way to take a break and gain perspective is to stop thinking about yourself and spend some time helping others.  This past week was absolutely insane, in all the good ways. I left sunday afternoon and arrived in Novinger, Missouri at 2am on Monday morning.  The rest of the team, 71 teenagers and 21 adults, had been there since Saturday and they were ready to start helping the Novinger community. What you need to understand is that Novinger is a town of 534 people.  That’s it. We could walk from one end of the town to the other…. easily. The people of Novinger

greeted our team with sparklers and shouts of excitement when we pulled in and that excitement continued the WHOLE week.  We came to love on this community and they ended up loving on us! They were so thankful to have so many young people there fixing up their town, one building at a time! It was an amazing week. Despite the 100 degree temperatures and no air conditioning (for the most part), the whole week was perfect! I was in charge of the power-washing team and even though I had no idea what was going on… we left our apartment complex looking so much better than we found it! I loved my team, I loved my huddle group and I LOVED spending time with our kids.  Michael and I love these kids and it’s hard to believe we’ve already been here one year!!! Last year I was working (ughh) during the mission trip and I was so upset that I couldn’t join them! This year I just had to go one day late and I was so thankful I didn’t miss too much!:) So enjoy this little peek into our week in Novinger, MO and if you want a good laugh, just try to visualize me attempting to start a powerwasher…..yea. It’s a miracle that my group didn’t desert me after a few hours!!:)

There were CATS and DOGS everywhere!! Cute ones!

An afternoon at the lake!

Whew! There are a lot of us!!


More shots from the worksites…


My AWESOME group!! Love them!

Loved this wall!


andddd this is what I look like with no sleep…..ew.

how cute are they??


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  1. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    Those kittens. AAHH! That’s fun :D

  2. Kristina N. reply

    What a fun blog post! I’m surprised there isn’t a part 2 coming, there were so many images! :)

  3. Esther reply

    What an inspiring post! They’re so lucky to have you and Michael as leaders in their spiritual and personal lives!

  4. Jennifer Krieg reply

    What an awesome mission trip & LARGE extended family you have! Gods love shines through you all and your unconditional giving and time!! Recognize pandamania :) My kiddos did that last week in VBS and loved every second!

  5. Sabrina reply

    Love the post. Love the purpose. Love the images. LOVE your Clemson t-shirt! I graduated in 2003 and know Justin Brock… :-) He’s the reason I started following you in the first place! Thanks for doing all you do, but more importantly, thanks for loving the Lord and serving with these students!

  6. Elizabeth & Ryan |Elizabeth Ryan Photography reply

    You guys are awesome!! Love this!

  7. Laurajane reply

    looks like a great trip! what i’d like to know is how on earth do you get 71 teenagers to commit to going on mission trip? no, seriously. the youth group that i work with has a hard time just getting 15 teens to go on any trip that we do.

  8. Abby Grace reply

    a) gotta love those youth group-appropriate bathing suits.
    2) those details shots of the brick wall were gorgeous!
    III) I am so jealous (in the most Biblical way possible) that yall have that many kids in your youth group. That’s AWESOME. it must have been an amazing trip!

  9. britney reply

    BASSET HOuuUND!!!! oh my gosh if i had gone on that trip you can guarantee i would have just sat by that hound dog all day long.

  10. Lexi reply

    looks like an amazing missions trip and seems like you all worked so hard! I bet the people of Novinger were blessed by all that you guys did! thanks for all of these pics…makes me feel like I hopped in the car and went along with you!

  11. Sara reply

    I WANT ALL OF THOSE KITTENS!!! This looks like an amazing trip…God is good!!

  12. Becca reply

    That hound with the ears!! Priceless!

  13. Kristin reply

    So fun, looks like you all did a lot of work!

  14. stephanie reply

    this looked like so much fun and such a great thing!!! you must be soo proud of your husband for leading such a great group of kids!!!

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