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said “Making a house a “home” is going to take some time KK”…. and she was right. As much as I wished our home could be furnished immediately, it’s taking some time to piece it together. However, with the newly decorated morning room, I’m feeling like everything downstairs is a little more “complete”!! Up until a few weeks ago, the morning room wasn’t very user friendly. We had a 5×7 Pottery Barn rug and an old settee from our first house that wouldn’t fit in any other room. It was awkward and uncomfortable and NO ONE sat on it.

So the morning room was just a way to get from the dining area to the living room. This adorable little add-on that we paid good money for was just serving as a “cut through”and I knew it had so much more potential!  Michael and I have invested a lot in new furniture this year.  We went from 1,200 square feet to 3,030 and our original borrowed couch from his mom wasn’t going to cut it in the new living room. So we saved and waited for a big sale and furnished the living room with pieces from Bassett and Ikea! After those purchases, we had to wait a while before I could start dreaming about the morning room.

Fast forward several months…. I was looking at some chairs from Pottery Barn and dreaming of how awesome they would look in the morning room. These chairs were $1,000 a piece and we were definitely NOT paying that!! We like high quality but that would just be ridiculous for that tiny space! So I started researching that style of chair and I found one VERY similar on for $250!! YESSSS!! I ordered them and once they arrived, I was on a roll! I found curtains at World Market! (I love curtains from there because they have 96inch AND 84inch options!) Then, I got a deal on our teal mini-hutch from Homegoods! (Please note, Homegoods is a discount store and they never know what their inventory may be so don’t get your feathers in a bunch if you can’t find this online or at your local store!! We’ve received emails from people not being about to source items that we listed and so I just want to make sure everyone understands how Homegoods works! :)

Lastly, I found a new lamp (my favorite decor item to pick out!) and I pieced everything together. It’s beautiful! I love it and I’m so excited that this space is now user-friendly!! Just this past Sunday, I got home from singing at church at came in the house to find a ton of our friends sitting and chatting in that newly decorated nook of our home!! It made my heart happy!!!

I hope you enjoy this!! I think this may be my NEW FAVORITE ROOM in the whole house! Happy Friday everyone! Stay WARM this weekend! Whew! It’s FREEZING over here!!! :) To see other HOME posts, click HERE!


And after! 

Shelf from Joss and Main

Lamps, Ottoman, Mini-hutch : Homegoods

Chairs :
Curtains : World Market
Rug: Pottery Barn
Tray : Pier One
Tiered Shelf : Joss and Main
Paint Color: Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams
Review of the chairs! : These chairs don’t provide amazing comfort… but I was VERY happy with the color and size and quality. One cushion has a slight lump to it but for $250, it’s a GREAT chair! We just sat in the Pottery Barn version the other night and it’s not oozing with comfort either and so we decided that it’s just the design of the chair. The back leans back and is tufted so there isn’t a lot of fluffiness there! If there were going to be my everyday living room chairs that I spent hours in, I would consider another style. If they are being used for a accent/sitting area, they are perfect! 
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Looks wonderful!

  2. chrissy henry reply

    k, i have those anthro knobs and the flower vase and i’m pretty sure my comforter is the same pattern as your curtains… twinsies. haha

  3. Anna Burke reply

    Looks so good! I also spy 10.10.10 twigs :)

  4. kara reply

    How did you decide to hang the curtains at different heights for the two windows?

  5. Brittany Fry reply

    This looks amazing!!!! I love everything in here.

  6. Kat reply

    love it girl!!!

  7. bethany silva reply

    omg katelyn…..i cant even handle how amazing this is. i am so full of jealousy right now i think i need to go repent……haaha

  8. Megan K. Marcus reply

    So, um… You’re ready to be hired to decorate someone else’s house, right?! Totally going to try and do it anyway once I get my own place!! You have a gift. Everything is so cozy and welcoming and, although the main colors are shades of blue, it’s all very WARM!! I love it and I’m saving these pictures for when I’m making my own house a home someday. :)

  9. Annetta reply

    Looks great, Katelyn. So cheery and bright.

  10. missy B reply

    I have been hesitant to pull the trigger & buy those from o.s. please give an honest review of them. Thanks & love your blog!

  11. Megan reply

    Could you tell me what color you painted the walls??

  12. Rachael oerther reply

    Do you have a link for the chairs by chance? Or a name! Lol I am dying and have been looking desperately for chairs like these!

  13. Laura reply

    So pretty! Loveit

  14. Lindsey Ray reply

    Katelyn, My sister, Bethany Silva, posted this on facebook and as soon as I saw the colors, it made me very happy. I LOVE different blues and greens and my husband, Jared, loves orange (so we made them our wedding colors!) Now that we own a house, we’re choosing colors and it’s kind of a headache for me. Seeing the colors in your house gives me hope I will find something I love and could go great with our vaulted ceiling with wooden beams. So thank you! :) (Btw Jared Ray says hi. He says his house of guys used to do pranks on your house of girls at CNU. Small world!)

  15. Laura Green reply

    I love your eye for color and patterns!

  16. Elizabeth V reply

    I am totally in love with this space! You have inspired me to try some orange!

  17. Rachel May reply

    Katelyn!! It’s so stinking gorgeous!! <3

  18. Tiffany Weaver reply

    You and I have the same favorite color! :) Your post has made me even more excited to decorate once my fiance and I get married! Most of the things on our registry are teal/turquoise, yellow, orange, and red!

  19. Kristina W. reply

    So pretty! I love your decorating…but my favorite part of that room is the ceiling! I love those beams!

  20. Christy Tyler reply

    I love for just that kind of thing!!! Looks great!!!

  21. Hollie reply

    Started thinking of recycling old pieces
    of furniture the other day, probably give it a try this weekend.

  22. Kathryn Grace reply


  23. Jessica reply

    I found you via House of Turquoise and I would love to know where you got the glass candlesticks that are on the floor next to the tiered shelf. They are beautiful! The whole room looks fabulous, you did an awesome job!

  24. Jen reply

    beautiful room! colors are amazing! i’m curious why you hung the one rod lower on the other window and left the upper area open?

  25. Jessica reply

    Never mind, I found them–World Market, right? :)

  26. Raquel Martinez reply

    Love, love, love! My house is full of turquoise accents and wanted to introduce coral but didn’t know how…. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Sheila reply

    I really love the colors in this space! I’m trying to find some similar curtains but having trouble. And wanted to let any other interested parties know that World Market has similar chairs in a price range from $200-350. We got two of the Flax Vanity chairs and they are super comfy. Thanks for all this inspiration!

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  29. Kira reply

    I know this post is from quite awhile ago, but I was just showing a friend and realizing how beautiful your house is all over again :) And the photos show it off so well! Although I’m praying that it doesn’t look this clean all the time so that I don’t feel bad about my house…

  30. donna reply

    Have you got a link to the website for world market please

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  32. Mrs Tracy Valenciano reply

    Would you mind sharing the exact name/pattern of the curtains from Cost Plus World Market? I’m having a hard te finding them! Love your style! Beautiful!

  33. Sarah reply

    Do you remember the name of these chairs? I love them!

  34. Liz reply

    I’m doing the same seating area, got the same chairs from Target and need to know what is the correct size of the ottoman.


  35. Misty reply

    I love this!!!! Can you tell me if the sea salt is at full strength or if it is 75%. Thank you

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  37. Tamica reply

    This is absolutely beautiful. Just what I needed as an inspiration for my morning room.

  38. Wendy reply

    I know this post was from awhile ago, but I love the colors of it. I was wondering if you remember the name of the curtains from World Market?

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  40. Kate reply

    Beautiful room! I was wondering what the dimension of the ottoman is?

  41. Autumn reply

    Love this! Looking into redoing a room in our house to a sitting room with just a few chairs. I know the post is old but I wish you had linked where you got the items along with the websites!

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