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boards gives me the urge to plan ANOTHER wedding! Really, it’s so much fun. I think my 2nd dream job would be a high-end wedding planner with brides that would give me total creative control and an UNLIMITED budget!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!! There are so many ideas and themes and color combinations out there these days. It used to be that you picked your colors, you picked florals and that was it. Done. Now, brides are taking it a step further and really playing up the “theme” of their wedding.  This creates a cohesive, overall “look” for the whole event.  My mom told me when we




were planning my wedding that she doesn’t even remember the exact colors of her wedding. WHAT?!!! Oh em gee momma!!!! I couldn’t imagine that! However, times have changed SO much.  My parents didn’t have PINTEREST or bridal blogs to look at for inspiration and so the every wedding seemed to look the same! I’m so thrilled about where the wedding industry is headed. Creativity seems to be at it’s PEAK and it’s exciting! However, for a bride who isn’t super DIY and creative, the thought of designing a wedding and picking a THEME is so overwhelming!! So every now and then, I post a theme inspiration board for WEDDING WEDNESDAY to help a sista’ out.  (“Sista'”? …. I don’t know where that came from).  So enjoy this WW post and I’m off to accomplish a TON of things today. Wish me luck! Playing catch up from being gone for 7 days is HARD!! But I did get a little surprise yesterday from Michael:) I’ll have to share that later! Happy Wednesday!! Ps. If you’re on PINTEREST, leave a comment and let me know where I can find you!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Catie Ronquillo reply

    I love inspiration boards! And I’m totally obsessed with Pinterest. I love this board you put together. I had a wedding in January with yellow and gray as the colors and it was just perfect.

  2. sherri lynn reply

    ah I love this! If I had a second wedding my colors would be yellow & grey! Especially love those invitations. I’m new on Pinterest but I’m so obsessed!

  3. Blythe reply

    BEAUTIFUL!! I’m completely addicted to pinterest

  4. Christy reply

    This wedding theme is my photography brand in a nutshell! So of course I love it! :)

  5. Erica Baker reply

    LOVE the chevron stripes! I spend way too much time on pinterest…

  6. katie yuen reply

    Love it! I’ve been addicted to any combo of yellow/gray lately.. so yummy :) i love your pinterest boards too!

  7. lauryn reply

    oooo love this board. and the chevron. but i am biased towards chevron these days!

  8. sarah danaher reply

    I looooooooove this. PS— I doing yellow for my inspiration for tomorrow, too. we’re, like, thinking the same. What up!!! =D

    Oh, and my pinterest:

  9. Kacey reply

    I’m on Pinterest. You can find me at kacey7283. :-)

  10. Stephanie reply

    I <3 Pinterest! I am a follower/avid re-pinner of your stuff, Katelyn! I love your taste, and since I love your photography style as well you may see several of your images on my Pretty Posing board. :)

  11. ashley barnett reply

    Cute color scheme SISTA!! Sorry, couldn’t resist :) my pinterest is: (don’t tell Jeremy my entire wedding is already planned on there HAHA)

  12. Kelley Finnegan reply

    Cute! I did a similar post a while ago:

  13. emily reply

    those shoes are super cute! i’m totally following you on pinterest now!

  14. amelia reply

    I loooooove pinterest! I’m not the best at finding things yet on it for things like branding…but I love using it anyhow! (:

  15. Harris reply

    Love pintrest and this board you posted. yellow and navy/blue is such an awesome pair!

  16. Jennifer Davis reply

    I love your work, Katelyn! I’m on Pinterest, too and will definitely follow your boards now! thanks for sharing so many interesting facets of the field of photography!

  17. Kristen Friend reply

    Wow – it’s like you were reading my mind. Our color scheme is gray, yellow and turquoise. This post has some great inspirational pictures. And Pinterest – I’m obsessed with that site. Its amazing! I wish I’d come up with the idea.

    and ps. I found some turquoise shoes – you’ll freak when you see them on 9.10.11. :)

  18. Christine reply

    I always love your wedding Wednesdays! And I am loving the mod theme. Here’s my pintrest!!

  19. priscilla joy reply

    love it :) been addicted to this color scheme as of late, and the mix between mod/vintage. pinterest addict:

  20. Kristin reply

    Gorgeous! And I love Pinterest…here is my link:

  21. Jessica reply

    LOVE your blog and all of your work!

  22. janelle reply

    you’re the one who got me addicted to pinterest and i can’t thank you enough.

  23. Holly reply

    I’m on pinterest! I’m officially hooked! My friends have also caught the bug this week…I hope we can actually get stuff done this year! lol! hesmith4

  24. Sarah Jane reply

    I love pinterest! <3

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