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I’m really loving that I’m not super busy right now. I mean, I wake up and have a full list of things to accomplish each day but I’m not overwhelmed and constantly feeling behind! I have felt “behind” since I started my business back in 2008. I was in college, I was living on 4-5 hours of sleep and I was trying to live two different lifestyles. At night, or should I say morning (2-5am), I was a business woman. From 9am-2am I was a normal college student. If I wasn’t falling behind in school work, I was falling behind with the business. My life was insanely busy and I didn’t even explain all of my other responsibilities during my time at CNU!

It’s a miracle that I made it through and actually graduated. When people ask me what my biggest accomplishment is, I always say “finishing college!!!!”. I was SO done with school by the time my senior year rolled around. I was engaged and ready to be married and run my business! After visiting our alma mater last night, I was reminded of just how far I have come since the days of editing weddings in my little dorm room. I’m so incredibly thankful for my OFFICE…. which I will hopefully blog about soon… once Target gets their act together and send me the legs to my settee! ha!


So! The beginning of 2011 has been low-key for me and I’m finally getting things done that I have needed to do for months! … Like order new address labels, update my contract and revamp my WEBSITE! Whew! I redesigned my site last spring but I have never been 100% satisfied with it. I’m never really satisfied with anything design oriented but I’m coming to find that it’s a good thing! If I’m always looking for ways to improve, that means my website will never get stuck in a rut! Thanks to SHOWIT, I pulled one late nighter and totally re-did all of my galleries and tweaked my navigation for the site. It’s amazing what I can accomplish with this program!  So be sure to take a look at the new WEDDING galleries. I now have some special weddings featured on the site, as well as a gallery of wedding favorites! I LOVE this way of showing off my clients!!! Have fun exploring and if you find something that doesn’t work…. you can tell me! I’m the queen of not checking all the little details! Enjoy!



Ah! I love this! Let me know what you think of the NEW LOOK!



A few more of my favorite galleries!


Ok one more and then I’ll let you go explore for yourself!


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  1. katie reply

    It looks great! Really showcases your images well:)

  2. Katie J reply

    Super cute! In your About Katelyn slideshow, you still have Michael as your fiance. Otherwise… great website!

  3. amanda west reply

    love it!!

  4. Hadassah reply

    Loving your site and blog! I totally feel you on the College/Business lifestyle split – I’m in that boat right now too, my friends don’t get it, but I choose not to care too much because I know that now I’m ahead in the game!

    Anyway, back to your site, and blog, I just realized that the scallop on the top of your blog is a reversal of the scallop on the top of your website, VERY cool, and clever! Keep up the great work!

  5. Torrie Anderson reply

    In addition to Katie J – you ARE a wife now! :) :) :) It says you can’t wait to be a wife! YAY!

  6. lisa cour reply

    I REALLY like it! LOVE the home page and the seamless way the theme goes to your blog. I’m working on redesigning mine now in this “slow” season, since I “slapped” mine together in the thick of the summer. Maybe I’ll be back to ask a question or three. :)

    Great job, really.

  7. SvetlanaHillKovich reply

    awesome sight! Love it… But then again I loved the old one too! ;)

  8. Brenda (Momma) reply

    Luv the new site! I like the way the pics scroll sideways. It’s also easy to navigate (you know if this wasn’t true that I would certainly tell you!) I’m sure you’ll have fun updating the “meet Katelyn” section with new pics and captions. It was fun though seeing where you were in life . . . and how much things in your life have changed. Sorry I hadn’t commented in a while, but I HAVE been watching and enjoying your work. congratulations on filling all of “The Sugar Shoot” slots. Luv you

  9. Kris reply

    Beautiful imagery, great site.

  10. Kelley Finnegan reply

    Hey Katelyn,

    I love this post…especially about CNU knowing first-hand how busy of a girl you were in school :) So glad to see your business really taking off since you finished and still love to read your posts :) Hope you’re doing well!!


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