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You may remember this sweet couple from their engagement session last year. It was shot in NYC and I was just SO THRILLED that I was the photographer lucky enough to work with these two!! Matt and Clare are just phenomenal people.  You meet them and you love them… instantly. I’ve been looking forward to their wedding day for OVER a YEAR now and I’m happy to say that the images that we were able to create far exceeded my expectations for this wonderful wedding! You see, as soon as I shoot an engagement session, I start thinking about the wedding and what I envision it will look like. I knew Clare’s dress was going to be amazing and that her sense of style was fabulous so I have been

READY for June 2nd for a long time!! As soon as she got into her gorgeous gown I took her over to the windows and shot the bridal portraits that I have been DYING to shoot all year! She was just stunning. Absolutely stunning and luckily, Anna Burke was there to keep me on schedule or else I would have taken bridal portraits for 2 hours!!


After the preceremony prep was done, we headed to their first look. Before Clare even arrived Matt warned me to be prepared for tears. These two have dated for so long that this day, and that MOMENT, had been highly anticipated for such a long time! … And it was about to happen!! Clare got out of the car and walked towards her groom. As she rounded the corner, Matt looked up and saw the most beautiful bride!!! And she was his!! After hugs, kisses and tears, we began the rest of their wedding day! Between the family, their friends, their vendors… even their limo driver! ….. Everyone was so wonderful to work with . I still can’t get over how genuinely sweet and caring Clare’s family is!! I absolutely LOVED capturing them and their love for each other.


Speaking of their family’s love for each other, after Clare and her dad finished the daddy/daughter dance, Mr. Brown asked to share a few words. Now you need to understand that Clare and her younger sister ADORE their dad…. I can relate. I think the WORLD of my dad and so I understood their relationship with him.  Mr. Brown had the microphone and he thanked everyone for being there and then he started to tell a story.  He said that 26 years ago, he was putting Clare to bed and it just happened to be her 1st birthday.  After he kissed her goodnight he explained that it suddenly hit him just how FAST that first year flew by.  He mentioned that when he has moments like this, he tends to write exactly what he’s feeling. And so on Clare’s 1st birthday, he wrote her a poem that he wanted to read to her on her wedding day.  26 years later, Mr. Brown stood in front of his beautiful daughter at her wedding reception and read her the sweetest poem.  I get chills just thinking about it. After over 80 weddings, I think this speech may have topped them all!! It was beautiful. After everyone wiped away the tears, the food was served and the party began!


It was a perfect day…. from beginning to end. Matt and Clare I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a apart of your amazing celebration!! I hope Mexico is Ah-MAZING and that you still have an internet connection so that you can relive your wedding day through your blog post!!! Congratulations you two!!!! xoxo


This is a little different than my normal style but I love it!


Nice Matt!

I don’t even know what they were looking at …. but it made for a great picture:)

Clare pleassse.


 So Clare! Love her shoes!

I’m obsessed with this alley!! Beautiful light!



In front of the Bolling Haxall House where their reception was held.

The sun peaked out for about 10 minutes for us and it was LOVELY LIGHT!

Beautiful work by Janie Medley!!

You can view Matt and Clare’s wedding on The Bride’s Cafe today as well!
Dress | Mori Lee , Purchased from Bridals by Natalie in Virginia
Reception | The Bolling Haxall House
Ceremony | St. Marks Church
Coordinator |  Anna Burke
Florals | Janie Medley 
Hair and Makeup | Carla Williams
DJ | Ran Henry
Cakes | Jean Jacques Bakery
Catering | White House Catering
Bridesmaids Dresses | Alfred Sung
Groomsmen | Men’s Warehouse
Invitations | Shine Invites
Favors | Candy Bar
Honeymoon | Playa Mujeres
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    So beautiful Katelyn! I especially love the shots with the cobblestone ground and the green – so lovely!

  2. Erin Fetterhoff reply

    Katelyn, you are SOO talented! These are GORGEOUS!

  3. Jessica Fike reply

    LOVE the reception shots! Such a beautiful wedding!!!

  4. Jenny Tenney reply

    Wow, gorgeous photos! Love the colors and how you’ve captured the joy!

  5. Lauren Winstead reply

    This. is. amazing. I was already in love with her dress, but the whole wedding is absolutely stunning!!! You did a marvelous job!!!

  6. Amanda reply

    These are out of this world gorgeous! The flowers on the veil, I love. And that black and white horizontal alley shot…I died!

  7. molly reply

    AHHHHHH clare! i am DYING over your wedding dress! I LOVE this wedding, katelyn!!!!! you shot it BEAUTIFULLY! i am kinda of in love right now. seriously. amazing.

  8. Regan reply

    Oh. My. Word. These are incredible!! LOVED her getting ready photos! That lighting was insane. Too many perfect photos to even count! Love love loved this wedding!!

  9. Kristin Partin reply

    katelyn your brides have EXQUISITE taste my friend! these are flawless. I’d even dare to say your best work! and that ‘little bit different’ photo….in love. doing things different once in a while suits you!

  10. Liz reply

    Can you post the link to their engagement shoot?

  11. Maggie Fortson reply

    Wow! I am obsessed with this post. Beautiful image after beautiful image. I have no idea who these people are, but I am excited for them that they have such beautiful wedding images :)

  12. Sara S reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!! What a sweet couple!! Everything is amazing, totally made me tear up :) Their joy is SO evident!!

  13. Anna Burke reply

    YAY!!!! I’ve been patiently waiting all week for today to roll around. Such a GORGEOUS wedding! Congrats again, Matt and Clare!!!!

  14. Gail reply

    Love every one of your weddings, Katelyn, but especially fond of this one! I think it was that daddy-daughter story that pushed it over the edge! Early 2012 fave for me!!!!

  15. Christy Tyler reply

    Absolutely stunning work Katelyn! And this couple! AH! SO GORGEOUS! Loving the reception shots & off-camera light you’re rocking too!! <3

  16. Catie reply

    Katelyn!!!! These are gorgeous!! Especially the one that you said is different from your style….absolutely STUNNING!!!! :D Love this wedding!

  17. Lauren Shirley reply

    I swear Katelyn, sometimes I don’t know how on earth you do it… but your work just gets better & better with each new shoot! AMAZING! :)

  18. Stephanie Stewart reply

    I have to agree with Gail…a favorite of yours for 2012…and I’ve loved them all so far! I can see how you’d want to do 2 hours of bridal portraits! Stunning!

  19. Chamonix Thurston-Rattue reply

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this wedding looks absolutely beautiful & I can’t get over how much I love her dress. You did a wonderful job. :D xoxo

  20. tiana reply

    hi katelyn, did you use blog stomp to stomp these images? i don’t like blogstomp anymore. i feel it discolors my photos. what did you use to collage all these photos?

  21. Ashley Link reply

    okay, that “little bit different” shot is heaven. i love lighting like that! so so so stunning! great job girl. i love this bride’s style. this whole shoot belongs in a magazine. absolutely fabulous. :)

  22. Carrie Logan reply

    absolutely breath-TAKING. literally. clare’s dress, clare’s veil… CLARE!! love that alley, the baby’s breath, those daddy-daughter dance shots. melting!!! pure class!

  23. Gill Wimbish reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! Magazine worthy!

  24. Annetta reply

    I love the locations you photographed at, especially the one by the cobblestone alley. Beautiful and you did a great job again, Katelyn.

  25. sharon elizabeth reply

    katelyn…. one of your best weddings yet — you can tell you have a genuine connection with clare!!! and clare – you look ravishing!!! seriously – who knew you could get ANY prettier!!! love this wedding!

  26. Per Zangenberg reply

    Hi Katelyn
    Can I ask if you use any flash for the formals/posed shots or only natural light? And what if you have strong hard sunlight?

  27. Girish reply

    Awesome pictures, I don’t know what change you have done but the vertical full frame pictures of the bride and one of the couple looks brilliant. You should take more of those.

    Fantastic work.

  28. Anna reply

    I love this Katelyn! Fabulous as always!

  29. Laura Gordon reply

    You are the bomb, that is all :) Loved this wedding!

  30. Manda reply

    Ever since seeing their engagement shoot I have been waiting for you to post this wedding, I just knew it was going to be amazing! Excellent work, Clare and Matthew look so happy and like everyone else, I LOVE that “little bit different” shot!!

  31. Karen Williams reply

    Lovely,lovely pictures Katelyn!

  32. Auriel Johnson reply

    Love these so much! Love her dress a lot! Great pictures as always Katelyn

  33. katie reply

    incredible! ALL of these images feel strong and crisp and beautiful! and the reception images!!! amazing!!!!

  34. Connie R. Beale reply

    You know, I have no idea who these people are, but I have to say these are the most gorgeous pictures ever! I got chills reading your blog! The bride is just beautiful!!!! And all of the shots are to die for!!!! Certainly would hate to have the job of picking my favorite! A beautiful, beautiful wedding and a beautiful array of photos to look upon!

  35. LeolaK reply

    Stunning!!! Simply gorgeous work Katelyn! Clare is breathtaking!!!

  36. Herald reply

    it’s a work of art

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