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  • New Year, New Look

definitely a big season for KJP! So many changes are taking place and the most recent change would HAVE to be the blog’s new facelift!! You like?! It’s different but it’s still ME and I love it! Flosites do my blog design work and for those that have been asking about the backend of my blog, it’s wordpress. Basically, I have WordPress with a fancy exterior and a few special features! My FAVORITE feature about this new blog is that viewers have the ability to scan through previews of weddings by clicking “Weddings” on the top menu bar! So thank you for stopping by and if you have a free minute,

I’d love to hear if you love the new “look” as much as I do!! Little fixes are still being taken of but for the most part, it should be up and running for everyone!! I just love the look and feel of the whole thing and I’m so excited it’s finally LIVE! We’re still working on several little pieces but overall, it’s coming together splendidly!! Next step, the WEBSITE! That is on my to-do list this week!! Be sure to check out the “WEDDINGS” link here! 

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  1. jamie reply

    beautifl, Katelyn! :) Love the new, fresh feel and the weddings tab. Different, new and pretty.

  2. Jolynn reply

    It looks fabulous!! Love it. Off to check out the weddings link. ;)

  3. Courtney reply

    The new look is amazing!!! I’m in the process of updating my website and blog as well, and your changes are great inspiration!

  4. Annamarie reply

    YAY! Katelyn it’s beautiful!! I love it!! So pretty and clean and the new features are awesome:)

  5. Urška Majer reply

    Gorgeous! Love it!

  6. Megan reply

    I am loving the new look!! It has such a unique and beautiful feel to it! I especially love the wedding tab!

  7. Sheila Sim reply

    Hi Katelyn, love your new site and blog, but I’m finding the new font terribly difficult to read – it’s too small and faint. apart from that, great stuff!

  8. Julie @ Table for Two reply

    It looks lovely, girl! I love how sleek it is and elegant! so you!

  9. molly stillman reply

    KATELYN! it looks amazing. seriously. i love it. it’s so clean and fresh. my ONLY suggestion would be to maybe make the body text font of your actual blog posts a hair larger, like maybe two points larger? It’s pretty small and kinda tough to read on both my laptop and my desktop. i might just have bad eyesight, but it’s just a thought. Other than that it’s seriously amazing!

  10. Kristin reply

    Love how fresh it is!!!

  11. Elizabeth reply

    I absolutely love it!!!! It looks fabulous! :)

  12. Becca reply

    It looks so CLEAN and pretty! I love it!

  13. Sarah reply

    Love it! I love the clean look, but it’s still totally you, which is awesome. Keep up the fabulous work, lady! Can’t wait to see the website and any other crazy things you and Michael have in store for KJP this year! :)

  14. Gina reply

    LOVE IT! it Is so easy to use and totally still you!

  15. Kathryn Grace reply

    I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!! Probably couldn’t be more perfect if it tried. :-) So clean and fresh.

  16. Lindsey McClennahan reply

    WOOT WOOT! Looks great sister! I love how it’s centered now. Awesome work!

  17. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Love your blog makeover!! Beautiful fresh feel to it!! Looking forward to reading it daily!! So inspirational!

  18. Gabrielle C reply

    Katelyn I absolutely love it! It’s fresh but still you. As mentioned by a couple other commenters, the only thing i struggled with adjusting to is the font. If it could be a smidge bigger that would be fabulous. Other than that i think you did a great job! :)

  19. Anna K. reply

    Ah, I love it Katelyn! It is so gorgeous and so you!

  20. Laura Hernandez reply

    LOVE the new look! Didn’t think it could get any better than it was but then you always step in and make things more awesome! :)

  21. Kara reply

    Hi Katelyn! I really like the new look,! What exciting changes! I am having trouble reading the the text. I’m not sure if it is the color, font style or font size…maybe a combination of all three? Have a great day! I look forward to the final product.

  22. Meagan reply

    Gorgeous Katelyn. I noticed you said on FB they font was being made larger, a little darker might be an option as well. Especially in the comment entering section, I can barely read it at all. Other than that it is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  23. Brittani reply

    Love the clean new look and new features! I’m with a few others and would love to see a little bigger font for the body text, comment box, and add a comment section…it’s hard on the ole eyes ;) Love the changes 2013 is bringing for you and Michael!

  24. Katie reply

    The site looks great katelyn! I love your blog!

  25. Annetta reply

    LOVE IT!!!! I like the slideshow at the top..a nice constant pop of colour. Keep up the good work!

  26. HANS reply

    I love the new look, everything looks awesome. For me, the font is very small though. I can easily raise the size by double clicking and enlarging the whole page, but I’m not sure if everyone has that option. Without doing that it is very hard to read.

  27. Abby Grace reply

    It looks SO good, girl! Very clean, very teal, and very you :)

  28. Sarah Syhakhoun reply

    I love it, katelyn! I think it’s a tad more fun (but still very elegant and bright) than your last one, which probably fits your personality more. I can’t wait to see what big things you have in store for your business this year!

  29. Deborah Zoe reply

    so so so LOVE it Katelyn!! So excited for you and all the big things coming in 2013:)

  30. Justine Cirullo reply

    LOVE IT! great great job:)

  31. Candace reply

    LOVE love love your new blog:) mine definitely needs a facelift;p

  32. Vanessa Chupp reply

    LOVE it! Definitely you, in a pretty new package! Love how easy it is to navigate through and super pretty to look at :) and…love how 2013 is starting out for you guys!!! Xoxo

  33. Dallas reply

    Katelyn, I really love the facelift! The new font (it is new, right) looks really elegant, and I like how everything just looks a touch more refined now. The ability to scan through recent weddings is an awesome idea. You must be so pleased with how this turned out. A great start to 2013!

  34. Ashley reply

    IT LOOKS AMAZINGGG!!!! I absolutely love it!

  35. Shannon reply

    I think it is beautiful! I would say the only thing I don’t like is the font being italic. It makes It kind of hard to read. Other than that, wonderful!

  36. Shannon reply

    It looks Beautiful! The only thing I don’t like is the font being italic. It makes it harder to read. Other than that, wonderful!

  37. Michelle Amarillo reply

    Katelyn! I love the new look :) Cheers to a new year and new beginnings!

  38. Melissa reply

    Great job, Katelyn! Love the slideshow header.

  39. Ahna Beth reply

    I love it, Katelyn! It’s so fresh. :) I’m going to have to agree with some of the other readers/comments that the font is suppppppppper hard to read. Its small & not dark enough. :) Other than that, it’s perfect!

  40. Ahna Beth reply

    I love it, Katelyn! It’s so fresh. :) I’m going to have to agree with some of the other readers/comments that the font is suppppppppper hard to read. Its small & not dark enough. :) Other than that, it’s perfect!

  41. Megan reply

    Lovin this new look too! I would have to agree that it would be awesome if the font were a little bigger but other than that this blog is lookin great :)

  42. Krista A. Jones reply

    Ahh Katelyn it’s gorgeous! Much cleaner and I love this comments section! What an amazing way to start the year!

  43. Shelley Hohe reply

    I love it! So pretty & Classy…I swear we have the same taste! I am in the midst of designing my website and my background is in Quatrefoil blue…I promise you I am not copying you!! I also have to agree with some others the gray typeset is a little hard to read…other than that I LOVE everything!!

  44. Ashlyn reply

    ooooh, love it! I was here earlier, and was going to suggest that the italic text of your posts was hard to read…. came back and it was changed! I really like how you kept the same color. :) really love it!

  45. Alli McWhinney reply

    Love it! My new website & blog just launched today too! :-)

  46. Sarah Adams reply

    So so gorgeous. Loving it!

  47. Anastasia p reply

    I love the new blog. I think the font is an amazing size. All of you fellow commenters just need some glasses. You all need faster Internet too if its not loading fast enough, it is defiantly not the blogs fault. Katelyn, I adore your new blog. It is absolutely perfect. I can’t wait for the website update!!

  48. Erin reply

    Love the new blog format! Great job, as always!!!

  49. ashley link reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! i didn’t think it could get any better, but alas! It did! :) great job as always, girl! <3

  50. Hans reply

    one other thing, I don’t see a search option anymore! that was a great feature.

  51. Tom reply

    Hi Katelyn your blog WordPress powered how about your website? WordPress or pure HTML?

  52. Mallory reply

    I am LOVING this new look!!!!

  53. Mallory reply

    I am LOVING this new look!!!

  54. Christy Tyler reply

    Katelyn – I don’t know how you ever feel anxiety about anything! Girl, we’re all just sprinting to keep up with all you’re doing!! Whew! The blog facelift looks fabulous and has me itching to do the same (to my blog & website) after having the same design for 2 years. Eeks! One more thing on the off-season to-do list! Beautiful work!

  55. Carrie logan reply

    it’s AMAZING!!!!! so you :)

  56. Caroline reply

    WOOHOO!!!! LOVE the new look, KK. Well done!!

  57. Bethany McDonnell reply

    Love the new look Katelyn!

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