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This post took longer  than normal to post because it was like I was posting a full, real wedding!! There are just so many that I LOVE! So several months ago, during the summer, I get an email from David. He asked if there was ANY way I would be interested in flying to Boston to surprise his wife with a portrait session. Now, this wasn’t going to be any normal portrait session, it was more like a “day-after” session.  They were going to get back into their wedding attire and recreate images to remember that special day! …. and that special day happened 5 YEARS AGO! You may be thinking, what in the world?! Why go to all the

trouble?! Well, Debbie is a photographer and started her business AFTER she planned her own wedding. Her expectation of what a GREAT image should look like has significantly changed over the last 5 years. So David, being the amazing husband that he is, emails me and we plan this shoot. He gave this to her as her anniversary gift and we planned on shooting at the end of August. Well guess what happened at the end of August!… IRENE!! The hurricane totally destroyed our plans but we were able to reschedule for October and I’m SO glad we did because Debbie’s hair is the same color as the changing leaves and it made for GORGEOUS pictures! We shot all over the property of Misslewood and it was perfect. I was squealing and shooting and getting WAY too close to the edge of the cliffs! But oh, it was SO worth it. These two got to do what many people NEVER get to. They got to experience a piece of their wedding day all over again. As they sat on the edge of the cliffs, side by side, Debbie told David “This is perfect.”.  And it was…the weather, the location…it was a wonderful experience. I’m so honored that they asked me to come up for this shoot. So SO honored. There are some amazing photographers in New England and yet, they asked this crazy redhead to fly up for the day. That still baffles me! AND they took me into Boston for dinner and an amazing red velvet cupcake that I shouldn’t have eaten! (Vacation right? It’s ok)  I wish Michael could have been there!!!


Debbie and I don’t JUST share bright red hair…. we have a love for the photography industry and over the course of the 30 some hours of my trip, I think we talked about every aspect of our businesses. Poor David. Not only did he have to listening to discussions about outsourcing and flashdrives, he had also had to watch The SingOff with the two of us that night!  He’s a good sport and his support of Debbie’s business reminded me so much of Michael. Deb, we’re so lucky to have men like that in our life! So look at your images and give David a big hug and kiss for thinking of such an amazing anniversary gift!! It was such an fun trip and I absolutely LOVED our time together!!!


ps. Debbie and I met at WPPI one year…. I believe at Jasmine’s first WPPI session and I was OVERJOYED that someone ACTUALLY checked blog!!! So if any of you photogs out there are on the fence about WPPI, you never know what connections you’ll make and where it will take you in the future!!:) So enjoy SEVERAL favorites from this new england shoot!! I need a bigger office so I can have more sample canvases!!!!! ah!

Loved these purple pumps!

A first look! Why not?! We made this as close to a wedding day experience as possible! 

oh you two…. goshhhh

It was WINDY!!! And I loved it!

Ahhh! Holy cliffs and BLUE skies! I was in heaven!


Debbie you are so gorgeous! And that HAIR! It’s beautiful… but I’m also a little biased!

Love it!

A fav for sure!


The man behind it all! Well done David!!

LOVED this floor!

 Huge THANKS to Lena from Hair the Moves and Sarah from K. Lily Floral Design!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Deborah Zoe reply

    whhhhhaaaattt!!??? I don’t even feel like I am looking at pictures of us!! They are more than perfect. I felt more beautiful than on my wedding day!! Katelyn, what a gift you’ve given us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  2. Deborah Zoe reply

    whhhhhaaaattt!!??? I don’t even feel like I am looking at pictures of us!! They are more than perfect. I felt more beautiful than on my wedding day!! Katelyn, what a gift you’ve given us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  3. AshleyInDC reply

    Just beautiful! I love how many portraits you give your clients!

  4. Elizabeth reply

    fabulous photos katelyn!!! isn’t boston amazing?!

  5. Abby Grace reply

    My favorite set is definitely the diptych of the books and them on the checkered floor. Beautiful! I love red hair so so much- I hope every kid i have has a head full of flaming red hair. GORGEOUS!

  6. Brittani reply

    These images are incredible and something they will cherish for a long, long time :) How awesome you could do this for them!

  7. Suzanna March reply

    LOVE these! Deb, you guys look sooo beyond adorable! Great job Katelyn!

  8. Erin Cefalu reply

    Beautifully done! What a special gift you have!

  9. Allie reply

    I absolutely love these!! Ahh!! So, so pretty! :)

  10. katie yuen reply

    amazing! and i don’t think you’re biased.. her red hair and the fall colors DO look absolutely beautiful!

  11. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    What a WONDERFUL idea!! I love this husband and wife a lot; they look simply happy :D.

  12. Allix B. reply

    It’s hard to ever pick a favorite post of yours cause EVERYTHING you do is so spectacular…but this…this was BLOWING MY MIND amazing!!!! Purple, red hair, fall colors, New England….oh dear goodness….awesome sauce for surely!! :D :D Thank you for being such and inspiration. :) :)

  13. Megan Lesley reply

    STUNNNNING!! Gorgeous. Katelyn James…you are my inspiration and I have just began reading your blog from the beginning. x

  14. Danny Douglas reply

    Wow, what a great anniversary gift!

  15. Meredith Sledge reply

    AHHH! These are some of my favorite pictures you’ve ever taken! That ivy is amaaaazing and her her is so lovely!

  16. lori reply

    oh katelyn, i’m way too busy to have just drooled over your post like i did but OHHHHH!!! so gorge. and i’m so jealous! in a good way though. in a “i’m in the same boat, i’m going to have my hubby do the same with me”, lol!

  17. sherri reply

    What a sweet idea! I want to do this in 5 years – I just hope I still fit in my wedding dress! :) I love the cliffs and the veil blowing and that black and white floor ah!

  18. Dave reply

    Katelyn thank-you so much for coming up to Boston.You made my beautiful wife look like a supermodel!

  19. Robin reply

    Such a beautiful setting for this lovely red-headed bride. The shots overlooking the water are so lovely – and a canvas should be in the making for sure!

  20. Emily reply

    Beautiful! Loved the ring shots. I’m pretty sure I have the same engangement ring as she does! :)

  21. Kristina W. reply

    I have way too many favorites to pick just a few! What a sweet anniversary present!

  22. Brenda reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! I like them all. What a beautiful day, awesome scenery, and happy couple. Great job KK!

  23. Kristin reply

    These are awesome as usual Katelyn!

  24. Meredith Perdue reply

    These are beautiful, Katelyn! You need to come shoot in New England more often! Debbie & David are so lucky to have these!

  25. Holly reply

    Ohhhhh la la! The cliff picture made me gasp and then I gasped again at the black and white floor. 2 outloud gasps in one post! Excellent!

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  30. Laura Gordon reply

    Wow, wow, wow! Not sure how I missed this one but I’m obsessed :) I also have a “thing” for historical looking buildings! FABULOUS job Katelyn :)

  31. Emilie Lehman reply

    One of my absolute favorites. These are stunning!

  32. bethany cox reply

    I just met them at church today. How crazy! Great photos Katelyn!

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  35. Atlanta Wedding Photography by Jaimie Dee reply

    I LOVE David’s cufflinks!!!! Aaaaah! Amazing! ^.^

  36. Robin Goodlad reply

    You looked absolutely stunning!!

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